Save me.. (16+)

(*warning VERY! Detailed sexual content)
17 year old , Anna is not the most popular girl in high school. She's a short brunette with hazel nut eyes , who constantly get bullied everyday.

Would that change when she meets a blonde guy named Niall....


5. the cop (warning sexual content)

The cop told us to get out of the car, we did as we were told

" kid do you know how fast you were going" the cop said.

No but I think your about to tell me, Niall said in a sarcastic voice. The cop rolled his eyes,

I'm gonna need to see your ID, he said.

Niall did as he was told and showed it to him, "alright get out of here kid" he said don't do it again. We left.

*2 weeks passed*

I had decided to change my appearance, a little bit. I had clear contacts, and got rid of all my peoples, and started to wear skinny jeans.

We'll today we were going camping as a field trip, I wore light blue denim skinny jeans and a plaid pink shirt. Niall came to pick me up as usual,"morning babe" he said and pecked my cheek. Morning my leprechaun, (oh btw me and Niall are together) .

We got to the school hand in hand, a girl walks past me and says "hoe" and shoves me, I fall on the floor. Babe are you O- before he finishes Ashley, gets on top of me, and starts slapping me

I manage to grab her both her hands. I punch her with my free hand. She falls on the ground, grabbing her nose "YOU BITCH!" She said

Niall pulled me off of her but I pulled away and slapped Ashley again. Niall gripped my hand, lets

go babe we ran and got to my class I'll see you later I said, and kissed him.

* it was time for lunch, I met Niall at his car*

"Hey sexy" I heard a guy say

It was jack the head football player ugh I hated him so much!

What the fuck do you want I said

Feisty much? He said

Leave me alone! I said

He started running towards me

I ran, then I felt somebody grab my wrist I turned around to see jack!

Let go of me! I said and spit in his face, he wiped his face. Then he slapped me! I fell and then I heard

" what the fuck!" It was Niall he ran towards jack and punched him, a lot of times in the face!

Niall stopped and walked towards me, my cheek was red, and if stung . Niall started crying.

W-why are you crying? I said my voice Shaking with every word . I started crying as we'll .

He pulled me close , we cried for what seamed like for ever.

I promised you I wouldn't let anybody hurt you, he managed to say.

I started crying more, he got up and carried me to his car. He started the car next thing I know I woke up in a blue room. Morning beautiful Niall said . I laughed morning

It was 8;00 wich means we skipped the rest of school, I got up and went downstairs, as we were going down the stairs Niall slapped my ass.

I turned around and faced him, I gave him a long passionate kiss.

I jumped and wrapped my legs around his waist, he laid me down on the couch and got on top of me, he kissed me roughly I could tell he wanted to involve his tongue in the kiss so I let him. Niall started kissing my neck making me really horny, I bit my lip and moaned (that was my weak spot) Niall I said, he stopped and looked at me yes?. I'm a virgin I said, he smiled we'll I guess I'm your first he said, I laughed I guess you are.

Niall took my shirt off, and I took his off, I was ontop of him kissing his neck and going down I got to his boxers, I slid them down. I gasped then smiled, I put my hand on his penis and started moving my hand up and down, earning moans from Niall

"Oooooh Anna" he said

I stopped, I got back up and faced him, I think it's time to go all the way he said I smiled and nodded. He rolled me over and got ontop of me he started kissing my belly then he got to my vagina, he slowly put down my panties, he started licking my vagina his warm tongue in my vagina, he pulled in and out . I moaned Niall pressed his tongue against my clit it felt so good!niall stopped and looked at me " ready"? He said I nodded and bit my lip

Niall slowly put the tip of his penis inside me then

Began first slowly then faster, we did different positions. I loved the way his penis felt inside me, it made me feel pleasure.

Niall went hard and I yelped!

"Oww oww " I said Niall pulled his penis out of me.

Omg are you okay?! He said

Yea it's just that it hurt.

I think we should stop I don't want to hurt you he said, I nodded and kissed him. We cuddled naked wich felt so good.

AN; hey guys :D hoped you liked the chapter 😋

Oh and in the next chapter I'm planning on introducing her abusive mom(Mary) so yea 3 more likes for the next chapter :)<3 I love you guys

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