Darcy Stylinson

I have always been different and picked on because I have two dads but there is nothing different about me.


4. Chapter 4

~I wake up and I am in my room. I go downstairs where my dads are lying on the couch, watching the telly, holding hands and cuddling. “Pizza is on the counter.” My dad, Harry calls and I smile and go into the kitchen and eat a slice and go to the refrigerator and get some tea and I go to the living room and sit in front of the couch and watch the telly with them. I start drinking my tea and then I hear a faint cry from upstairs. “Tommy.” We all say at the same time and I giggle. “You are silly.” My dad, Louis says, getting up and going upstairs. I finish my tea and go and put my cup in the sink and then I go to the living room and I lie down on the floor and I turn and my dad, Harry has his eyes closed. “I love you Darcy.” He says smirking and I smile at his dimple. “I love you too dad.” I say and I lie back down and watch the telly until I fall asleep.

I wake up again and this time, I am in the living room. “Get up sleepyhead, we are late.” My dad, Louis says and I get up and yawn and I get in the shower and wash up and change and then I am being pushed outside and into the car and I close my eyes and we drive off to school. “Come on, sleepyhead, keep those eyes open!” My dad says and I open my eyes and smile. “You have beautiful teal eyes.” He says and I smile. “I get them from you.” I say and he smiles. “And from your dad,” he says and I nod. “You are pretty, I am pretty.” I say and he laughs. “You are so silly.” He says and I giggle. We show up to school and I get out and I grab my bag from the back and I walk to his side and I kiss his cheek. “I love you.” He says and I smile. “I love you too dad.” I say, going inside and I walk up to Mike. “New girl,” he says and I look toward the office where a pretty girl with black hair and blue bangs and purple tips is standing, looking bored. She walks out of the office and walks towards us and I see her eyes and they are a very pretty dark brown. “What are you staring at?” She asks me. “Sorry, I was admiring your pretty hair and very dark eyes.” I say, smiling and she seems a bit taken aback. “Well, thanks.” She says and she walks off smiling. “Trying to flirt with the new girl?” Nicky asks and I sigh. “No, I was being nice; something you obviously don’t know exists.” I say and she laughs. “I only am nice to my friends.” She says and I shrug. “Good for them.” I say, walking to class.

After class, the new girl walks up to me. “Hey, are you ok?” She asks and I smile. “Yeah, I’m fine, why do you ask?” I ask and she shrugs. “That girl and her friends, they were being rude.” She says and I smile. “It’s alright, thank you for asking. Anyways, my name is Darcy, what’s yours?” I ask and she shakes my extended hand. “I am Lilly.” She says and I smile. “Welcome to our school Lilly.” I say and she smiles and I notice a dimple on her left cheek. “You have dimples? I have dimples too!” I exclaim and she laughs. “I noticed when you smiled.” She says and I smile. “So why do you get picked on?” She asks and I sigh. “I have two dads.” I say and she shrugs. “So?” She asks and I smile. “Exactly!” I say and she smiles. “So new girl is going to hang out with the freak, well you are ugly anyway.” Nicky says and I glare at her. “What did you just say to me?” Lilly asks and I am surprised at how mad she got. “I called you ugly.” She says and tears fill Lilly’s eyes and then Lilly punches Nicky and I gasp and Lilly runs away. I run after Lilly and I lose her and then I check the bathroom. I go in and I hear weeping. “Lilly?” I ask and she sniffles. “Go away Darcy.” She says but I knock on the door. “No, Lilly, don’t listen to her, you are a very pretty girl.” I say but she just keeps crying. “No, she is right, I am ugly and stupid and fat!” She says and I sigh. “No you aren’t, Nicky just doesn’t have anything better to do than pick on other people who are prettier than her.” I say and the stall door opens and she wipes her tears. “Really?” She asks and I smile. “Really,” I say and she smiles. “Thanks.” She says and I smile. “Do you want to be my friend?” I ask and she nods. “You can meet Michael!” I exclaim and she smiles. We go back to class and Lilly gets in trouble for talking too loud and I just keep giggling uncontrollably. She meets Michael and we all become best friends quickly.

I go outside and my dad, Harry is waiting for me. “Hey Darc!” He says and I run over and he hugs me. “How was school?” He asks and I get in. “It was great! I made a new friend and I stuck up for her because of the mean Nicky!” I say and he makes a face. “The mean Nicky, ewie! What’s your new friend’s name?” He asks, turning on his blinker. “Her name is Lilly and Nicky called her ugly when she is really pretty!” I exclaim and he laughs. “My little Darcy has the sweetest heart!” He says and I giggle. “I get it from my daddies!” I say, smiling and he pinches my cheek and we go home. For dinner we have Mac and Cheese and then I go upstairs and change into my pajamas. “Darcy! Family time!” My dad, Louis calls and I go downstairs and he is in the living room with my other dad and I go in there and sit on the couch. We play games for a while until my dad, Louis falls asleep and then my other dad and I draw on his face and I draw my name on his forehead and a smiley face. “We are real artists.” My dad, Harry says and I nod. “Alright love, off to bed.” He says and I kiss his cheek and go up to my room and lie down and close my eyes and fall asleep.

Authors Note

I hope you liked this chapter my lovelies! -1D's Diana and 5SOS' Kangaroo and Lou's Carrot;)

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