I gave you everything( justin bieber love story)


2. first day of school

Skye Pov:

Its the first day of school and I am excited because I want to meet new people yaknow. Just because Im ugly doesn't mean I am anti-social or bad at making friends.Actually back in Georgia I had a lot of friends.I have brown straight hair and hazel eyes nothing special. I woke up and looked in the mirror and groaned in disgust. My  hair was frizzy and I looked like I got hit by a bus. I got in the shower and my body felt relaxed and I felt like I was care free. Until my mom had to ruin it.

Mom: SKYE hurry hunny u need to leave soon

Skye: okay mom!! --screams over water--

I stayed in the shower for like 10 more minutes and hopped out I looked in the mirror combed my hair.I went into my closet and grabbed some ombre high waisted shorts and a white tank top and white vans. Since I am in LA it is hot out. I straightened my hair even though it is already straight I like to do that so it can be like straighter. I unplugged my gold iPhone 5s from its charger and ran downstairs.To see my mom cooking pancakes.

Mom: goodmorning


Mom; are u excited about your first day of school

Skye:I guess mom--Sighs-- on tumblr-- mom why did we move here....

Mom;Me and your dad had to move here for work I thought that you wanted to move here.


Mom: what do u mean Skye u are pretty, u are beautiful

Skye: Whatever mom I am going to school  --grabs an apple----

I ran outside to my pink BMW and turned the music on I had 30 minutes until school started so I stopped in Starbucks and got a caramel frappuccino I got to school and went to the office,school didn't start for another 20 minutes so I had time.

Skye:excuse me.

??; hi sweetie how may I help you'

Skye; Im new here and I need my schedule 

??;ok im Mrs. Brown whats your name

Skye; Skye Westbrooks 

Mrs.Brown; okay this is you schedule and your locker number is on the top right part of the page.

Skye: Thanks.

------you walk out of the office---

Skye Pov; 

okay I have locker number 78 and im totally lost I feel like I am walking in circles I have 5 minutes until students are gonna come and I didn't wanna look like an idiot on the first day of school.URGH!! I looked at my schedule and suddenly became fascinated in the fact that I have Literature first period.Until I ran to someone and feel right on by butt dropped all of my books.


Skye: o my god im so sorry..



Who did skye run into????? Comment and like!!!!! I hope you like it!!





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