Save me.. (16+)

(*warning VERY! Detailed sexual content)
17 year old , Anna is not the most popular girl in high school. She's a short brunette with hazel nut eyes , who constantly get bullied everyday.

Would that change when she meets a blonde guy named Niall....


10. chapter 9

An; wadap guys 😂👌 so I have 2 announcements . 1st is I realize that I am going to fast through the book,and I'm sorry. 2nd, I do know that I misspell words a lot, & im sorry about that ☺️. And the winners for this contest are ; Nicole ,and Teon. Please guys don't be mad, I promise you there will be 293929192 more contests 😌. And omfg! 2k reads?!?! Thank you 💁.( yes I chose 2 girls😁)



Me and louis had just gotten home from the hospital, we were in the living room now, "I'm hungry" louis said in a whiney voice. " then go make something" I told him and pushed him, " oh he'll NAH! Did you just push me? Oh no boo-boo who tha fuck do you think you are to push me? The louis fucking Tomlinson" louis said in a sassy tone. " louis shut up,you know your not ghetto" I replied to him. " honey pleeeaaase! Shut up before I pull your cheap weave hoe!" Louis said in a really ghetto voice , "come at me rachet!" I spat at him.

Louis tackled me down, i tried to get my hands away from his touch , "louis! Get off me! Your fucking heavy" I said. "Sorry honey I can't hear you, my ears are to perfect to listen to rachets" he said. " okaaay" I said in a sarcastic tone. I managed to push louis off, I was on top of him grabbing both of his arms so he couldn't get up. " get your fugly ass off of me, all crusty and shit" he said and laughed, I couldn't help but laugh at how stupid he is. " I'll get off you, if you promise to take me to the mall Tomorrow with Teon and Nicole" I said with a wink , "ugh fine! What time?" Louis asked me. " I don't know,let me ask them" I said, I got off louis and took out my iPhone from my pocket.

To: Nicole & Teon

Hey girlies! Say what do you say we go to the mall tomorrow? :")

From: Anna

I pressed the send button,and slid my phone in my pant pocket again. " Lou! Are you hungry?" I yelled from the kitchen, " yes! Make some spaghetti" Lou yelled from the living room. "Alrighty" I said, and walked over to the pantry, I got out tomato sauce,and other things to make pasta. I grabbed some plates and cups, I set the table and poured wine in the cups. I filled the plates with spaghetti.

"Louis the food Is ready" I yelled from the kitchen, " I'll be there in a minute" louis replied. Louis walked in to the kitchen and went to the sink to wash his hands, and then he sat in front of me. He took a sip of his wine, and then glanced at my cup " what do you think your doing"? He said in a serious tone " I'm about to eat?" I said in a confused voice, " no shit, I meant you can't drink wine your not old enough" he said. " oh god louis, in turning 18 in 3 months, I think I can handle a little wine" I said, "fine, but just this time.

Me and louis finished eating.

" louis, it's your turn to wash the di-"

" I know I know" louis said

" I'm gonna go change" I said and ran upstairs, I got some sweat pants, and a marvels sweater and put them on. My phone rang and I got it out

Teon; but Anna it's a 2 hour drive from here :/

Nicole; who cares! I'm in, I'll go pick you up Teon.

Me; omfg! Yay :") were going to get to spend time together

Nicole; I know :] at what time are we going? And were are we gonna meet up?

Teon; yea ANNA

Me: 5 o'clock , my house :3

Nicole; yay! I get to see, your cute brother, anyway gotta go my dad is taking us out. Bye patatos!!!!

Teon; OMG Nicole xD, and I have to go to, my dad made pasta :) bye ANNA love yah!

Me; okay :3 bye guys have fun, remember tomorrow at 5 ;p

I turned off my phone and put it on my desk. It hurts not having my dad here with me. I really miss him, he's the whole reason why me and louis love music, and take singing. I felt my eyes get watery. I was gonna cry. I didn't stop them from coming, if he was here my life wouldn't be complete shit. I grabbed the bear my dad had given, me before he died. I held the bear close to me, it felt like he was right there with me, caressing my hair and telling me everything's going to be all right.

Louis came into my room, " Anna, are you going to school tomorrow"? He asked me. I wiped my face with the sleeves of my sweater, " yes, I can't afford to miss another day" I mumbled . "What's wrong?" Louis said with a worried look on his face, " dad" I whispered. Louis came over and hugged me, " I know, I miss him to Anne" he said and kissed the top of my head, " why did he have to leave us" I asked. " he was to good for this world" louis said, " I know, I know" I said.

" we'll goodnight ANNA, I'll see you tomorrow" louis said and left.

It was 12:00am and there was a storm outside, I was terrified of storms. There was a big boom, I held the bear my dad gave me. I tried to ignore it but it was to loud. There was another big boom, I ran to Louis's room and closed the door behind me. I went over to louis side. " psst, Lou, psst, Lou, wake up, for fuck sakes louis get up" I whispered to him " mmm" was all I got from louis " can I sleep here tonight?" I whispered " Mhhm". I went over to the other side of the bed and slid underneath louis blanket.


I left louis's room and went to my room to change. I grabbed some skinny jeans my galaxy sweater and some black toms. I went to the bathroom and washed my face, and applied a little bit of makeup, and put on my glasses. I grabbed my skateboard and left.

*AT SCHOOL 1St period*

" hello class, did everybody finish there song that was do for a grade?" Ms.crump asked the class.

Everybody said yes, " we'll now let's hear everybody's song!" Ms.crump said.

It was my turn to sing my song, I was nervous. My palms were foot wouldn't stop tapping.

" Anna it's your turn to come up" ms.crump said with a smile.

I walked up to the front of the class,I took a deep breath and started..

~ I quite like the way you smile, I quite the way you sing my name,or how the world is just a random fascination. ~

I finished. I knew I wasn't going to get a good grade,because I just made that song while I was waiting for ms.crump to call me.

" that was lovely! Ms.Tomlinson " ms.crump said.

Next up singing was this new guy. His name was Harry.

His voice was perfect, he was kinda cute I thought. Shit snap out of it Anna ! I said to myself.

" okay now next week,we are going to have a competition, and as you know we're trying to work on our duos. So I personally will be choosing your partners." Ms crump announced.

I really didn't care who I was with. I need to go visit Niall after I finish shopping with the girls, I'm going to buy him something cute! My thoughts were interrupted when I felt somebody poke me. I turned to see who it was.

" hi,I'm Harry" he said to me with a smile. " oh,I'm Anna" I said back. " you sing beautiful" he said to me shyly. " thanks, your not so bad yourself" I told him and have him a little push.

" okay class it's time to go, the sheet to see who your partners are is in the back of the room." Ms.crump announced.

How the hell did she pair people up that fast? I thought to myself.

I went to the back and looked for my name. There it was in bold letters

Anna tomlison:harry styles

" we'll hi partner!" Harry said with a cheesy smile.

I laughed at his cheesy joke.


*SCHOOL IS OVER AND Anna is now at home*

It was 4:00 in the afternoon, I grabbed my phone and called Niall's hospital phone.

" hello?" Niall answered with a sleepy voice

" hi Niall, how are you doing?" I said

" I'm good, the doctor has been giving me these pills. Oh and this is ANNA? Right?" Niall said

" yes, yes it is. Is it okay, if I go visit you later?" I asked

"Yea no problem it's okay" niall said

" okay bye, I have to go. I love you." I said

" I love you to" he said

"Bye" I said

"Bye" Niall replied back

I hung up. It hurt not being able to call him "babe". I felt that if I called him babe he was going to think I was being pushy or something, I really hope we get to bring him home soon.

I got ready to go to the mall, I wAs all ready. " Lou!! In readyyyyyy" I yelled from the living room. " I'm coming! Calm your tits" louis yelled.

Louis walked doesn't the stairs, " my class is canceled. So I guess I'm coming with you" louis said.

There was a knock on the door. I opened the door. It was Nicole and Teon. "ANNA!!!! Oh my god! We missed you" they said while hugging me. " I missed you guys to" I said hugging them back. Nicole went over to louis and stood infront of him. " um hi louis" she said shyly. "Hey" he said. " um how have you been? " Nicole said to louis. " good,how about you?" He replied

" we'll right now I'm feeling um great yea great. I missed you louis" Nicole said. Louis smiled " I missed you to" louis said and hugged Nicole.

"We'll let's get going!" Louis said



Hey guys :)))) sorry I haven't been active :/ I've been busy. But anyway here's the chapter. And I promise I will update ASAP! For the next chapter. And guys please don't get mad :/ if I didn't choose you. I will have 10000 more contest in the future. Ily you guys. And 5 likes for the next chapter

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