New Beginnings (Book 2)

This is book 2 of New Findings series (:

All the babies have grown up and being in a private high school isn't as fun as it all seems. Ella, Rosalin's daughter, learns more about her life then she knew and meets friends and enemies along the way! What happens that pushes Ella over the edge.


17. Chapter 17

  Rosalin P.O.V

  I understand why Liam did that. Ella needs this. I got to say things I've wanted to say for 15 years. I feel so much better. I think we all have closure now.

"Rosalin? Are you okay?" Liam asked putting on hand on my thigh.
I smiled and nodded. "I actually am. I've said the things I have always wanted to say. After 15 years. I have closure. I love you so much Liam."

Liam smiled. "We all have closure I think. I love you too. I thought it was best."

The ride from Nando's to my work place is not long. Once Liam dropped me off I went back to work and Liam went home.

    Ella P.O.V

 After lunch I went on my way to my last class. Finally the final bell rang and the day was over. The day was rough. People calling me mean names, Whrore, Slut. Bitch. Boyfriend stealer. I don't even have a boyfriend to be a stealer of one. On the way out to parent pick up, Kristen came up to me and knocked all my books out of me hand, causing everyone to laugh. I haven't seen Blain all day, he hates to miss school. I felt someone grab my books and help me.

"Thank you so much" I look up and see Asher smiling down at me.

"Anything for a pretty lady. So practice is tomorrow. If you wanted to come and watch?"

I nodded and smiled. "I would love that!"

Asher nodded. "Okay! We will be on the main field right after school at 3:00 and it is till 4:30. I can't wait!"

I smiled as Asher handed my book to me. "Me too!" Someone started laughing and calling out the harsh names again. 'Slut' then you hear snickering. Asher frowned. "I have to go Asher. I will see you tomorrow."

He nodded, giving me a hug and whispered in my ear. "Don't let them bother you. They are just mad because they have no chance with me and you have all the chances you want." He pulled back and winked then walked away.

I smiled. Kristen yelled out. "He whispered to her and winked. She is a slut giving out favors." The whole hallway broke out into laughter and I teared up. Walking  fast out of the hallway and out to the front waiting on my dad to pick me up.

Dad picked me up and I was quiet the ride home. I didn't feel like talking or anything.

"Honey? Are you okay?" I nodded not answering. "Are you sure?" I nodded again, keeping my arms folded, and looking out the window.  "Ella, you can talk to me about anything. Guys. School..."

I sighed. "I know dad. Thank you for caring, but please don't. It is a waste of your time."

He didn't know what to say. "Ella. It isn't a waste of my time. If you are hurting, you need to tell me."

I shrugged. "I am fine dad. I love you."

"I love you too."

Dad parked the car and I got out and went to my room. I really hate private school. Went from popular in public school to biggest dip whore in private school.

I haven't talked to Blain since the dinner party last night. I haven't seen him at school either. I grabbed my phone and sent him a quick text message. "Hey Blain. Missed you at school. Maybe I didn't see you? I don't know. I missed your face today." I placed my phone on charge and went to my desk for homework.

I spend almost an hour and 30 minutes on homework before finishing it all. I checked my phone and had three messages. Two from Blain and one from Asher.

From Blain: "I wasn't feeling well this morning and go sick. I will be back tomorrow. I feel better now, I missed your face too."

"I see you are doing homework. I guess you forgot to take your phone off silent again? lol"

From Asher: "Sorry about what happened at school today. I didn't know how to help you.. or anything like that.  It just shocked me people would call you such names when you are such a sweet person? Rumors get to everyone. Fuck them, you don't need those bitches. You have real friends like Blain and I. We are here for you babe. See you tomorrow after school at practice! :*"

I replied back to both of them.

To Blain: You stalker! But yes, I forgot to take my phone off silent sorry! I like my study time (;"

To Asher: It is fine. It happens all the time. It still hurts. but I guess it doesn't help that I'm a sarcastic bitch to them. I cant wait to watch practice. I love a good game or scrimmage of football!"

I looked at the time before I set my phone back down, 5:00. I guess I spend more time than I thought on my homework. Mum should be home soon! I rushed down stairs and dad smiled at me.

"Hey baby girl. Feeling better?" He hugged me.

I giggled. "Much. Just needed time to think. Where is Calen? I feel like I haven't talked to her or seen her in days."

Dad sighed. "Me too. I don't really know what happen this morning with Calen and mum. She and I didn't discus that over lunch today."

I laughed. "Since when did you take mum to lunch?"

Dad smirked. "Since daddy Payne wanted something."

I cringed. "Ew, dad. No! She's pregnant!"

He let out a chuckle. "Sex is healthy for a baby, but not that kind of favor."

I sighed. "Good! What did you want."

He grabbed an apple. "Talk about some baby stuff I wanted to order. I want to have everything we need ready to be shipped when we find out the sex of the baby."

I nodded and grabbed an orange. "Oh. When will that be?"

"3 months is when you can find out." Dad answered taking a bite into the apple.

I made a strange look. "Mum is passed that?"

He nodded. "Yes, but we wanted to wait later so the kids knows what he wants to be."

The hell? "Dad? You sound crazy!"

He laughed. "You will learn in Biology"



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