I gave you everything( justin bieber love story)


3. first day of school pt.2

I looked up and met eyes with a girl.

???: are u ok?

Skye: yea do u know where locker 78 is Im new here and Im totally lost.

???: your locker is right next to mine!!


???:Im Kayla.We should be friends

Skye:yea sure.

Kayla: what period do u have first?


Kayla: OMG SAME!!

Skye:Thank god.. 


----She shows you your locker------

Skye;thank you so much if you weren't here I would probably be in the girls bathroom looking for my locker

Kayla; no problem I mean were friends right.


Kayla; Okay so there are different groups at our school.

Skye: okay 

Kayla; There are the sluts,cheerleaders to be exact there are jocks, nerds, jerks, and creeps.

Skye; what group are u in

Kayla;Well me and my 3 bestfriends arent in a group we popular everyone likes us. I dont like being in a group.

Skye;Okay,so kinda like a clique 

Kayla;yea basicly

------------- students start piling in the school-----



three girls run over to u and Kayla.

Kayla; This is Skye she is new.

????:Hey. your pretty,I'm Layla


Layla:I guess your part of our group now

Skye;yea I guess

???;Im Taylor, but everyone calls me Tay. You seem really cool.

Skye:WELLL-flipping hair--

Tay;-Laughs- I like u

???:Im Brianna, everyone calls me BRi, I LOVE to have fun

Skye; SAME okay were gonna get along.


Kayla: Skye its time to go to Literature

Skye: okay lets go

You and Kayla walk down the hallway and everyone stares at you and some girls roll their eyes

Skye;Why are they staring at me

Kayla;their jealous all of the jocks already have a crush on you.

Skye: Omg--blushing---

Skye Pov;

I was walking down the hall with Kayla I met eyes with this boy he had hazel eyes and a great sense of style he wore White jeans and a black v neck with black supras. We made eye contact but I looked away.

Skye: Who is that

Kayla:Thats Justin.-rolls eyes--He is the biggest player in the whole school. He had sex with every girl in  school- except for us and he doesn't believe  in love aka the school jerk, Dont fall for his cuteness.

Skye: -----Laughs-----

Kayla; are u loose..

Skye:Ummm what...

Kayla; are u a virgin or a slut..

Skye: Im a virgin

Kayla; OK good we r too.

------------Literature Class---------

Kayla and I sat next to each other and talked until the teacher walked in..

The teacher talked about what we would learn and study and 15 minutes later Justin Walked in.

Teacher: Mr. Bieber would you like to tell the class why you were late

Justin: I had something to do in the girls bathroom--Winks at u---

Kayla rolls her eyes while you are ignoring him.

Teacher: well have a seat behind Skye oh yea Skye your new why don't you introduce yourself and tell us something about you

Skye stands up and looks at everyone but Justin

Skye: Im Skye I moved to LA like a day ago I lived in Georgia all my life, I have a dog named chloe,I like to shop,and play soccer,and I like to dance. My favorite color is purple and I love brownies.

Teacher:well welcome to Branding High

Skye: Thanks

Justin Pov;

I know that Im a player but Skye when I look in her eyes my mind is like Screaming her name. I think that It was love at first sight. Justin you dont believe in that stuff.Love isn't really possible you know what Selena did to you.


I ran upstairs to see what Selena was doing. I just came home from spending the weekend with my mom and I wasn't supposed to come home until tomorrow but my mom said that I should spend time with my girlfriend so I wanted to surprise her. I jogged up to her our room.

Justin: heyy babe

I opened the door to see Selena in the bed with a boy that I have never seen before.

Selena; JUSTIN!! you weren't supposed to be here until tomorrow...Its not what it looks like.

???;who are u..

Justin: IM SELENA'S BOYFRIEND!!!--tears up---

????;WHAT THE FUCK SELENA U DIDN'T TELL ME U HAD A BOYFRIEND!!----Putting pants and shirt on--- (he was only in boxers)

Justin:Why would you do this to be--looking at Selena---

Selena;I made a mistake Justin--running to him---\

Justin: HOW LONG!!

Selena: 2 days

???: Selena your such a liar we have been seeing each other for 3 months. 

Justin: w-what...

Selena;Im sorry justin...

Justin: get out..


so this is why I don't believe in love or want to try because my heart has been broken. Skye is different I can tell she is different. She would never give me a chance I'm the school player.I just fucked every girl in school so that I could get my mind off of Selena. To tell the truth I'm lonely I have friends but they have girlfriends and I don't like to be the third wheel.my mom lives in  Canada. I have a dog but they get tired and dogs don't want to have romantic walks on the beach and don't want to cuddle all night.I need to find a girlfriend one that will be loyal and we can get married and have kids.





I have a feeling that girl could be Skye.

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