Let's Start Over

Perrie Edwards & Zayn Malik, the perfect engaged couple. Or so people think. Zayn & Perrie start arguing a lot & the boys of One Direction plus the girls of Little Mix, think it's time for Zayn and Perrie to take a vacation. Somewhere where paps won't find them & they can relax a bit. That place just so happens to be Rosewood. What happens when Zayn meets Aria? Will he fall for her? Will Perrie fall for Ezira? That is, if they decide not to start over..


8. Chapter 8: Ezira and Aria

Chapter 8:

~Perrie's p.o.v~

I woke up and Zayn wasn't beside me. I pouted and got up. I went to the restroom and brushed my teeth. I put my hair up in a messy bun and went downstairs.

I was wearing one of Zayn's shirts and some leggings. When i went in the kitchen Zayn wasn't there either, only Harry.

"Where's Zayn?" I asked, sitting down.

"He went out for a walk." Harry said, cooking.

"What are you cooking?" I asked, getting up.

"Eggs, bacon, and pancakes." He said, smiling.

"I didn't know you could cook." I said, leaning against the counter.

"Well, i do. Now be quiet and help me." He said, chuckling. "Grab the juice and some cups. Oh, and set up the table."

I smiled and grabbed the cups. I saw Zayn coming through the kitchen window and i smiled bigger.

He came in and wrapped my arms around my waist.

"Hey baby." He said, kissing my cheek.

"Mornin' sunshine." I said, giving him the cups. "You hungry?"

"Starved." He replied, setting the cups on the table.

I grabbed plates then the juice. Zayn and i set up the table and Harry served us.

"So, how's the town?" Harry asked.

"It's sick." Zayn replied. "It's quiet and exciting. Pretty girls here too, mate."

I slapped Zayn's arm and pouted.

He kissed my cheek,"But you're the prettiest."

I kissed his lips and Harry made throwing up noises. "You two make me sick."

"Maybe you'll find a girl here, Harry. Don't be such a coward." I said, eating some pancakes.

He rolled his eyes and chuckled. During breakfast we would talk about fun activities to do. Harry saying he'd stay out of our way.

He washed his plate and grabbed his sunglasses.

"My turn to go explore. No sex in the house." He said, chuckling.

I scrunched my nose and Zayn smirked. I giggled as Zayn wrapped his arms around my waist. Harry left seconds later.

Zayn and i cleaned up and went into the living room.

He laid down and i straddled him. "Let's break the rules." I said, putting my hands in his shirt.

He smirked. "I'd love to."

Our make out session got heated in seconds. He put his hands up my shirt and cupped my boobs. I moaned in pleasure and he smirked.

As i was taking off his shirt he stopped me. "We don't have protection."

I groaned and got off him. "We'll have to continue some other time."

He got up and pulled me on to him. He kissed me, playfully, then smiled.

"I love you." He said.

I smiled at his words. No matter how many times he said it, it felt like the first time.

"I love you too."


~A's p.o.v~

I watched as Zayn and Perrie were talking. I knew they loved each other but at the moment, it wasn't perfect.

Zayn could easily leave her and she could easily leave him. I need two people to interfere. Two people who were like they were just weeks ago.

Ezira and Aria were the ones i needed. Not long ago, they broke it off. Perfect timing to hurt each other. Zayn and Perrie just happened to get caught in all of this.

Too bad. I'm just having a bit of fun destroying peoples lives.


~Harry's p.o.v~

I was walking around town when i bumped into a girl with blonde hair and blue eyes.

"My apologies love." I said, smiling at her.

"It's okay." She said, smiling.

She looked around then at me. Her phone vibrated and she checked her text.

She looked around again, terrified this time.

"It was nice meeting you. Bye." She said, rushing off.

"Bye." I said.

I chuckled thanking she wasn't a fan. From what I've seen so far, this place is beautiful.

It was different from everywhere else. It was quiet but mysterious. It kind of drew you in.

Maybe people would say this place is creepy but i think it's sick. Louis sure knows how to pick a place.


[A|n] hello beautifuls. thank you to everyone reading this book. i appreciate it. Please give me your feedback.

No, I'm not caught up with PLL so please no hate. thank you. x


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