Simple things


1. It all start at the beginning

“You know what is just realized?” I ask in a rhetorical way “We have been talking for like 3 hours now and I don’t know your names”

“Yea, you are right. I’m Harry” said the green eyed guy “and this fine piece of humanity is Louis” he continue.


Edith Jean Bertrand. That’s me. I’m from Totnes, Devon. I live here my whole life with my family; except my brother Ben. He lives in London; he is a great singer and had self-released 4 EPs and now two record companies want to sign him. I always knew that Ben was going to be successful at this. The first memories I have are of him singing to me every night before I went to sleep some of his favorite songs.

Seven years separate us. He is 26; I just turn 19 on July 6th. Ben is a complete surfer, he loves it and is always tell me to join in the fun, but to tell you the truth I am kind of scare of the ocean, which is silly since we live really close to it. Not get me wrong thou, I do know how to surf (you may call it being able not to fall of the board) thanks to him of course and the countless times he has drag me to the beach with him. He also taught me how to play the guitar, force me to learn it actually. As much as I love him, we don’t share same interests, Benjamin is more into the music surf bohemian scene and I am not. I prefer the solitude and peace of astronomy, but the one from the old time, watching for endless hours the night sky.

Also I find gardening fascinating, honestly I don’t know why. My mom likes to say that I am an old soul; other way to put it is that I am boring.  My dad is a chemist and he try really hard to get all of his children to like, and he succeeded only with me.  He likes to say that now that every child of him has an aspect of him he can die in peace. 

My oldest sister, Amelia, is very good with words, she major in journalism. My other sister, Kate, is talented drinker; that woman can hold alcohol like a man and even better. Not our father’s greatest attribute but at least is something. Kate is more like mother, she loves kids and that why she become a school teacher. Ben has the music going on for him. Music is the reason why my parents met. And then there is  me. I am an unexpected (unwanted) miracle. You see, mom and dad had me when they were 45 and 50 respectively.

“Are you ready?” yelled Ben.

“Yes, I am walking down the stairs” I answer making my way as fast as I could. We are going to some label record manager’s house that throws this big ass parties every year. Ben got invited because the company wants him to sign with them, and he will of course but he is kinda playing hard to get (or what he calls it not as easy to get).

On our way to the party he made a list of all the rules that i must follow otherwise, he will never invite to anything like this anymore. 

Never get out of his sight. Do not talk to any one unless they talk to me first. “I’m such a huge fan” are not allowed. Do not drink alcohol or accept drinks from anyone. Do not exchange phone numbers.

And on, and on and on. The rules of an over protective brother.

We arrived to this big house. So modern, so beautiful, so full of people. Everywhere I look there is someone famous and I mean everywhere! I was so intimated by the whole thing that I did just as my brother told. Never leave his side, only talk to the people that he was talking to. After a while, excitement took over the intimidation.  Then I saw them on the other side of the pool. 

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