Let's Start Over

Perrie Edwards & Zayn Malik, the perfect engaged couple. Or so people think. Zayn & Perrie start arguing a lot & the boys of One Direction plus the girls of Little Mix, think it's time for Zayn and Perrie to take a vacation. Somewhere where paps won't find them & they can relax a bit. That place just so happens to be Rosewood. What happens when Zayn meets Aria? Will he fall for her? Will Perrie fall for Ezira? That is, if they decide not to start over..


9. Chapter 9: Boo

Chapter 9:

~ Perrie's p.o.v ~

Zayn fell asleep on the couch during The Notebook. His arms were around my waist but i didn't want to wake him. I slowly got up and went upstairs.

I took a short shower and changed into fresh clothes. I wore a white crop top with a black skater skirt. I wore some white laced toms and i curled my hair a bit.

I checked on Zayn to see he was still sleeping. I smiled and creeped over to him. I kissed his forehead gently and smiled.

I left the house, closing the door softly. I began to walk around town, admiring this place. Kids were riding their bikes and adults would be drinking coffee at a cafe.

The fresh breeze hit my skin and i smiled. I sighed and put a strand of hair behind my ear. I was looking at kids across the street so i didn't pay attention to where i was going.

I bumped into a tall man. He had black hair and brown beautiful eyes. He has nice plump lips and a well built body.

"I'm sorry." I said to the stranger.

"It's alright." He replied, furrowing his eyebrows. "You aren't from here."

I shook my head no. My lips in a thin line. I was hoping and praying he didn't know who i was. He simply smiled.

"Hi, I'm Ezira." He said, extending his hand for me to shake.

"Perrie." I replied, shaking his hand. He smiled at me then looked around.

"I can show you around, if you'd like." He offered.

"Oh, no thank you. I'm just wandering around, waiting for my boyfriend to wake up." I giggled.

"You have a boyfriend?" He asked, stuffing his hands in his pocket.

"Fiancé, actually." I replied.

He nodded and smiled once again. "Well if you two need anything and I'm around, feel free to ask."

He left and i watched as he walked away. I smiled to myself, taking in how attractive he was. My phone vibrated and i saw i had a message from a blocked number.

Engaged are you? Hm, not for long.. -A

I furrowed my eyebrows and looked around. A person with a black hoodie that covered his face was across the street, looking at me.

I gulped slightly and called Zayn to see if he's awake. No answer. I kept staring at the man and he did the same. He started to cross the street so i turned around and began to walk away.

The man was following me and i cursed. I'd occasionally look back and see him picking up speed. We both dodged numerous strangers.

As i looked back i bumped into someone.



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