Darcy Stylinson

I have always been different and picked on because I have two dads but there is nothing different about me.


9. Chapter 9

I apply my lip gloss and stare at my reflection and then look at my dress. It's black and clings to me perfectly. I go downstairs and my dads gasp. "You look beautiful." They say and I giggle. "Thank you." I say and I kiss their cheeks. I go to the kitchen where Tommy has a girl with him. "Um, Tom, who is this?" I ask, smiling at her. "This is my friend Olivia." He says and I nod. "Hi Olivia, i'm Darcy." I say and she smiles. "I just moved here, he was nice enough to help me with my math homework." She says, smiling and I smile. "You look pretty sis." Tommy says and I smile. "Thank you Tom." I say, going to the table to pick up my purse. "Don't stay out too late or I will have to kick his bum!" Tom says, his voice cracking, still going through puberty. I go to the living room just as the doorbell rings. My dad, Harry opens the door and Nash is standing there in some black jeans and t-shirt. "Did I overdress?" I ask, blushing and he stares at me. "No, not at all, I think I under dressed." He says, laughing and staring me up and down. "Alright you two, don't have too much fun." My dad, Louis says, kissing my forehead and so does my other dad. "Don't stay out too late." My dad, Louis says and my other dad stays silent. "Harry." My dad whispers and my other dad looks up. (I am just going to use their first names.) "Treat her right." Harry says and Nash nods. "Yes sir." He says and I walk over to his extended elbow and slip my arm through it. "We are going to have a lot of fun." He says, kissing my cheek and opening the passenger side door.

First, we go to dinner and he takes me to a sushi restaurant. "You actually eat this stuff?" I ask, laughing and he shrugs. "Taste it." He says, holding a roll of rice to my mouth. I lean in and bite into and start chewing it. A weird taste occupies my mouth after I eat that and I make a face. "It tastes funny." I say, laughing and he smiles. "Come on, it tastes good, you are just not used to it." He says and I giggle. "Well, I don't eat raw fish all the time." I say and he puts his arm on the back of the seat behind me. His fingers tickle my neck as he plays with my hair. "Neither do I but I have grown accustom to it." He says, smiling. 

After dinner, he takes me to a movie, we watch a scary one. "No, don't go in there!" I shout, hiding my face on Nash's shoulder. I look up again and the girl is walking down the hallway with a knife in her hand. "Turn around!" Nash shouts and we both look away. "Sh!" Someone from in front of us scolds and I look at the woman and so does Nash. "Sorry." He says, smiling slightly. I look at him and giggle and he smiles. I lay my head on his shoulder and continue to watch the movie.

After the movie, we show up to a park. "M'lady." He says, gesturing toward the swing and I rest my hand on my chest. "Thank you so kindly sir." I say, giggling and sit down. He starts pushing me and then gets on the swing next to me and starts swinging. "I am going to higher than you." He challenges and I laugh. "Challenge accepted." I say, pumping my legs harder. He wins and then we both launch ourselves out of the swings and tumble to the ground. I laugh and make sure my dress is pulled down. He rolls to face me and I smile at him. He stares into my eyes and then they flick down to my lips. He starts to slowly lean in with his closed and I just wait for him to meet my lips. "Aw, Jesse isn't this cute." I look up at the person who spoke and it was the guys from earlier who were picking on Tom. "What do you want?" I ask, sitting up. "To warn you." The guy Jesse says and I look at him. "Of what?" Nash asks and I stare up at them. "Pretty boy here is going to get his ass beat, he messed with the wrong guys." The other guy says and Nash gets up. "How about you leave, I am trying to enjoy this date." Nash says and the guys laugh. Everything seems to blur together, Jesse tries to punch Nash but he grabs his fist and then punches him and starts attacking the other guy. "Nash!" I shout, grabbing at his arm. He stops and gets up. "Don't mess with me or Tommy and don't even think about touching her." Nash says, pointing at me. The guy on the ground nods his head rapidly and Jesse gets up, running off. "Come on, I will take you home." Nash says and I nod and we walk to his car.

The whole car ride was silent, I didn't know what to say, Nash kind of scared me. "Darc." He says and I look at him and he pulls into the driveway. "I'm sorry." He says, touching my arm and I flinch and he pulls his hand back and I look up into his face and hurt and regret is in his eyes. "You scared me." I choked up and he looks down. I lean over and kiss his cheek. "I just want you to know, I would never hurt you." He says and I smile. "It was pretty hot." I say, giggling and he laughs. "You are so adorable." He says, kissing my nose. I look into his eyes and he smiles and leans in. "So adorable." He mumbles before pressing his plump lips against mine. I wrap my arms around his neck, taking a handful of his dark brown hair and tugging at it. I kiss down his throat and he pulls me onto his lap, my back slightly leaning against the steering wheel. He leans forward, biting my bottom lip, which causes me to jump and accidentally hit the horn. "Darcy Lynn Stylinson! Get in here!" Harry calls and I climb off of Nash, adjusting my dress and getting out and going to the porch. I turn and he is waving, I wave back and turn and run into my dad's chest. "Young lady." He says and I look up at him. "Dad, please, he just protected me, he deserved that." I say innocently. "Alright, come inside, it's cold and I don't need you getting sick." He says and I smile and go inside with him following me. "How was the date?" Louis asks, walking in. "Fantastic." I say and he smiles. "Ah, young love!" He says, walking over and kissing my forehead. "I am exhausted, I love you dads." I say, kissing them both on the cheek. "You and Mike are hanging out tomorrow." Louis says and I nod. "I love you!" I say and they say it back and I go to my room and change into my superman shorts and black v-neck t-shirt and lie down and fall asleep.

Authors Note

Aww! -BoyBand&&VinerCrazed;)<3

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