Pokemon: Born To Be A Winner *Complete*

Rosalinda is a normal girl in the crazy world of Pokémon. She's living in Lumiose City and working for Professor Sycamore at his lab. All is going well for her until the day a boy shows up. A boy she thought had walked out of her life for good.


17. Twins

*A Few Months Later*

I am so proud of Bonnie and me. For one, we've been very strong since the boys left. We've also been training Pokémon at an amazing rate. Professor Sycamore is very proud of us.

"Rosa, your sister-in-law is calling on the computer," Bonnie bounds into our bedroom.

"Okay, go accept it," I put down my pencil. "I'll be right there."

"Okay," she bounds out of the room.

I've been drawing again. I stopped for a reason I can't remember, and I wanted to start up again. I've started with the very first Pokémon ever recorded and have been going from there.

I stand up and go to the office where we have our main computer.

"So, you're due soon?" Bonnie asks.

I stand behind Bonnie and see Emilia on the computer screen. "Hey Em."

"Rosa, hello," Emilia smiles. "I was just telling Bonbon how my babies are due very soon."


"Ah, I forgot to tell you, I'm having twins. A boy and a girl."

"That's amazing. I'm so happy for you."

"Thanks. But they're due soon and you're not here."

"We'll be there tomorrow."

"How?" Bonnie asks.

"We have to go tell the Professor."

"Then I'll let you guys go so you can get everything really to come tomorrow," Emilia says.

"Okay, well bye!" Bonnie exclaims.

*Twenty Minutes Later*

"So, you're going to be an aunt?" Sycamore asks.

I nod, "Yes. Very soon. I hope us leaving is alright."

"I'll be fine. Have fun while you're hoe."

"I also have one more thing to tell you."

"What is it?"

"Once Ash and Clement are done with their journey over here, I'll be moving back to Pallet Town."


"I'm keeping my apartment hare. And will visit from time to time. Plus I can still help you with research, and you can send Pokémon to me to train. It's just, my home will be in Pallet Town. Where I belong."

He nods, "Okay. I will send you Pokémon and we'll keep in touch for science."

I smile, "I'm glad you're taking this so well."

"You're a grown lady, I trust you're using your brain every time you make a bid decision. Like moving back to your home town."

"Thanks Professor. That means a lot."

*A Few Days Later*

"They're so little," Bonnie smiles at the two little babies that were born just hours ago.

"Em and I already have names," Tobias smiles. "The girls is Bonnie Rose and the boy is Toby Red."

"I love the names," I smile. "Perfect for the little bundles of joy."

"Bonbon," comes a little boy's voice.

Everyone looks at the door of the hospital room to see Nathen, Mrs. Ketchum, and my mom.

"Nathen," Bonnie runs to Nathen and they start talking right away. The mom's come over and start talking to Emilia. I just stand and look at the babies. I can't wait to tell the little bundles of joy all about the world of Pokémon.

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