I Can See Your Halo

Harry can't stop thinking about the girl in the second row of his show. Every part of her, her blonde hair brown eyes light skin and her light pink lips. He wishes there was some way he could find her. One night when he sees her on the news, he learns a lot more about the girl that seemed so happy with the fine red lines up and down her wrists.


7. Wake Up... Please

part 7

I turned back to face the girl I love. She looked like she was in so much pain. Laying still in a white bed, her skin close to being the same color. I walked back towards her, then I sat back down. I couldn’t hold it in anymore. I just lost it and I let the tears stream down my face. My eyes slowly turned red as I grabbed her cold hand and counted every single red line on her wrist. There were too many lines to count, overlapping and criss crossing , damaging her beautiful skin. “Why would people hurt her so bad like this?” I asked myself. Shes so beautiful, just, perfect.

It has been 20 minutes, the nurse said about thirty minutes. SHe should be awake soon. I ask Annabell to come back in the room with me. She had walked out earlier for some reason. I think she got too emotional. I stood up walked to the door and opened it. I leaned my head out and said “Annabell?” she quickly walked over to me looking extremely worried with red tear stained eyes. “ Will you come sit in here with me? please?” I asked her. “Yeah! Of course.” She said.

She followed me back into the room and sat on the other side of Skyler. I just looked at Skyler and watched her breathe in and out. I felt like I was being watched also. I looked up and saw Annabell looking right at me. “What?” I asked her. “YOU really love her dont you Harry?” She said looking into my eyes. “I… yes. I really really do love her. Even though I just met her today. I can feel it. I kow shes the one for me. I Just know it.” I said blushing and smiling at Skyler. Shes the one for me.

“OH! last time I remember what woke her up!!!” Annabell exclaimed. “IT was her favorite song!!!” she said. “and what would that be?” I asked. “Its little things by you and the boys. Shes always loved the way you guys sing it.. especially yours and Nialls parts. She said it made her feel loved by you. And that made her happier than anything in the world.” Annabell explained melting my heart with every word. That just made my day even better. “Turn it on then!!!” I said and she did. I watched her through zayns’ solo, Liams’ solo, and Louis’ solo, next was mine. She hasnt moved at all. I dont know what I was doing. I grabbed her hand , squeezed it and started to sing my solo. “I know youve never loved the sound of your voice on tape you never want to know how much you weigh, you still have to squeeze into your jeans but youre perfect to me.” Then once I had started I couldnt stop. “ I wont let thesse little things slip out of my mouth but if its true, its you, its you they add up to Im in love with you, and all theses little things.” I found myself singing Nialls solo as well. “Youll never love youtself halfe as much as I love you, and youll never treat yourself right darlin’ but i want you to. If i let you know im here for you, maybe youll love yourself like i love you, oh.” I just couldnt stop. I let the tears run down my face. “And ive just let these little things sip out of my mouth, cause its you, oh its you, its you they add up to and im in love with you and all these little things. I won't let these little things slip out of my mouth But if it's true It's you, It's you they add up to I'm in love with you And all your little things” I sang all the way to the end. I looked up at Annabell with tear filled eyes and felt Skyler squeeze my hand.

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