Pokemon: Born To Be A Winner *Complete*

Rosalinda is a normal girl in the crazy world of Pokémon. She's living in Lumiose City and working for Professor Sycamore at his lab. All is going well for her until the day a boy shows up. A boy she thought had walked out of her life for good.


3. His Story

*That Night*

"Did you like my cooking?" I ask as Ash and I sit down on the couch.

"Yes I did. Still the amazing cook I remember you as," Ash says.

"That's good. So, what's the story," I lean into him.

"Oh yeah. Well the day before I left I was going to wait and bring you with me. Then someone told me you were dong going on Pokémon adventures. That and he also said you didn't want to see me anymore."

"Who told you that?"

"Gary Oak."

"Makes so much sense now."


"He tried to make a more on me when you left. I didn't go for him though. I just wanted find you."

"And now that you have. We can explore this region together."

I look up at him and frown, "I'm sorry, Ash. But I only leave this town every so often. I work at the lab and can't just up and leave."

He looks down at me, "Oh."

"But we can keep in touch. I'll try and visit you sometimes."

"How do you get Pokémon to add to the many Pokémon you have a home?"

"I'll be able to go out soon. Also, people give the lab Pokémon all the time, so I've been told. They said I can train and then keep the ones who really like me from the start."

"That's interesting."

"Yeah. I've kind of lost interest in going out in the field. I hope people donate a lot of Pokémon."

"Why would people donate Pokémon anyways?"

"Sometimes it's because the Pokémon is unruly and needs hard training. Something I can do. Most of the time it's because they know we need Pokémon for research."

"That's cool."

"It is. Also, seeing as there aren't that many new Pokémon I need to get to have all there is. I may never have to go out in the field again."

"You don't want to go in the field?"

"No, I just want to stay at the lab and help Pokémon. I'm done battling."

"This has been a really fun night," Ash smiles.

"I'd have to agree. Too bad you'll be leaving soon."

Then, out of nowhere, Ash leans down and kisses me. I kiss back.

After a minute or so he pulls away and just smiles.

"So, you staying the night?" I smile.

"Of course Rosa."

*A Few Days Later*

I'm back in the lab and it's nice. Ash, with Clement, left on their adventure yesterday. Bonnie decided to stay and help me. She's even staying in my apartment. She's such a great kid.

"So, we're going to train a Pokémon today?" Bonnie asks.

"Yes we are Bonbon," I smile. "Do you like that nickname?"

"Yes I do. Since you said I can call you Rosa."

I let out a laugh, "So very true."

"Okay, so what Pokémon are we going to train?"

"It's a Pokémon called Litleo. It is a fire and normal type Pokémon."

"Cool. Where is it?"

At that moment, a lady pushes in the Litleo we are going to train.

"Right there," I point over to the Litleo."

"Oh my, it's so cute," she squeals. "What's the first task at training it?"

"We have to get it to like us or else it won't listen to us."

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