I Can See Your Halo

Harry can't stop thinking about the girl in the second row of his show. Every part of her, her blonde hair brown eyes light skin and her light pink lips. He wishes there was some way he could find her. One night when he sees her on the news, he learns a lot more about the girl that seemed so happy with the fine red lines up and down her wrists.


1. I'm done

Part 1

Skylers pov.

Tonight is the night. I have been bullied ever since kindergarten and I'm done. It's been 14 awful, awful years I'm not strong enough anymore. I could be with Becca up somewhere in the sky. I want my angel wings now. I can't take all the stress, the pain, not eating, no sleep... I can't live like this. I thought as I took the pills out of the cabinet in my bathroom. I counted exactly eight. Each one meant something. 1 for the bullying at school. 2 for the hate I got online. 3 for the cuts on my wrist. 4 for every time I cried myself to sleep at night. 5 for the meals I skipped trying to be thin. 6 for the times my family told me they hated me. 7 for the times I got beaten up. 8 for every single broken heart and depression. I deleted everything off my phone, grabbed my glass of water in one hand and the pills in the other. "Alright, this is it." I said tears streaming down my face looking at myself in the mirror for the last time. "Goodbye." I cried shoving the pills in my mouth and drinking the water. I went and laid down. After about an hour I blacked out.

I don't know how long it will take me to die I kept thinking in my head. I knew I wasn't dead.. Yet. but I knew I had to be close. I heard my mum come into my room. She read the note on my chest and started to scream. I was still breathing but I wasn't waking up. I felt my dad's strong arms pick me up and start to run.

I woke up but my eyes wouldn't open. I couldn't move. I heard voices.. They sounded like Miranda and Abby My two best friends. They were the only ones who really cared

about me. They were talking to me. I don't think they thought I could hear them. "Skyler, this is your friend Miranda. I hope you remember me. I miss you so much. Why did you this? I don't understand." Miranda said. I could hear she was about to cry by the way her voice sounded when she spoke.

I heard another voice talking to me. It was Abby. "Hi skyler this is Abby. I need you to come back for me ok? Can you open your eyes for me? I knew you were upset but not this upset. I never thought you would go this far. I need you to stay with us. please skyler." She cried. I couldn't see them and I wanted to tell them I was ok. I felt both of my hands being touched. By Miranda and Abby I assumed. I heard footsteps coming to me. Then yet again there was another voice that said something to me. A faint "no... Why? Why and how could she do this to herself?" The voice said. It was Annabell. My friend for Arnold. Those three in the room with me were all I had. The only ones I would've stayed for. I don't know why I'm not dead yet. I should be.

They had music playing in the room. They were sad songs.

Like the ones I listened to when I was upset. They were very depressing. One came on that I had only heard a few times but it always made me feel so much better. It was by the boys of one direction. I think the name of it was Little Things. The hands were still holing on to my cold motionless ones. The voices were singing to me. "Your hand fits in mine like its made just for me but bear this in mind it was meant to be.." The words were so beautiful. The song felt like it was going by fast. It was already to the boy with the curly hairs solo. I had always loved that boy more than anything in the whole world. He was my everything, even though he only slightly knew of my existence. He sang "you're perfect to me" and I squeezed the hands that were holding on to mine and my eyes slowly opened to the girls by my hospital bed and the sound of the boys I loved so much singing.

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