Summer Love

Rebecca and Sarah have been friends since they were little. And now they are sharing a new adventure of their own, that is away from home, and with no parents around either. When Rebecca and Sarah go to the last One Direction concert of the TMH tour, both of their lives are turned upsidedown. But for better or for worst? A certain blond, blue-eyed boy steps into the life of Rebecca and leaves a mark. Alot can happen in a short period of time that can leave scars forever. Are friendships made or broken? Does love blossom or do hearts break?


7. The Parking Lot

Rebecca’s P.O.V.

Sarah and I walked through the courtyard of the outside theater, where the merchandise and food were being sold before the show. We walked through the gates to exit the theater. There were security guards there that watched us. They nodded at us and we thanked them. We were almost to the parking lot when we heard a familiar voice calling for us from the side. I looked to see the ticket lady walking to us and smiling.

“Hi, girls.” She said smiling.

“Hi!” I said, excited to see her for some reason.

“Sooo, how was it back there?”

“It was AMAZING!!” Sarah said. The lady looked at me to confirm. I nodded greatly in agreement.

The lady laughed a little. “I told you. You two were two very, very lucky gals.” Sarah and I started to laugh. We heard a man start to clear his throat behind us. I turned around to see a security guard staring at us. It was obvious that he was mad we were still here and didn’t leave yet. I looked back at Sarah and the lady, who was smiling at me.

“I guess we better get going.” I said, stepping back and grabbing Sarah’s arm.

The lady smiled. “Yeah, you better. Enjoy your night girls.”

“We will. And thank you for everything.” I said smiling.

She just waved it off. “It wasn’t me. It was those 5 boys back there.” She laughed. She waved and turned around to go back to wherever she came from. Sarah and I proceeded back to the parking lot.


Rebecca’s P.O.V.

I slid into the Jeep on the driver’s side. Sarah did the same on the passenger’s side. It was quiet. I stared at the wheel, not wanting to start the car and leave. I looked at Sarah and she was staring out the windshield. I grabbed her arm. She looked at my hand that was touching her and then at me. She smiled like crazy and so did I.

“THAT WAS FREAKING INCREDIBLE!!” Sarah yelled at the top of her lungs.

“I KNOW! I KNOW!” I said laughing and smiling. I let her arm go and put my keys in the ignition.

“Ohhh, I don’t want to go.” Sarah moaned.

I looked at her. “I know. I don’t want to either. But we have too.” I said as I looked out my rear-view mirror to see a security guard walking towards the car. I slowly pulled out. As I pulled my car around, I saw a big luxurious bus, right in front of me. I studied the bus and the awkward way it was parked, as I drove toward it since the exit was near it. The front end was parked a couple of feet away from a gate, so that the door to get on it was facing us. I then saw the gate slowly opening. I looked at Sarah, she was looking at the pictures on her camera.

“Sarah, look.”

She looked at me, then straight ahead. “Oh my god! It’s their bus!!” Sarah started taking pictures of the bus. I then noticed that the door and storage doors on the bottom of the bus started to open and I looked back at the gate. The boys were coming out and walking towards the bus, carrying duffle bags.

“Oh my god!!” Sarah squealed. I smiled. I hit a button and the roof of my car started to open. I then hit the power button to the stereo and One Direction was still playing. I turned it all the way up.

“Are you getting this on film?” I asked Sarah.

She smiled. “I will!” As she turned the camera to video and started recording. I drove a little fasted towards the bus because the boys were done storing the bags under the bus and shutting the doors. I started to honk the horn. They all turned around to see what the commotion was all about. I guess they finally figured out what was happening and who we were because they all started smiling and laughing hysterically. Sarah and I started to wave out the top of the car since the roof was down. I pulled up to them and slowly rolled by so they could see us and we could see them. I started to scream the words of C’mon C’mon, which was playing and Sarah joined in too. I lowered the music a little so I can hear them laughing, especially Niall. He had an adorable, contagious laugh, which made me laugh.

“BBBBBYYYYYEEEEE!!!!!” Sarah and I screamed together, waving like crazy. The boys were still laughing but were able to wave back at us. I saw blue, white and red lights flashing behind me. It was a police car coming towards me from behind. Better leave. I honked a couple more times and sped off before the police car reached me. We finally exited the theater.

I drove us all the way home, leaving the roof open. It was really nice out. It was a little hot, but the breeze we got when I drove was very comfortable. I pulled into the driveway and hit the button to put the roof back up, then turned off the car and locked it. Sarah was already inside by the time I was done with the car. I walked towards the door of the house, taking one last breath of the fresh air, then stepped into the house, closing the door behind me.

Precious attacked me. “Hi, Precious.” I said petting her. I let her out and then fed her. Sarah was already taking a shower in her room. ‘It is a good thing that this house came with 3 bathrooms, because I want to take one right now and I don’t want to wait for Sarah. She takes forever when it comes to showers.’ I thought. Each of our bedrooms, which was two, came with private bathrooms. Then there was one in the hallway for easy access and for visitors. I let Precious back in and shut off all the lights and went into my room. I took off my clothes and backstage pass and threw them on my bed. I took a quick shower and put on shorts and a t-shirt. I put my dress, that I wore to the concert, in my hamper, and put my laminate backstage pass on the night table next to my bed. I curled up in bed next to Precious and just stared at it as it reflected the light of the moon. ‘I still can’t believe about tonight.’ I thought. I slowly drift off to sleep, not knowing what to do about Niall and the ticket.

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