Save me.. (16+)

(*warning VERY! Detailed sexual content)
17 year old , Anna is not the most popular girl in high school. She's a short brunette with hazel nut eyes , who constantly get bullied everyday.

Would that change when she meets a blonde guy named Niall....


12. chapter 10

Short recap; Anna,Nicole,Teon, and louis were going to the mall. Niall is still in the hospital because of the concussion he had.


Anna's POV;

Louis grabbed his car keys, and we went Outside. We got in the car, louis of course was driving. And Nicole was in the passenger seat , leaving me and Teon in the back seats.

" It feels just like the old days " said Nicole.

"True" me and Teon said.

On our way there we sang along to songs, except Nicole I noticed she was trying to look sufficient for my brother. We all talked about what we would do after college, and how we planned to live together. We all laughed about dumb stuff we usually laugh about.

We got to the mall, and found a perfect parking space . We all got off and started heading inside.

" I'm going to go check some stuff out, how about you text me when your done and we can meet up in the food court ? " louis asked me

" yea sure " I replied

Me, Teon, and Nicole went to go look around the stores. While louis left to go were he was going.

We found this one store with a lot of beautiful dresses that were for prom or sweet 16's . We went inside and started walking through the all the gorges dresses. I picked out a really long and puffy dress that had fusia and black. Nicole picked out an all purple dress that was layered. Teon picked a yellow-orange one that had a lot of little rhinestones in the top of the dress. When we were done putting on the dresses we all came out our dressing rooms. We all gasped, at how beautiful the dresses looked on us. We laughed,

"Hey remember last year, when we all had our sweet 16 and how people were so wasted" Nicole said.

" and how there's was like everywhere!" I said

" And the elderly's dancing " Teon said

We laughed at the memories. We all went and changed into our regular clothes. We left the dress store and started strolling through the mall again.

We went to my favorite store ever

Urban outfitters

We went inside, and started looking at all the clothing. I picked out a black skirt that was a above my knee, and a dark blue flower crop top with sunflowers on it. I went to try the outfit on, and i fell in love. The skirt covered up some of my stomach, so with the shirt on you couldn't see any skin.

Teon got a beanie that said rad. And some round shaped sunglasses. Nicole got a flannel and some ripped white skinny jeans.

We went to the cashier to pay for our stuff , and left.

We finished going through all the stores. We went and sat down In a table at the food court . I was going to order some fries, and I accidentally bumped into a women.

" oh my god, I'm so so-" I immediately stopped talking when I saw who it was. Infront of me stood that 2 faced fake tanned bitch.

" oh wow I didn't know they let animals in here" Ashley said

" that's literally so dumb. Like we aren't in the 80's anymore" I snapped

" whatever. Anyways you better watch were your going! Dumb fuck. And also you almost made me drop my coco Chanel glasses. Which by the way cost more than your cheap makeup" Ashely said.

" ATLEAST I focus on more important things and I don't pretend to act like a dumb bitch to attract guys! " I snapped back at her

" and also, ATLEAST I have some self respect you 2 face bit- " I was interrupted by a familiar voice

" hey babe, do you want a large or small order of fries?" A guy said.

I turned to see who it was. My moth dropped. It was that guy from my music class! Um Harold! Yea him! Harold styles. But he's such a smart guy, and attractive why would he go for a total slut?!

" oh hey Anna, I didn't know you and Ashley knew each other" he asked me .

" we'll um we don't really um... " I didn't finish my sentence.

" me and this skank face don't like eachother." Ashley said with a bitch smile.

I gave her a fake smirk and flipped her off.

"We'll, it was really nice seeing you here harry, but if you would excuse me I have to go before I get HOREphobia" I said and left.

I returned back to my table.

" what happened over there!" They both asked

" we'll that bitch insulted me, so I insulted her ass back." I said

Wow harsh , they said .

" hey can we go to the candy store?" I want to buy NIALL a bunch of candy, because they say sweet stuff keeps you happy. " I said .

We went to this giant candy store a few feet away from the food court.

I started up filling bags up with gummy worms, m&ms, gum,and other candies. When I went to go pay for the candy I asked the lady to give me one of each chocolate that they had. In total it probably cost $40.00 but. That's okay, because they chocolate was pretty big.

I told the girls to go and wait for me in the food court. I went to this bear store and got a big huge bear. It was caramel colored and it said I love you, across its belly. The belly had a huge pocket wich was really helpful.

I returned to the food court. And went to were Teon and Nicole were

" holy shit" they both said.

" to much?" I asked and laughed.

" I wish I had your relationship" Teon said.

" sameeee!!" Nicole added

I smiled and pulled out my phone and texted louis that we were in the food court.

Louis came with 5 shilling bags in one hand.

" let's. Go " he said while pulling out his keys .

We got in the car Nicole taking shotgun again.

" hey louis, can you drop me off at the hospital?" I Asked

" yea " he said.

Louis stopped the car infront of the hospital, I said my goodbyes to Nicole and Teon and went inside.

Nicole's POV;

After Anna left we went to drop off Teon.

" bye guys" Teon said and left.

" you wanna grab some Starbucks?" He asked me

" yea. Sure" I said awkwardly.

We went through the drive through and got our orders. Louis didn't go to my house instead he went to some place were there was a big screen in the front and there were cars parked infront of the screen.

"Um were are we?" I asked uneasy.

" were in and outdoor movie" he said and smiled.

I nodded and acted cool. We parked in the middle. The movie was starting, it was in black in white. We had our seats pulled back and we were drinking our coffees'. When the movie was over we stayed for a little bit. Louis interwinded our fingers. My hand in his.

" you really are beautiful" he said to me while looking into my eyes.

" I don't think so. But thank you" I said.

He came closer to me and leaned in. His lips slowly touched mine. Our lips moving. My hands going through his hair. We both pulled away so we could catch our breath.

" You're a really good kisser" I said to him.

" I get that a lot" he said playfully.

" I think I'm better" I said.

" oh please " he said.

I crossed over to his seat. I pulled the seat all the way down. My knees were on both sides of his thighs.

" try me " I said.

I pressed my lips against his. His hand wrapping the back if my waist. I inserted my tongue, and started massaging mine with his. I stopped kissing him and looked at him, I winked. That made him smile. I started kissing his neck, his body was moving unsteady. He was arching his back ALITTLE bit. I stopped and went back to kissing his lushys lips again one last time.

" told you I was better " I said and got off him.

He smiled and held my hand again. He started driving back home .



The reason I haven't updated is because I'm currently writing a vampire harry fan fiction :)) and I'm working really hard on it. I'm currently writing chapter 3 in that fan fiction. So when I am done with it I will post It and if you guys like it I will update it. Also yes I am still going to be writing this! Because a lot of you like it :). And also up there ^^ was what I didn't get to finish :/. I had the whole chapter done, and I normally copy my finished text and save it to my notes so none of my progress will get lost. And I forgot to paste it on my notes and all my writing got lost :/. But I will finish re-writing this chapter all over again and finish the story :).

Bye guys, I love yah!!¡¡

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