Just Two YouTubers *Complete*

Chloe is just another normal girl from a small town in England. She's nothing special, but she does know Dan Howell. So, when her parents kick her out off the house, he's the only one who opens his flat to her. Then what happens when she gets sucked into YouTube?


2. Hugs

*A Few Hours Later*

I flop down onto my bed. My room is amazing. I put all my clothes into the smallish closet. Then I let the boys do what they wanted with all my video games stuff. After that I put my bathroom stuff into my own little bathroom. Next I made my bed. Normal strip bedspread and a ton of stuffed animals. Lastly, I put up my posters: old bands, video games, and animes.

"Can I come in?" comes that voice I'll have to get used to all over again.

I sit up, "Of course."

Dan sits down next to me, "I like what you did to the room."

"Thank you."

"You haven't changed a bit. Have you?"

"I've grown up. Just a little. What about you?"

"Same. YouTube doesn't help."

"I don't think you'd be as cool if you grew up It wouldn't be the Dan I know."

He lets out a sigh, "You haven't changed a bit, Chloe."

I let out a little laugh, "I have."

"Well, just a tad. You used to give hugs all the time. You've been here a couple hours and I haven't gotten one hug."

"Do you want a hug?"

"A little."

I give him a side hug. Wrapping my arms around his mid-section. "I've missed giving you hugs."

He hugs back as best he can, "I've missed getting hugs from you."

I feel a slight hear rise to my cheeks. "It's been a long time." The hug breaks. "I remember the day you left for Uni. Leaving me behind. I cried that whole day. You know that?"

"I know now."

"Promise me you won't leave me behind again."

"I promise."

*That Night*

I walk out of my room and to the living room/kitchen. An amazing smell is circulating from the kitchen into the living room. When I walk into the kitchen, a smile grows on my face. Dan and his flat mate, Phil, are making dinner. "Hello boys," I sit down on one of the bar stool chairs.

"Hi Chloe," Phil says. He has long, straight black hair with a fringe swooping to the right; a tiny tan; green eyes; light pink lips; Dan told me he's 26 years old.

"Do you guys make dinner every night? Or is this a special occasion?"

"We wanted to show you we're glad you're here," Dan says.

"Too sweet guys."

"Anything for my long time, best girl, um, friend."

A slight blush rises to my cheeks, "Well, thanks."

"You're welcome," Dan and Phil say.

Dinner is served minutes later and we all sit in the living room to eat and talk.

"So Chloe, why'd you move to London?" Phil asks.

"My, um, parents. They kicked me out of their house," I answer.

"No way," Dan says.

"Yeah. I called a few people before I called you and they all said they had no room. I'm glad you decided to be an awesome friend."

He smiles at me. We're sitting on the couch while Phil is sitting on the love sear. "You kept trying with me. But I guess you living with us won't be too weird."

"You can star in our videos!" Phil exclaims.

I laugh, "That would be cool."

"It would be awesome."

"What do you say about it, Dan?"

"I say that we'll give it a shot," Dan smiles.

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