Just Two YouTubers *Complete*

Chloe is just another normal girl from a small town in England. She's nothing special, but she does know Dan Howell. So, when her parents kick her out off the house, he's the only one who opens his flat to her. Then what happens when she gets sucked into YouTube?


10. Video Games and Live Shows

*The Next Morning*

I wake up to a cold breeze going down my neck, "Danny?"

"Thank god, you're finally awake," Dan teases.

"Oh, shut up. Last night really tired me out. But I had a nice time," I smile.

He kisses the top of my head, "Me too. So, should we get ready now? We've got video games to play and a live show to do."

"As long as you come to the shower with me."

"Fair enough. Let's go."

*A Few Hours Later*

I'm stretched out on the couch playing Animal Crossing on my blue DS while Dan is playing Skyrim lounged in the beanbag.

"Can we talk, Dan?" I ask.

"Talk away," Dan says.

"Do you remember all the nicknames we gave each other?"

"I think so."

"Mine for you Dan, Daniel, Danny, and Howell."

"I'm pretty sure mine were Chloe, Buttercup, babe, and baby."

I giggle, "I love you, Daniel."

"I love you too, Buttercup. You giggle at the weirdest times, though."

"Sorry, I was embarrassed."

"About what?"

"The nicknames brought up memories I thought I'd forgotten. Some are kind of embarrassing," I save my game and put my DS behind me on the end table.

"You're so adorable, Chloe."

A giggle escapes my lips, "Sorry, couldn't help it." I look over at Dan.

He smiles, "Such a cutie you are."

"Stop it Daniel," I can feel my face heat up.

"Why? Everything I say is true," he chuckles.

"It doesn't matter. It makes my face hear up, and I hate it."

Dan pauses his game, sets down his controller, stands up, and gets on top of me. "But I love when you get all flustered," he smiles and I see his dimples. Those dimples make my stomach churn. In a good way though; I love the way Dan makes me feel.

"You're lucky I love you," I run my hands up his face and into his hair.

"What ya gonna do?"

I pull his face closer to mine, "Kiss you, of course." Then I connect out lips. Dan's kisses are so gentle. I mean, everything he does is gentle. It's what I love about him. I know he'll never hurt me, and that makes me feel so comfortable around him."

He pulls away and smiles, "So, should we get back to our video games?"

"Can you just lie with me for a bit?"

"Of course babe," he falls to my side. Squeezing in between the couch and me.

I turn to face him and snuggle up into his chest. "I love you Daniel."

"I love you too, Chloe," he wraps his arms around me.

*Early Evening*

"Chloe, the live show has been going on for a while now!" Dan calls to me.

"Hold on!" I call back as I finish putting the last dish away.

"Hurry, the fans really want to see you."

I sigh as I start walking back to Dan's room. "I'm here."

"Come into the shot," he waves me over.

"Fine," I flop down onto his bed and look at his computer. "Hello everyone."

"She's finally made it guys," Dan puts his arm around my shoulder. "Most of you know, Chloe is my girlfriend. We've been friends longer than I've been on YouTube."

"Way longer. And we dated for a bit before he left for Uni."

"Anyways, now she's living with me and Phil."

"Touch Dan's neck," I read a comment. "Well, okay," I put a few of my fingers on Dan's neck. He tenses up, but only for a few seconds.

"I don't like people I don't know that well touching my neck."

"He tensed though, guys. I forgot this is like your no-no zone."

"I'm a grown man, Chloe."

"Grown man? Ha, sure."

"Why did I let you come live here?" he shakes his head.

"Because you love me," I smile as a comment catches my eye. 'Kiss Dan's neck' it reads. Well, that's not too hard.

"Sure, that's why."

I don't reply but just connect my lips to his neck.

"Whoa, Chloe, what are you doing? Mmm, it's kind of nice."

I pull away, "Live shoe going on, Daniel. And someone told me to do it. You know, I think the fans like me."

"Me too. Don't go hating on Chloe, guys. Even if you don't like her. Nothing you say to her will make me love her any less."

"Dan, you just told your fans that you love me."

"Well, shit. I do though, so if she gets any hate I'll...I don't know what I'll do, but it won't be pretty."

"Sure, Dan doesn't get mad too often, and it takes a lot to get him mad. So whatever he does won't be that bad."

"Come on, Chloe. Help me out this once."

"Not happening Howell. Not happening."

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