I gave you everything( justin bieber love story)


4. First day of school pt. 3

The day was almost over and I have gym or at this school its a sport of course I chose soccer, Kayla,Layla,and Tay are on the soccer team too. Justin and  his crew (Chaz,Ryan,Tyler) play football thank god.He has been bothering me all day asking for my number and wanting to talk to me. He wasn't the only one to be honest all of the jock and boys have been coming up to me.I kinda like the attention but its annoying at the same time.Most of the girls at this school either hate me or want to be my friend.


Coach: Hello ladies(its an all girls team)

girls: hey coach

Coach: so today since this is the first day I want to see your skills so we a going to scrimmage


Coach: okay Skye and Sarah are team captains chose your teams

Skye;Ill choose first, Kayla

Sarah: Miley



Skye: Tay



Coach:okay since the teams are set lets play!!

----------------End of Game------

Score:5-3 skye's team won!

Coach: great job skye!!

Skye:Thanks coach!--high fives him--

Coach; would you like to be the team captain

Skye:of course!!


Skye: coach can we play another game

Coach: of course same teams

----the girls where paying and the football team comes onto the field


the girls run to the coach!!

Coach: ok girls the football team came to watch us lets impress them and show them what their missing

Skye;lets go girls lets show them what  there missing--whispers to Kayla---lets show Justin, and Ryan I saw you looking at him at lunch

Kayla;-Rolls eyes--I was not

Skye:--Chuckles--Ill start the ball

the coach throws the ball onto the field and Skye and Sarah run after it Skye gets the ball passes it to Layla,Layla passes the ball  to Isabella while Skye blocks girls from getting the ball and Isabella passes the ball to Skye and Skye shot and made it.

Skye's Team: YESSS!- high fives skye--

Football Team:-Whistes-GOOO SKYE
Skye:--rolls eyes---

Selena; you think that since all the boys like you , you can run the school

Skye: no..

Layla: c'mon Skye don't mind her-- pulls you to the coach--

Coach:That was great guys see u at practice tomorrow at 2;50

girils: bye coach!!

--------Skye, Layla,Kayla,and Taylor walk past the football team and they call them over----

football: Wait girls..

girls;--rolls eyes but turns to them--

football: we are having this sleepover tomorrow night and we r inviting people from school  

skye: and......

Justin: we want you guys to come--looking at skye--

Layla;Why should we go

Ryan: we want skye to have some fun especially because she just moved here- looks her up and down and bites his lip---

Skye: Uhh no thanks Ill have plenty of fun at home watching movies and eating junk food

Justin:C'mon you could eat junk food and watch movies at the sleepover pleaaassee----puppy dog face---

Taylor; lets have a group huddle


Kayla; did you see the way Justin looked at you he totally like you

Skye: I am not a slut

Layla:I think that I would be fun

Taylor: I mean....

Skye: I dont want anything to happen I mean we are all virgins..

Kayla: I want to go

Skye: that is because you like ryan

Kayla: maybe I do 

Layla; I kind have a crush on Chaz

Skye: awwwww...

Taylor:uhhhhh I like Tyler ok !!--  sorta screams--

Skye: your soooo loud they heard u 

------they look over a football team and they are chuckling----

Taylor: thats embarrassing

Skye:I'll go I just have to ask my mom she will probably say yea though

Layla; okay its a yes

-----everyone nods---

football: sooooo

Skye: i guess we will go but we aren't sluts like Selena and her clique over there-- points at them--

Layla; are they gonna be there

Ryan; I mean Selena is Justin's girlfriend

Skye: ---nods---okay then

Justin:but that doesn't mean you cant come right

Kayla: no we are definitely going right skye--nudges u ---

Skye: --- looking down at her iphone 5s---- yup-pops the p---

Chaz: Okay we will see you there we should exchange numbers so that we can tell u the information

Skye: cant you just tell us

Ryan: -chuckles-- I want skye''s number

Skye:--Looks at him like he is crazy--

justin gives him the death stare

Ryan: maybe we could be friends--winks--

Justin: really man...

-------------------selena and her crew come over-------------------

Selena;Hey babyyy-sits on her lap--

Chaz: Okay well we will see you guys tomorrow

Selena: uhh Justy what are these sluts doing here

Skye: excuse me bitch-

Layla: skye stop

Skye: no she isn't about to sit here and call me- us sluts are u crazy

Kayla;Let her she is the real slut here and everyone knows that

Selena: Im a slut how

Kayla: Selena I saw you in the girls bathroom with Jacob

Justin: WHAT--pushes selena off his lap--


Kayla: You wish I was lieing

Layla; We will see u guys tomorrow--- they run to their cars----


Chaz: See you BOO BOO



------the girls giggle---

Skye: well I'll see you guys tomorrow--getting in the car--

Kayla: we should go to ur house and talk about boys and stuff

Skye; uhh okay why my house

Layla: I wanna meet your mom

Skye: UHH ok get in

Kayla; shotgun!!


Skye turns the radio on and gas pedal comes on they dance in  the ca until skye pulls into the driveway.

Layla;this is your house

Skye: yup

Tay: Woah..

Skye: Okay c'mon guys

--------------------They walk into the house------------

Skye: HI MOM!!--runs into the kitchen--

smom:HI sweetie how was your first day!

Skye: It was great!These are may friends

Smom: Nice to meet you

Tay: Im taylor

Kayla; Im Kayla

lay: and IM LAyla

Smom: okay.. nice to meet you 

Skye: oh yea mom there is this sleepover tomorrow night can I go

Smom: are there boys there

skye: yess mom but Kayla,Layla,and Taylor are going and -

smom: skye im kinding of course you can go

skye: thank you mom- hugs her- mom we are gonna go upstairs

smom: okay bye mom

girls;Bye Mrs. Westbrooks


Kayla; your mom is so nice!

Skye: yea

Taylor: sooo I saw the way you reacted when Ryan said Justin had a girlfriend you likkkeee hiiimm

Skye: okay fine but its just a crush


Skye: u like ryannnnn. Awwww

Kayla: yea but he likes you

Skye: nooo. he came up with a nickname for u not me

Kayla: well yea--blushes--

Skye: awwwww. okay so I have and idea

Layla: okay 

Skye: We need to walk in there like bosses sooo we should where matching onesies

Kayla: I love that idea!!!
Skye: okay I saw them at forever 21 them at Forever 21 they had hings on the butt like Ratchet and stuff 

Layla; okay lets goo

---------------Forever 21--------------------

Skye: I want to get the hot pinkone that says Im a BOSS

Layla: Okay I want the red one that says CHILLEN in cursive

Tay: I want the green  one that says Ratchet

Kayla: I want the orange one that says bad  

They got the onesies..

Kayla:im so excited!!!







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