Darcy Stylinson

I have always been different and picked on because I have two dads but there is nothing different about me.


3. Chapter 3

*6th Grade*

I wake up and yawn. “Darcy, come on time for school.” My dad says and I yawn. “Can I stay home?” I ask and he chuckles. “No, come on love, you have to get up, you have that talent show today and we are coming to watch you.” He walks over and plays with my curls and I trace the bird on his arm. “Fine,” I say, giggling and he picks me up and tickles me. “Dad!” I say, laughing. “Go take a quick shower!” He says and I grab a shirt my uncle Niall gave to me that has their Take Me Home picture on it and a pair of shorts. I go and take a shower and quickly wash myself and then leave. I go out to the car and put my bag in the back and I sit in the front. “Sing beautifully my little Darcy!” Dad, Louis says and I laugh. “I will try, are you bringing Tommy?” I ask and he nods. “He can hear you!” He says and I giggle.

We show up and I get out and grab my bag. “Love you dad!” I say, walking to his side and kissing his cheek. “Love you Darcy!” He says and I smile. I go inside and Michael walks up to me. “Hi there,” he says and I smile. “Hi Mike, what’s up?” I ask and he smiles. “Getting teased again,” he says, sighing and I poke his head. “Mikey, you shouldn’t let them get to you.” I say and he sighs. “I can’t help it.” He says and I kiss his cheek. “You are such a softie.” I say and he blushes. “Let’s go to class.” He says and I nod and we walk to class. “Look, the gay clan are best friends.” Nicky says and her friends laugh. “Come on, we are in 6th grade.” I say and she shrugs. “And your parents are still gay.” She says, shrugging and I sigh. The bell rings and I go to class.

Last hour is here and I am called to the gym. I go down there and I see my dads and they wave and I smile and wave and I see Kendra and Susan and I wave to them. They have gotten so close to me since I was little. I go backstage where there are other acts. “Hi Darcy,” Nicky says and I sigh. “What do you want?” I ask and she smiles. “You are going to suck.” She says and then she is called onstage. She starts singing the song that I had prepared and I gasp. I peek out and I see my dads looking confused and whispering to each other. I look at Nicky and she is smiling and singing One Thing. She goes off stage and smiles. “Did I take your song? Oops.” She says, smirking and my heart starts beating really fast. “Darcy Stylinson!” My name is called and I grab the microphone and walk on stage and people start cheering. My dads look worried but they hold up their camera. I smile to myself and I start singing Look After You by The Fray, my dads’ wedding song. I make sure I am loud so my baby brother can hear me. They smile and start whispering to each other and I smile. I finish the song and I get a standing ovation. I hear whistling and screaming and clapping and I walk off stage. The next act goes on and I walk out to the crowd and I find my dads. My dad, Harry is crying, he walks over and picks me up. “That is the cutest thing that I have ever heard, I love you.” He says and I kiss his cheek. “I love you too dad.” I say and my other dad walks up with Tommy and I kiss Tommy’s head. “This is why I have the sweetest daughter in the world.” He says and I giggle. “Guess who came to see you.” My dad, Harry says. “Kendra and Susan, I know I saw them.” I say, smiling at them. “No.” He says and I look confused and three guys walk up. “UNCLE NIALL, ZAYN, AND LIAM?!” I shout, running up to them and they embrace me in a group hug. “We couldn’t miss this.” Liam says and I giggle. “I missed you, all of you.” I say and they smile. “You are wearing my shirt!” Niall says and I giggle. “I wanted my uncle to be up there with me.” I say and he smiles. “I am surprised no one is yelling and running up to us.” Zayn says and I smile. “They are probably used to dads.” I say, smiling. “Well I am just happy I got to come see this, I can’t believe that girl took your song but it’s sweet that you sang their wedding song.” Liam says, smiling at them. “I just came here to see baby Tommy.” Zayn says and I pout. “Uncle Zayn.” I say and he laughs and he picks me up and kisses my cheek. “I could never miss this.” He says and I hug him tight. “Ice cream?” My dad, Louis asks. “Yay!” Niall and I cheer and I laugh. We all pile into the limo and I see Paul. “Grandpa Paul!” I shout and he laughs. “I never thought I would hear that.” He says and I laugh. I walk through the limo and over to him and sit next to him and hug him. “So did you sing well?” He asks and I nod. “A girl took my song but I sang dads’ wedding song.” I say and he smiles. The limo starts moving and the guys start singing. I smile and giggle, I love when they sing. “We are about to make a new album.” Paul tells me and I smile. “Can I hear it?” I ask and he laughs. “No, you have to wait too, it’s a surprise.” He says and I pout.

We arrive at the ice cream parlor and I get a chocolate ice cream cone and I go and sit in between my dads. The two guys behind the counter are whispering. Everyone sits down and I hear one of the guys whisper ‘fags’. I look at my dads and my dad, Harry’s eyes narrow. “I will be back.” He says to my other dad. “Harry.” My other dad says, grabbing his hand. “Stop,” he says but my dad gets up and walks up to the counter. “Do you have something to say?” He asks, putting his fists on the counter. “No.” The shorter boy says. “Then don’t fucking be whispering about me and my husband, yes we are gay, do you have a fucking problem with it?” He asks and I look up at my dad and he puts his arm around me. “I do.” The other one says. “We don’t allow fags in our ice cream parlor.” He says and my dad laughs. “Do you know how bad that sounds and do you want to settle this because we aren’t going anywhere.” My dad asks, crossing his arms. Paul gets up and walks over. “Harry, come on, your daughter is watching.” He says and my dad looks at me. “That poor girl, raised wrong because she was raised by fags.” The other guy says and my dad turns. “You shut up; there is nothing wrong with my daughter.” He says and Paul grabs my dad’s arm. “Yes there is, she doesn’t know what it’s like to have a mum, she is fucked up in the head because of you two.” The guy says and my dad snaps. If Paul wasn’t holding him, he would have jumped over and beat that guy up. “Let me go!” He screams but Paul pulls him away. “Paul, they need to watch their mouths, my daughter is here.” My dad says. “What kind of example would you be setting for her, if you were to hit him? I mean, we are lucky Tommy is just a baby.” Paul says and he sighs. “I know, thanks Paul, sorry Darc, I didn’t want you to believe them.” My dad says to me and I laugh. “Dad, I have been listening to people like them say that for years and I am happy to have both of you.” I say, hugging my dad, Louis and then hugging him. “Let’s go home.” He says and we all pile out and leave. My dad kisses my other one and I notice that my dad, Louis was crying. A ring of ‘fags’ yell out and my dad, Harry is pushing my other dad inside and then he climbs in and they hold hands while uncle Liam holds Tommy and we leave. I am staring out the window when my eyes grow heavy and I fall asleep.

Authors Note

Don't mess with Harry :) -1D's Diana and 5SOS' Kangaroo and Lou's Carrot;)

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