New Beginnings (Book 2)

This is book 2 of New Findings series (:

All the babies have grown up and being in a private high school isn't as fun as it all seems. Ella, Rosalin's daughter, learns more about her life then she knew and meets friends and enemies along the way! What happens that pushes Ella over the edge.


9. Chapter 9

       Ella P.O.V

 The school week went pretty quick and I'm thankful for that. This school is filled with more sluts and whores then public school. Why did my parents send me here? The week also went about without my best friend, Blain. I became a broken third wheel as Kristen non-stop flirts with Blain and him returning the gesture. I set my school bag and books down on the floor and flopped on my bed, just to hear my phone buzz across the room. I groan and see it's a text from Blain. "Hey Ella! Ready for the party tonight? My dad said he would take us." Shit. I forgot to mention the party to my parents. Better now than never. I rush down the stairs to find my parents talking about something, most likely another secret.

"Mum? Dad?" I say before I enter the room.

"Yes?" They both answer at the same time.

"There is this girl named Kristen and she is throwing this party, I want to go, can I go?"

Dad answered first. "Who is all going to be there?"

I shrugged, "A lot of kids from school, Blain is going and said his dad-"

Dad cut me off. "Blain is going? No, you can't go. That is final."

I scuffed. "Dad? Blain is not a bad kid! What do you have against him?!"

Mum stepped in, glaring at dad. "Ella, you can go. Stay close to Blain. What are you saying about his dad?"

I smiled, "Blain said his dad will take us and bring us home."

Mum nodded, "Okay that's fine with us, Have fun Hun. Just let me know when you are leaving and text me, so I know you are fine."

I hugged mum, "Thank you!"

I rushed up the stairs to get ready, I sent a quick text to Blain. "Hell yeah I'm ready! I will see you soon."  Now I have got to get ready.

     Rosalin P.O.V

 I glared at Liam when Ella walked away, "Really? Liam you have to let your daughter live, have fun!"

He sighed. "If I do that, something bad will happen to her. I couldn't live with myself if something bad happens to my little girl."

I grabbed his hand, "Liam, Blain is a nice kid, you don't have to protect her from him. They are friends. And trust me, if something happens to Ella I would break. She is my world. Along you, Calen, and this baby." I say rubbing my tiny belly.

Liam smiled. "Speaking of babies. How was your doctors appointment?" he asked rubbing my belly.

I smiled. "Uh, it was good. Turns out I am farther along then I first thought."

Liam cocked his eye to me. "How far are you?"

I counted in my head, "2 to 3 months?"

Liam went wide eyed, "Well we've had sex twice since then. We should be good to go." He winked.

Wait what?

I made a confused face. "Liam, what do you mean?" I chuckled.

He smiled. "Well lets hope for twins, or triplets."

It took me a minutes to get but I did. "Liam, baby. I don't think it works that way."

Liam laughed. "I wish. I want loads of babies." he said while swallowing me in a hug.

I laughed as we pulled away. "Hun, My body can't take so many babies. Remember I'm weak."

Liam half smiled, "I know baby, I know. We need to go work on the nursery."

I smiled. "Yes! Lets go!"

      Ella P.O.V

Blain answered my text and said we would leave about 5:00. It is about 4:40. Since it is warm out I  decided to wear shorts and an old old '5 Seconds Of Summer' T-shirt. I looked in the mirror and sighed. The shorts made my butt look huge, and the shirt made my boobs look like mountains. I check my phone and it was 4:56. I don't have time to change. I made my way down the stairs and into the kitchen to my parents covered in paint. What?

"Mum, dad? What happen?" I ask while half laughing.

Mum laughed, "Your dad and I got into a little paint fight while painting the baby room." Mum had some wet paint on her hands and slightly slapped dad across the face, leaving her hand print there. I feel like I'm looking at myself when I'm truly happy. How mum is laughing and all. Now I see why a lot of my mums friends say I remind them of her when she was my age. I wish I knew more about how it was like how my mum lived when she was 16. She doesn't like talking about it.

Dad dropped his jaw, "Really? Okay, I will get you back. Watch your little prego back." He winked, sending a shiver down my spin. Luckily the door rang.

"That should be Blain. I will see you both later." I smiled and went to the door and opened it.
Blain went wide eyed. "Wow, you look dashing as always."

I smirked. "Blain. My face is up here."

"Oh, yeah. I know. I just reading your shirt. Nice old band there." He smiled.

I nodded. "Yep, our parents are still good friends with them. I'm ready! Lego!"

He smiled and motioned for me to go in front of him.

We arrived at his drive way and Eleanor and Louis were outside talking.

"Wow you look 100% like your mum today. Reminds me of the day she met us"

Louis smiled. "The week all our lives changed."

I guess those comments are a compliment.. right?

"Okay, dad. We are ready." Blain said to stop his parents from talking.

"Okay kids. Hope in the car."

Blain and Louis were in the front and I was in the back. Blain gave his dad the address and we left. It took about 15 minutes to get there. We pulled up to the massive house. Beautiful home really.

Louis parked the car and started his speech. "Okay kids. Listen up. I promised Eleanor, Liam, and Rosalin, that I would give you both an important speech. I really don't feel its necessary but seeing how Ella is dressed. Boy you will need it. 1) Stay together. Blain if Ella gets hurt, Liam will kill both of us. Just watch after her."

I scuffed. "I'm 16. I'm older than Blain. I can take care of myself. Blain can go off with his girlfriend. I will be fine."

Louis sighed. "That leads me to number 2. Don't make dumb decisions. As in, don't drink. don't smoke. don't have sex." He was mostly looking at Blain but I still feel that was aimed ta me as well. "Don't ruin our trust because we all are trusting you kids not to screw up your lives right now. Maybe later but not now. Okay. That's enough of a talk. Go have fun. Make some new friends." 

Blain and I nodded and said by. We got out of the car and Louis took off. We walked up the driveway and there where kids everywhere. In the house. In the back yard and down the back yard hill to the edge of the woods. It was crazy. Kids smoking and drinking everywhere. Maybe this wasn't a smart idea.

Blain smiled, "Now this, is my kind of party." He smiled and looked around at the sleazy kids everywhere.

Kristen came up and handed Blain and I a red cup. "Have fun you two! Welcome to my party!" She was already stumbling. Great.  She is Blains problem.

I didn't even want to come really. Only for Blain. "Kristen where is the bathroom?"

She had her arm wrapped around Blains waist and his hand on her ass. "Somewhere inside. Should be one downstairs and 2 upstairs.. I don't know." She giggled looking at Blain.

I know Blain is wanting to laugh at her. This is pretty funny. "Okay. Thanks for the help." I said sarcastically and went to leave to the house. Blain got my arm.

"Ella, we are suppose to stay together." He sounded serious.

I shrugged. "You don't want to see me pee do you?"

He shook his head. "I guess not." he laughed. "

I nodded. I'm already annoyed and the party just started. "Okay than. Plus you already have a sleazy problem." I pointed to Kristen but she's to out of the world to notice. Blain just nodded and I took off to the house.

It was a simple inside but trashed. The house was beautiful. I'm guessing Kristen's parents are out of town or just went out. If I ever did anything like this my dad would skin me. Seriously. I walked through the back doors and a group of guys turned to me, eyeing me up and down. I felt my tummy drop. I rushed through the living room and up the stairs. The top of the stairs was clean and looked untouched. I spotted the bathroom at the end of the hall. The walls were covered in family pictures and baby photos, I looked at them walking down the hall. I paused as one stood out to me, the one in the darkest corner stood out to me the most, something told me to stare at this picture. A young man and a teenage girl with a baby in her arms with friends around. I could tell this couple was in love. How the blonde headed boy look at the young, fragile teenager with love, not lust. The people around them reminds me of the group picture I saw of mums a while back. The teenage girl doesn't look like the other girl like in the other photos. Same guy, different girl. I have seen this guy before too. I just can't remember when. I snap out of it and head to the bathroom, smells like roses.


I really don't want to go back down stairs, I hate parties. Sleazy, drunk teenage guys. I just can't. I walk out of the bathroom and was met by a teenage guy wearing a football sports team jacket. He was leaning against the wall, but pushed himself off when he saw me. His smile was warm, friendly. I kept my head down and passed him.

"So you are just going to walk past me? Not going to be a good girl and say 'hi' "

I turned and saw his bright caramel eyes stare at me. "Oh hi. What are you doing up here?"

He shrugged. "Same reason you are."

I laughed, walking toward him a slowly with my arms crossed. "Needing to pee?"

He laughed and cracked a smile, "You're a smartass.. I like that, but no, getting away from the party."

I nodded. "Yeah, pretty crazy down there. Where are the parents?"

He shrugged, "No here apparently"

I smirked. "Smartass."

He smiled. "You started it. I'm Asher Malik. Nice to meet you." He put out his tan hand

I nodded taking his hand and shaking it. "I'm Ella Payne. Nice to meet you as well."

Asher kind of shifted. "I should go. My team mates might come searching for me. I don't want that." He chuckled.

I nodded. " I will walk down with you. If you don't mind." I smiled.

Asher smiled and nodded. "I would love it!"

I blushed as Asher and I walked down the stairs laughing at each others jokes. We got tons of stares as we walked over to his friends.

I was yelling over the music. "You know I need to go and find my friends, It was nice chatting to you!"

Asher nodded and smiled. "Same to you! See you around school!"

I nodded and walked off. Trying to find Blain. I checked my phone 8:12 P.M. Great.

I walk out to the back yard and see nothing but red cups everywhere, drunk teenagers, and teenagers making out everywhere. I can't find Blain anywhere. I hope he isn't drunk, behind a tree somewhere with that whore. Kristen makes my blood boil.

I turn to walk back inside and run into one of the jocks, who is clearly drunk, "Hey baby girl. How are you doing tonight?"

I try not to laugh at his slurring words, yet you can easily understand him. "Better than you are, obviously."

"Oh come on, have some fun! Have some!" He shoves a red cup  in my face and I push it away.

I cross my arms. "You know no thank you!"

I try to pass him but he moves with me. "So you want some of this?"  He says pointing up and down his body.

I chuckle. "Haha, No thanks. You clearly have issues."

I sense his irritation. "You are the one with the problem. I don't take no for an answer!"

I laugh this time. "It's is by the way. No is what you are getting. Sorry." Sorry not sorry.

The jock puts his cup down and grabs my wrist and shoves me into the wall and pulls them above my head. "You are pretty hot like this.. Have you ever thought about fucking a football player?"

I gulp, "Not really. I haven't thought about.. fucking anyone."

He laughed. "Little freshman is a virgin." I nodded. "Awe baby. I can and will fix that for you, right now."

I feel so dirty being in his presence. "Can you let me go.. Please. I don't want this!"

He pressed his body against mine and his hot breath in my ear, "I don't care what you want. It's all about me baby girl. It is all about what I want. I want you."

I close my eyes and mentally cry. I feel my claustrophobia kick in and I start to panic. "Can you let me go! I need my inhaler!  Help!!" I scream before a hand gets put over my mouth.

"Shut the fuck off you bitch. No one cares enough to save your slutty ass." He smirked.

"I do!" I hear someone behind the jock. "I care a lot, about what happens to this girl!"

Who is it? I feel really light headed and can't see anything. I'm not sure if I'm dying, crying to hard, passing out. All the above?


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