4 sexy ladies

4 best friends. One boy band. One club that's all you need to know,


6. Take me home

Barbie's POV

I smile as we arrive at the club. I get out of the cab first then Maddie, Kaygreg, and Sarah. "Ready ladies?" I asked as we all chained our arms up. "Lets blow this shit up!!" Sarah said and we walked in lust in our eyes and people starring. 

''Okay Kay and I are going to get drunk so you can find us there." They smiled at us. "Remember to tip him big because you guys are under age." They laugh, "Yes ma'am!" They walk away with giggles. "Come on Maddie lets wait over there until some hot guy asks to dance." I chain up with her arm and walk over to a table. I grab two beer bottles from the guy who passed by.

"Here." I hand Maddie one of the beers, she gives it back "No thanks I'll be the sober one." I smiled. "No offence Maddie but everyone is probably going to end up at a strangers house." I smirk, "Get what I'm saying?" I take a gulp of beer. she shrugs, "I still want to be sober." She smiles. "Okay..." right as i finished saying that a hot boy with curly hair walks up to me.

I really can't see him cause it's dark. "You want to dance?" He holds out his hand and I look at Maddie and she signals me that I can go. I look back up, "Sure." I take his hand and we walk out to the middle of the dance floor where the song, 'The Monster' By Eminem ft. Rhiana is playing. 

I look up at the boy because there's more lighting now, "Are you Harry styles?" I point at him and smile, "Yes ma'am." He grabs my hand and twirls me. "Cool." He begins grinding on me and I go along with it.  He starts to kiss my neck and I turn to face him and bring his black v neck shirt down and begin sucking on his face. "i know who I'm getting laid by tonight." he smirks and i giggle

Kayla's POV

I look around the bar as Sarah keeps taking shots after shots, yep she's pretty wasted. I keep taking sips out of my Bud Light bottle, 'Blurred Lines' Begins to play and I start freaking out. "THIS IS MY JAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I yell and grab the nearest boy and drag him to the dance floor. "Um...I'm Niall." I keep dancing and he begins to dance with me, "I'm Kayla but my friends call me Kaygreg." He smiles I guess at the fact that I did't bring up that he's from the hottest boy band.

"So why Kaygreg?" He grabs my hand and pulls me closer, "because my name is Kayla Gregory." I smile at him and he smiles back. "Can I take you home?'' he whispers into my ear. I smirk at him, "After I get really drunk." he laughs a bit and he takes my hand and walks to the bar with me.

Sarah's POV

I feel awful but great! Uh these shots are catching up to me. I better take more! I order about 4 more shots. As the song 'Clarity' by Zedd was playing i was at the bar drinking. ALONE! Gosh I need to get a life! I'm probably not even going to get laid!

"Hey." Whoop spoke to soon! "Um, Hi." okay Sarah be cool don't be super drunk. "You wanna dance?" He smiles. "Sure." He helps me off the stool and we go to the dance floor and I almost fell about 5 times. "So Liam thinking about getting laid?" WHY DID I JUST ASK THAT?!?! He laughs a little, "I know how you know my name. I just want to know your name and maybe I've found my buddy for the night." 

I take a deep breath and smirk, "I'm Sarahbeth but call Sarah cause I hate my real name." he chuckles a little, "Well Sarah you want to get out of here?" I smirk, "Definitely." he takes my hand and we walk outside. He starts kissing my neck as we wait for a taxi and it feels good.

 Maddie's POV

Sitting at a table alone and sober is not fun what so ever! Barbie is making out with a guy, both Sarah and Kayla already left and wow look there goes Barbie! So all three of my best friends already left to go have a one night stand! What's Madeline doing? Sitting alone at a table sober and hasn't even danced once! 'Best song ever' Begins to play. From my favorite band and I don't have my friends here to dance with. 

I look around and i spot a guy that looks somewhat like Louis from One Direction. I sees me staring and I quickly look at the dance floor again. "Hi there." I turn around and it's him. "Hello." He sits by me and takes a sip from his cup. "What is that?" I point as his cup and he smiles, "Water." He laughs and I smile, "Good cause I didn't want to hang out with a guy who's drunk." He laughs and i laugh a bit. 

"So where are your girlfriends at?" He looks around and I laugh a bit, "There out getting laid.'' ]I smile at him, "why aren't you." He smiles and it makes me feel good inside. "Because I don't like getting drunk, dancing and I'm just not attractive." I look down and he lifts my chin up. "You are very attractive." I smile and he smiles back. "I'll tell you what, let's go back to your place watch a bunch of movies eat popcorn, make a mess until we sleep." he grabs my hand and I feel myself blushing. "I would like that, a lot." 

He gets up and helps me up to, "Then lets go."

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