Just Two YouTubers *Complete*

Chloe is just another normal girl from a small town in England. She's nothing special, but she does know Dan Howell. So, when her parents kick her out off the house, he's the only one who opens his flat to her. Then what happens when she gets sucked into YouTube?


11. Talking

*A Few Hours Later*

"Wanna help me film a video tomorrow?" Dan asks as he climbs into bed with me.

"Sure. Sounds like fun," I smile.

"You sure you don't ever want to make a channel?"

"I'm pretty sure. I don't want all that pressure. Besides, it's not my kind of thing. It's yours," I snuggle into him as he puts his arms around me.

"Fine, I'll let you be."

"Goodnight Danny," I sigh.

"Night Buttercup. I love you," Dan kisses my temple.

"Love you too," I smile. My days of living with Dan and Phil just keep getting better and better. I can't believe how awesome it is.

*The Next Morning*

I wake up al snuggled into Dan; his breath going down my neck. It's cold and makes me squirm.

"Chloe," Dan groans.

"Let go of me then, Daniel," I say.

"I don't want to, though," he pulls me even closer to him.

"Come on, I want to make breakfast," I pout.

"Just a little longer," his eyes blink open and he looks down at me. "It's nice just lying here. You in my arms. It makes me feel like a protector."

"I like lying here too, but I'm hungry. I'm sorry Daniel, but food comes first."

He chuckles, "Yeah, I remember you telling me food comes first. Let's go make pancakes."

"Yum, I love pancakes."

"I remember."

*A Month Later*

Not that much has happened in the past month. Dan's made a few videos, Phil's back and has made a few videos, and Riley and Phil are dating. After four dates, he finally kissed her and asked her to be his girlfriend. Of course she said yes.

"Chloe," Dan says from his spot on the other end of the couch.

"Yes Danny?" I take a sip of my coffee and look up at him. Hoping whatever he has to say won't take too long because my book is getting good.

"Since we're both huge procrastinators, I was wondering if we should start thinking of out Halloween costumes."

I smile, "Halloween is two months away. We'll be fine."

"I don't think so."

"We will. Now, can I go back to reading my book?"
"What are you going to do for Christmas?"

"You are really planning ahead. Well, Riley is going to go with Phil to his hometown. I was wondering if you'd take me where ever you were going."

He smiles, "Of course I'll take you with me. I wouldn't leave you here all alone."

"That's why I love you, Dan."

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