A poem taking on a whole new meaning of pyrotechnics complete with a glossary of explanations/terms! While Katy Perry's "Firework" is the trailer for the movella, if I get enough requests I suppose I could record my voice reciting the poem. Also if you happen to be a specific person reading this: NO! I am not fangirling about Katy Perry here- it just fits in this situation. [For the 4th Advent Competition.] Similar to my approach on Nerdy Science for You previously done.


1. Pyrotechnics

Oh! Say can you see?

You’re a sparkler dashing through the night

The fuse was set after my first sight-

Not through tradition of electrical ignition

But rather you’re just a natural pyrotechnician.


Volley after volley set off:

The comets and strobes set off the first barrage

All of which gleamed a miraculous mirage-

Bursting out through and passing by

You set us off to touch the sky.


Halfway up we battled in the clouds:

Our vibrant colors glowed and gleamed

But faded away like a dream-

We were burning on a dark fire

Ready to give way and expire.


Suddenly the final volley was cast!

We burst into stars of a beautiful array,

And danced in the sparkling sky never astray-

Whatever the struggle or opposition

We are bound as one by our composition.


Oh! Say can’t you now see?

High above in a willow watching the finale

Our light came trickling down into the fallout valley-

Not through tradition of our love’s juxtaposition

But rather you’re just a natural pyrotechnician.


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