Save me.. (16+)

(*warning VERY! Detailed sexual content)
17 year old , Anna is not the most popular girl in high school. She's a short brunette with hazel nut eyes , who constantly get bullied everyday.

Would that change when she meets a blonde guy named Niall....


2. chapter 1

Anna's POV-

I'm walking down the hall, to my locker as usual ,everyone is glancing at me making the "L" sign in there forehead. I start to feel uneasy and start to walk a bit faster, finally I get to my locker I open it up and get my pencil pouch.

1st bell is about to ring

I say in my head , I quickly close my locker and start to walk

To my music class. "HEY ANNA!" I hear a girl say, I turn around to find that bitch Ashley (head of the chearleading squad) with her arms crossed with that evil smirk on her face.

W-what do you want , I say stuttering, she starts to walk towards me with her group of bitches on her side."give me the answers to the geometry homework" she says. NO! I say in a whisper like voice. " excuse you?" She says. No I say in a normal tone, "listen hoe! I said give them to me! Not do you want to give it to me" she said in her bitchy tone.

She pushed me to wall, and raised her hand, I shut my eyes them I heard a guy say " what the fuck are you doing " it sounded like he was Irish. Ashley turned to him and put down her hand, and started to twirl her hair. "What were you gonna do to her?" He said. nothing we were just talking she said "anywho I have to go bye nialler" she blew him a kiss left, with her group of annoying bitches.

You okay? He said

Yea (i lied) I felt my face burning, my eyes were welling up, a tear fell down. "What's wrong why are you crying?" He said . I didn't answer him, instead I ran out the school and into the field I found a big trees and sat underneath it. I buried my face in my sleeves, I cried and cried. I felt a hand go through my hair, I looked up to see the blonde guy .

Don't cry please he said

"I'm sorry I said .

He pulled me close to him and gave me a hug, when he hugged me if felt so good, I felt butterflies in my stomach.

I pulled away and looked into his gourges sea blue eyes , they were beautiful. Then I looked at the floor and tought, if only he could be mine, but who would want a fugly girl like me.

I took off my glasses and wiped them. You have very beautiful eyes the blonde said, I could feel myself blush , thanks blondy I said. Niall. Niall horan he said. Anna. Anna Williamson

I looked at the ground and then I felt him slowly lift my chin up......

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