Pokemon: Born To Be A Winner *Complete*

Rosalinda is a normal girl in the crazy world of Pokémon. She's living in Lumiose City and working for Professor Sycamore at his lab. All is going well for her until the day a boy shows up. A boy she thought had walked out of her life for good.


13. Who's Back

*A Few Weeks Later*

Bonnie and I are back to working with Pokémon. Every Pokémon we've worked with so far is now living with us at our apartment. It's only two, though. But two more than I previously had.

"As for all the information we brought for Sycamore, he's still going through it all. But he just know it's going to help his research in some way.

"Um, girls," one of the girl lab helpers enters the room.

Bonnie and I stop looking at the computer and look at the lady. "What's going on? How important is it? We're trying to research for the new Pokémon that we're getting," I say.

"There are some people in the front room wanting to see you. Can I send them in?"

Bonnie and I exchange looks. She shrugs and gives me a why-not look. I look back at the lady and shrug, "Why not? Send them in."

The lady nods, "Yes ma'am." Then she turns and exits the room.

"Who is it?" Bonnie asks.

"I don't know," I answer. "We'll have to wait and see."


So we do, and it seems like a long time waiting for our surprise visitors. In reality we wait just a few minutes for the door to open once again and reveal the two boys we've been missing with all our hearts.

"Ash!" I exclaims.

"Clement!" Bonnie shouts.

"Pika!" Pichu yells.

Then we run to the one we've missed most. Bonnie jumps up into Clement's arms; Pichu runs and attack Pikachu; I rush into Ash's arms and connect our lips.

Once everyone has had a good amount of time with their loved one, we trade. I give Clement a big hug and a peck on the cheek while Bonnie clings to Ash. Then we stand back and just look at each other.

"What are you guys doing here?" I ask.

"We missed you way too much and had to come visit you," Ask answers.

"How long are you staying?" Bonnie asks.

"Two weeks," Clement answers.

"Where are you guys staying?" I ask.

"We were hoping we could stay at your apartment," Ash says.

"Of course you can stay in our apartment."

"So, how much longer do you guys have here at the lab?" Clement asks.

"Help us clean up and we'll be off," Bonnie smiles. A great thinker she is.

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