New Beginnings (Book 2)

This is book 2 of New Findings series (:

All the babies have grown up and being in a private high school isn't as fun as it all seems. Ella, Rosalin's daughter, learns more about her life then she knew and meets friends and enemies along the way! What happens that pushes Ella over the edge.


12. Chapter 12

"Ella we need to talk.." My mum starts.

On the couch sits, Louis, Eleanor, Mum, and Liam, in that order from left to right.

"I don't understand. What else needs to be told. He isn't my dad. End of story." I snapped at her."Is Calen his?" I pointed to Liam.

Mum nodded. "Yes, and so is this one." She said rubbing her tiny bump.

I sighed. "So I was the fuck up, not wanted baby?"

Mom gasped. "Ella! Watch your mouth!"

"Hey! No need to snap at your mother. I may not be your biological father, but she is your biological mother and you will give her respect regardless the situation." Dad, well Liam stated.

I nodded. "Sorry. Why didn't you tell me?" I want answers.

Mum shrugged. "I never felt you were ready. That you couldn't take it."

I nodded. "I understand that.. I am glad I know now and not at my wedding."

I can tell my comments are hurting Liam. I really can. I hate that but I can't stop them.

Mum nodded, rubbing her hands together. "Liam is legally your dad though. He adopted you when we got married, so he is your dad."

I sighed. "Still. I don't care at the moment. This hurts so much." I say teary-eyed. Blain started rubbing my back.

Liam had his elbows on his knees and chin on his hands. "And you think this doesn't hurt? Getting rejected by the daughter you basically raised since she was about a year old."

I see the pain in his eyes. "I know this hurts Liam. I know. Try having all the trust for your parents gone in seconds."

Liam shot me a look. "So it goes from dad to Liam within a matter of hours?"

I nodded. "Try matter of seconds. You lost the title 'Dad' when I found out you've been lying to me for about 15 or 16 years."

He shook his head. "I have always wanted to tell you. I really have Ella, but your mum kept saying. 'She's not ready.' and 'She will live a normal life without knowing.' That fight we had today was about you, and me wanting to tell you."

I shook my head. "I believe you, I respect you, but I have no trust in you. In both of you. So how did I come along? An affair? An accident?"

I can tell everyone was shocked by my comment. "Well you know Rosalin is defiantly the mother. She has your quick wit Rosy." Louis smiled at her. Making me laugh internally.

"Lou, Shush up. You are not helping.. but you both can help with the story.." My mum put her face in her hands. They nodded.

Blain moved his arm around my waist, causing everyone to exchange weird looks.

"Anyway.. Ella. I don't know how to explain this to you.. I was new to a high school and collage and that where I met these guys" She pointed to Eleanor, Louis, and Liam. "and a few other who were, Zayn, Harry, and Niall. I am not going to tell you the full story but I will tell you important parts and you can ask whatever you want. Okay?"

I nodded. "Okay.."

Mum nodded. "I was 16, new to a famous school and I was friends with Eleanor's brother, Kyson, back in the States. I was accepted and came out here as soon as possible. I only spent about three weeks or about a month at the school, because I ended up pregnant, with you. The boys, or Louis, Liam, Zayn, Harry and Niall were in a boy band and your biological father was in that band. They were set to go on tour and because I ended up pregnant. We had to tell the principle, who was suppose to send me home to the States.. but she said I can leave with the boys so I could be with the babies father, your father. I had to have my parents approve, I called them and they demanded me to come home, I said no. I'm staying with the farther and they threw a fit and said, never to contact them and never show up at their door step."

Wow. I interrupted. "How did you end up pregnant? It just happened?"

Mum sighed and looked at Liam who just nodded. "It was a collage party off campus.. Harry wanted to get me drunk so he could have sex with me.. it was about to happen but the cops were called so we had to hurry and leave because I was only 16 and drunk off my ass. The area you had to be 18. We rushed back and when we got back to campus, Harry told one of the other boys to take me to my dorm. Eleanor told the boy to take care of me. He did... We did a twitcam and things got spicy on camera... off camera things happened, I ended up pregnant."

I nodded I looked at Blain, who had no facial expression, I looked at mum. "And so the guy that took advantage of you.. is my dad?"

She nodded. "Yeah.. We were friends, we ended up dating and while on tour we got engaged."

I smiled, but then it went away. "What happen? Why are you guys not together today?"

Mum sighed. "This is the hard part.." She began to tear up. Liam started rubbing her back and Eleanor and Louis had their hands over their mouths. "A lot of things went on, on that tour bus. Your dad cheated on me, I want to say twice. I don't remember the first time. The second time ended his and I's relationship. While on the tour bus I was pudgy from having you and Harry called me fat.. That hurt so I quit eating, threw up what I ate.. I got anorexia. I didn't tell anyone. Louis knew.. I still don't know how but he always knew what was wrong with me. He helped me with it and then Liam did, even today. Anorexia is a life time illness for me. With the anorexia I also did self-harm. A good thing happened though, Eleanor ended up pregnant with Blain on tour too and we share the same Birthday." She smiled at Blain who returned it.

I smiled. "Who did my biological dad cheat on you with both times? Why didn't you forgive him the second time?"

Mum sighed. "He cheated on me with his ex-girlfriend, who he said he loved and he hooked up with her when I left with you and went to my parents house, they were happy to meet you and Eleanor and to see me. His hook up ended up getting her pregnant.. I had no idea until I did forgive him and did go back because I had no idea he cheated on me again, the cheating was back to back. I came back to the tour bus and Eleanor was with me the entire time. He was gaining my trust back and on the news," She paused as tears fell. "Umm, on the news was his ex-girlfriend saying she was pregnant and your biological father was the father."

I gasped. "That's terrible.."

Mum nodded. Louis stepped in. "I knew your bio father had the hook up while Rosalin and Eleanor left for the space. He punched me and left then had the hook up in the sluts car. I gave him a week to tell your mum he had cheated again. Well the news beat him and myself.."

Mum nodded. "I was done. I was sitting next to Liam on the couch when I found out.. I don't remember, but I think they did a concert without him, because he and I got into a fight and I threw the engagement ring at him and he stormed off the bus. He never returned. After that concert, Liam dumbed his girlfriend in the arena because she was a gold digger, ran to the bus and kissed me and we have been together ever sense," She kissed Liam, "Liam has been there for you since day one, Ella. Your dad was there a lot of times but if he wasn't there, Louis or Liam had you."

I nodded. "My dad sounds like a bad person.."

Mum shook her head. "I wouldn't say a bad person. Just a very dumb person, He got his ex-girlfriend, the one he said he loved, pregnant. He married her and they moved to Ireland.. I have been stressing this because they moved around here."

My eyes lit up. "He does? I want to meet him. What does he look like?"

Eleanor handed mum a book and She looked at the cover and sighed with tears running down her face. "This one love."

I dropped my jaw at the sight of the photo. It is the same photo I saw in the house at that party last night. She pointed to the blonde headed kid with his arms around a young teenager with a baby, surrounded by other people.

"I'm guessing that's you with the baby, and that's me in your arms?" I asked staring at the picture.

Mum nodded. "Yes. Liam is beside me along with Louis and Eleanor, Harry, Zayn. And the whole pit crew from tour."

I nodded. "If Payne is Liam's last name.. What is my name?"

Mum gulped. "Horan."

Blain went wide eyed. "Horan?" he said.

Mum nodded. "Yes Horan."

He and I nodded.

"What is my biological dads first name?"

Mum shifted. "Niall."

I nodded and played with my fingers.

Mum sighed. "I don't want you like me when I was 16, which is why I haven't really told you about this.."

I shrugged, "Mum, I'm not going to go and have sex at 16. I have morals. No offence"

Louis narrowed his eyes are Blain and I. I ignored the look.

Mum crossed her arms. "Non-taken. I'm just glad you have a brain."

Liam looked really hurt by the end of this conversation. "Hey dad?" He looked up. "I'm sorry. I love you, always."

He teared up and got up. I got up and met him halfway. "I love you too baby girl. More than ever."

Mum stood up. "Ella we need to get going.. Calen made dinner so it should be ready. Thank you Eleanor and Louis." 

They nodded at her, "Anytime." Eleanor smiled.

Mum turned to me. "Say goodbye to Blain, we need to leave."

Louis interfered. "I would like to have Ella for dinner.. Is that okay?"

Mum looked at dad and nodded. "Sure. It's Saturday and you live next door, be home by midnight."

We all nodded and mum and dad left.

Eleanor smiled. "Now, I'm going to go set the table. See you all in a bit."

Blain and I went to go up the stairs but Louis stopped us. "Kids, come here. Follow me"

We followed Louis to the back of the huge home to an office. He put two chairs out. "Sit." We sat. "Okay.. Kids, I'm not stupid. I know what you two were doing up stairs today. I am a guy and I was once a teenager, and Blain you are my son so I know what you are up to my boy. Plus I kind of heard Ella while I was grabbing something from up stairs." Blain looked at me, but I was looking at the floor. "I get it you two. You both are teenagers and want to have fun and sex and go to the parties. If you are going to have sex then you need to have protection." He tossed condoms at Blain. "Ella I don't want you pregnant at 16, you heard your mums story."

I laughed. "Mr.Tomlinson. We- we're-"

Blain interrupted me. "We are taking responsibility. Dad we know these things. Plus we are not even having sex. Ella has morals. Remember."

Louis looked confused. "What was moaning from then? hmm?"

Blain smirked. "We can't have a good make out session?" He winked at me, making me blush.

Louis glared, "Blain.. Be careful. You too Ella. I would hate to see anything happen to you two."

Blain and I nodded.

"Dinner you guys!" Eleanor called from the front of the house.

We walked out of the room. Louis chuckled. "What are you guys? Dating?"

Blain and I laughed, I answered. "We are friends. Close friends."

Louis eyes went big. "Nice to know."

Blain and I laughed. "Well you asked!"

Louis nodded, "I did and I regret it. Oh this conversation stays between the three of us."

Blain nodded, "Okay! Stop spying on us."

Louis laughed. "Not till you are married."

What? Was he talking to Blain? Both of us?

We nodded as we all entered the kitchen and got our plates.

Dinner was nice and I love the Tomlinson's

"Thank you for dinner, Mrs. Tomlinson."

She smiled. "Anything for my favorite of Blain's friends."

I blushed. "Thank you! Blain, I am a bit tired. Walk me home?"

Blain nodded and met me at the door.

We walked out and Blain put his arm around my waist. "The time I spent with you today was amazing. I loved every second of it."

I agreed . "Yes. We should hang out more often." I giggle.

Blain nodded as we reached the door. "Yes. I hope my dad didn't scare you... He is just looking out for us.. I don't understand why. We are not going to have sex. We are just friends."

I nodded. Just friends? I mean I know I said it earlier but really? "Yep! I'm going to go inside. Goodnight."

Blain smiled, "Goodnight" He leaned in and put his soft lips to mine and pulled away.

I smiled before hugging him and closing the door.

I walked myself upstairs and straight into bed, stripping my clothes and cleaning my face along the way. Today has been a mixture of emotions.. Blain is sending mixed signals. I forgive my parents but I wont forget.


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