A poem taking on a whole new meaning of pyrotechnics complete with a glossary of explanations/terms! While Katy Perry's "Firework" is the trailer for the movella, if I get enough requests I suppose I could record my voice reciting the poem. Also if you happen to be a specific person reading this: NO! I am not fangirling about Katy Perry here- it just fits in this situation. [For the 4th Advent Competition.] Similar to my approach on Nerdy Science for You previously done.


2. Glossary

Okay so you probably got through the reading all right, but for further explanation on some terms you may have been fuzzy about (or some phrasing), then here is a glossary of terms/phrases as they appear in the poem. To keep things simple, all the terms' definition originate directly from < > as they are blunt and basic definitions.


Sparkler – a wire coated in a pyrotechnic composition that gives off sparks while burning.  Though they seem harmless and are considered "safe", they cause more injuries than any other firework

Fuse – device used to transfer fire to a firework, or different parts of a firework

Electrical ignition – the ignition of a fireworks display by electrical means

Pyrotechnician – someone who builds or shoots fireworks

Volley – an intense barrage of shells or rockets

Comet – basically a large star that emits thick showers of bright sparks on the way up

Strobe – bright stars that each flash repeatedly .  Also refers to a consumer fireworks device that emits a series of extremely bright flashes.

Barrage – rapid-fire repetition of an aerial effect, such as roman candles

Battle in the Clouds – a shell that creates several loud reports after bursting

Dark Fire (dark prime) – a composition that emits almost no light as it burns, which can be applied between different color layers of stars.  The star will burn one color, "burn out", then unexpectedly ignite again in a different color.

Burst – the release of effects into the air by an aerial device  

Star – small pellet that emits light and sparks as it burns

Composition – a mixture of pyrotechnic chemicals which contains a fuel, an oxidizer, and various other chemicals to produce colors and effects.

Willow – falling trails of sparks

Finale – the last portion of a firework display.  During a finale, the largest, loudest, and most exotic fireworks are ignited in huge quantities and in a short amount of time, creating an intense and beautiful display

Fallout zone – a large, clear area where fallout or dud shells are expected to fall.  Must be clear of any firing personnel, spectators, animals, buildings, dry grass, gasoline canisters, or any other flammable materials. 


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