Save me.. (16+)

(*warning VERY! Detailed sexual content)
17 year old , Anna is not the most popular girl in high school. She's a short brunette with hazel nut eyes , who constantly get bullied everyday.

Would that change when she meets a blonde guy named Niall....


6. chapter 5

AN; hey guys :3 sorry for updating so late :/ , I've been busy with New Years and planning this chapter. Anywho thanks for being patient 😋💕.and my birthday is coming soon :") January 4th💕.


Anna's POV;

- 2 days later-

I was at home cleaning the house, jamming out to Christina aguilera. It was about 11:00 when I heard

"I'm home bitch" it was Mary(my drunk ignorant mother). To my surprise she was with ANOTHER guy. She started kissing the guy, he looked like in his mid 30's. I got so mad! Ever since my dad

Died she's been drinking partying and sleeping with a lot of guys.

I was disgusted, she's not my mother, she's dead to me.

I went to my room and locked myself In there. I got out my suitcase full of clothes and other must-need-items. I was planning on running away since a long time, my mother always hit me and made me feel worthless. I still remember the day she tried to have sex with me... Ugh I hate her! I made up my mind. I'm leaving. Right now.

I grabbed my suitcase and went downstairs.

"Where the fuck are you going hoe"? She asked with anger in her voice.

"Im leaving this FUCKING HOUSE"! I spat

"No your fucking not you slught!" She boomed

She got up and broke her bear bottle, I flinched, she was crazy and I knew she would do anything that pooped into her head. She walked closer to me, with the broken part of the bottle pointing at me.

I was inches away from the door.

"Now we're were you going?" She said with a smirk. The bottle was just inches away from my stomach.

" AWAY FROM THIS FUCKING HOU- before I finished I felt a sharp pain in my stomach and looked down. Blood was falling on the ground, I collapsed on the floor.

Then the door burst open Niall came.

ANNA! He yelled, he rushed towards me,

"Who the fuck are you" Mary said

I'm her boyfriend now what the fuck did you do to her! Niall said in and angry voice

She walked twoard Niall but before she could stab him, Niall turned Mary's arm causing her to stay her own self in her chest.

After that all I remember is being carried in a hospital bed and the police and ambulance all around my house .



I waited for the doctors to come out and tell me

I could see Anna, my eyes were puffy from crying. I can't loose her, I just can't I said to myself, I already lost Caroline (nialls younger sis)

I started to pace back and forward hoping Anna was ok.

I sat down in a chair.I started to cry, bad things always happen to the people I love. I put my hands through my hair and started to cry, I love her to much, I'm not letting her go.

-20 minutes later-

MR. Horan I heard someone say .

I stood up.

" I have good news & bad news" he said.

Tell meh doc. I said

"The bad is she lost a very big amount of blood,

The good is, if somebody donates blood to her she'll be good and healthy again" he finishes.

I sigh, "what blood type is she"?

"B", the doctor says.

My eyes widen

I can donate some blood" I say

"Great,week get started right away" .

I walked in, to the room Anna was being taken care of. I went to her side and started to cry, I didn't like seeing her like that. I kissed her lips very gently and passionately.

"Mhhm, are you ready MR.horan?" The nurse said .

Yeh. I said

She stuck the needle in my skin, I tensed."relax please" she said .

when she was done I felt woozy, she gave me a cookie and milk .


Anna's POV;

I woke up in a white room, I felt pain in my stomach, "shit am I on my period" I said outloud to myself .

"Hah" I heard Niall laughing.

I felt my cheeks go super red .

"Shut up babe".

He walked over to me and kissed me, I felt a tear fall down on my left eye. I pulled away, my baby was crying.

"Baby, why are you crying?!?" I said a concerned tone in my voice.

I tought you weren't gonna make it he said and smiled. Me either, I said. I lost a lot of blood how did I make it? I said

The doctor came in ,

Ms. Williamson, mr.horan here donated blood.

I started crying, but they were tears of joy.

I motioned for Niall to come hug me.

He hugged me, I squeezed him hard. A tear from my eye fell on his back." I love you so much" I said . "I love you more" he said.

-2 months passed-

I was a lot better and could run/walk normally.

I was excited because today was me and nialls 4 month anniversary, I went to his locker to walk with him.

I got to the corner and there was Niall pushed against the wall, a fucking blonde kissing him!

I slowly walked closer it was

Brittney! The most slughty-est girl In this school!

My mouth dropped open I felt tears rush down, Britney broke the kiss. Niall saw me and said


I Ran, I ran with tears in my eyes I got home, and ran to my room and locked myself inside. I cried I cried in my pillow.

I sat up and reached in my drawer and

Pulled out my razor,

I slowly lifted it up...........

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