scary little secret

Katie has a secret.She lives in the woods and A boy spots her with a different secret.Hes a blood sucking freak when she is just Not real she really died in 1863 when she was 15 and Harry knows her did he date her or were they just friends then will she even remember him? read and find out


1. seeing something

Katie pov

i was thinking of when i was going to get married but then my Ex Chris killed me.I got snapped of of my past by hearing something i was clear after it i lived in the woods because my old house i was getting ready in got old no one bought it it just sat there.And got  forgotten and trees grew.I saw a boy running with blood all over his mouth.i was unclear and he spotted me thinking im alive and came close to me and said Katie?i looked at him shocked who? i said i dont know my name i was thinking. Remember me Harry? he said then i heard people and he ran in my old house.i saw the police after him as if a dog was chasing a cat.

i entered the house and the police were tearing down everything i got mad and came up and scared them i looked like a demon because i was mad.They ran out screaming like little girls.And Harry came out.Thanks he said.I came up and said to him to never hurt my house.he said ok ok.backing away smirking.He pulled out something of his pocket and showed me a picture.It was me and my love from 1863.I smiled and asked how do you know me and my old love.i bet he's dead and forgot about me before he died anyways. I'm Harry Styles your love Your name is Katie.See look He took out 1 of my old work outfit.On a name-tag it said Katie ann Styles.i looked up at him and said how are you still alive love?Well i am a Vampire you see he said with his hand on his back of neck.He asked me if i still loved him?Yes but i can not date you im dead.i said with a tear falling.

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