Darcy Stylinson

I have always been different and picked on because I have two dads but there is nothing different about me.


1. Chapter 1

“You have gay parents!” Someone shouts and I cover my ears but I can still hear the hateful remarks. “You were adopted! You have no mummy!” I sit in the corner, crying my eyes out until we have to go inside. “Darcy?” I look up and my teacher Ms. Erickson is standing there. “What’s wrong?” She asks and I stand up and wipe my eyes. “The other kids are bullying me.” I say, wiping my tears, trying to calm down. “Why?” She asks, grabbing my hand and leading me inside. “I have two daddies instead of a mum and dad.” I say, sniffling. “Well there is nothing wrong with that.” She says and she leads me to the classroom which is empty because it’s lunch time. “Well why do they keep making fun of me then?” I ask and she smiles. “They just aren’t used to it.” She says and I sit at my desk. “Did you bring your lunch?” She asks and I nod and she walks over to my cubbie and pulls out the brown bag and sets it on my desk. “You have a yummy sandwich and carrots and you have a cookie!” She says and I grab my peanut butter and jelly sandwich and take a bite. “There is nothing wrong with having two daddies, more love that they will give you.” She says and I drink my juice box. Soon, lunch is over and I grab my crayons and my picture from yesterday and trot back to my desk and sit down and start coloring the kitten brown. I color the inside of his ears pink and smile at it. Someone walks over and grabs my crayons. “I need those!” I say but they ignore me. “Nicky, give those back to her!” Ms. Erickson scolds and she does but she makes me mess up on my picture. “Come on, clean up time.” Ms. Erickson says and then she starts singing the clean up song and I pick up the stuff around my desk and then I grab my bag and jacket and Nicky walks up to me. “You have no mum!” She says and then pushes me down and runs away. The tears fill my eyes and I get up and run outside. My daddy, Louis is standing at his car with his arms wide open and I run into them and cry on his shoulder. “Why are you crying love?” He asks, setting me in the back and I buckle up. “The kids are being mean again.” I say, wiping my eyes. “What are those teachers even doing about it?” He asks my other daddy, Harry. “I don’t know but I will talk to them tomorrow.” He says and my daddy, Louis gets in the car and we go home.

“I did make you something today.” I say and I run over to my bag. “What did you make?” My daddy asks. I pull out the plate that has glitter and macaroni glued onto it, making it look like a smiley face and I walk over and hand it to them. “Louis, look, isn’t it fantastic enough to go on the refrigerator?” My daddy asks and my other daddy nods. He grabs it and I follow them into the kitchen. “You get to hang it up.” My daddy says, handing me a magnet and I walk up to the plain white refrigerator and pin my plate up and step back and look at it. “Beautiful.” He says and I smile. Dinner is done and we all sit around the kitchen table and talk and eat and make jokes. “I am taking you to school tomorrow.” My daddy, Harry says and I nod and he takes me to my room and my other daddy walks in and they tuck me in and sing to me until I fall asleep.

Authors Note

Larry story :)!! -1D's Diana and 5SOS' Kangaroo and Lou's Carrot;)

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