Summer Love

Rebecca and Sarah have been friends since they were little. And now they are sharing a new adventure of their own, that is away from home, and with no parents around either. When Rebecca and Sarah go to the last One Direction concert of the TMH tour, both of their lives are turned upsidedown. But for better or for worst? A certain blond, blue-eyed boy steps into the life of Rebecca and leaves a mark. Alot can happen in a short period of time that can leave scars forever. Are friendships made or broken? Does love blossom or do hearts break?


4. Seeing You Again

Rebecca’s P.O.V.

We arrived at the outdoor theater at 5:30 PM. This gave us plenty of time to pick up the tickets and passes at the Will Call window since the gates don’t open up until 6 PM. We walked over to the window.

“Can I help you?” A kind voice asked.

“Yes,” Sarah said, “I have a pick up for Richard Meier.”

“Ok, hold on.” The lady typed on her computer, and her eyes widen. “I see you lucky gals have backstage passes.”

“Yes, we know. We are very excited!” Sarah said. The lady smiled and picked up a walkie-talkie, and radioed something in. I couldn’t hear what she was saying because she was talking in a low, muffled tone. From what I could decipher, she was saying that two girls with backstage passes just showed up and then gave what I guessed was our seat location in the theater.

“Ok.” She said, and put down the walkie-talkie. “Someone will meet you at the end of the show and take you ladies back stage. I just need to write your names down so we know who you are.” She smiled at us and handed us the tickets and passes.

“Thank you.” We both said.

“I’m Sarah Meier.”

“And I’m Rebecca Nolan.”

“Ok, got it. And I would advise that you young ladies put those around your necks so no one will take them from you.” The lady said referring to the backstage passes. “Enjoy the show.”

“Thank you and we will!” Sarah said and smiled. We walked away to go wait on line.

We waited on line for 20 minutes. Once inside, Sarah went straight to the merchandise stand.

“What are you getting?” I asked her as I walked up behind her.

“I don’t know. I would get all of it but I don’t have that much money.” She laughed. “I think maybe I will get the poster, shirt, and light stick.”


“Are you getting anything?” She looked at me, as if she dared to ask that question.

“I don’t know, maybe.” I said. I feel obligated to get something. I feel that I have to get something to show support since I will be meeting the boys later.

We get up to the counter and Sarah gets her 3 things. I decided to get the pack of 3 rubber bracelets that say One Direction, and put them on. We both get big, soft pretzels and cokes and find our seats. Our seats were not in the pits right next to the stage or catwalk. They were 5 or 6 rows up away from the end of the catwalk. Perfect eye level, almost where you don’t have to look up that much but close enough to still see their faces and dead center too.

I turned to Sarah. “These seats are awesome. Remind me to thank your dad.”

“I know right. And don’t worry I will.”

I looked passed her and saw a huge security guard watching us from the end of the row. “Look,” I said to Sarah, nodding my head in his direction trying not to point.

“What?” She said, looking confused.

“You don’t see the freakishly huge security guard staring at us?”

“Oh well now I do. Do you think he is the guy who is taking us backstage?”

“Maybe.” I said shrugging my shoulders.

The drummer started a big drum roll. Sarah grabbed my arm and looked at me. “Here they come!!” She said ecstatically. The theater went pitch black for a minute or two and then there was shuffling on stage. Not a second later 5 big, bright spotlights shined on stage and one by one the 5 guys came threw the floor of the stage and then were standing in the middle of each ring of light. The crowd, which was mostly girls went absolutely crazy, screaming their heads off. I noticed that the guys started to smile at the sound of the screams and looked at each other before they started singing the first song. I looked over at Sarah and she was jumping up and down, singing like crazy. I don’t know any of their songs. Some of them sound familiar but I don’t know the words. So I stood there like an idiot trying to somehow dance to the beat. But mostly throughout the concert, I was watching Niall.

The concert lasted 2 and a half hours, almost 3, but somehow it whisked by in a flash.

Sarah looked at me and smiled. “That was freaking incredible.”

“Yeah, it was.”

“Oh,” She said surprisingly. “You enjoyed a One Direction concert?! No not Rebecca Nolan!! No not in a million years.” She said teasing me.

“I am not going to lie, the concert was really good. Probably would’ve been better if I knew the songs.”

“That’s your own fault.” She said laughing at me. I then noticed the security guard from before the concert, only this time he was walking toward us. I realized as well how fast this placed emptied out, we were basically the only ones there.

“Excuse me ladies, but are either of you two..” He trailed off and looked down at a piece of paper. “…A Miss Meier and/or a Miss Nolan?” He asked eyeballing our backstage passes that were dangling from our necks.

“Yes.” We both answered.

“I need to see some identification please.” He said sternly. Sarah and I pulled out our Drivers Licenses and handed them to him. “Ok.” He said smiling at us and handing them back. “If you ladies would please, follow me.” He started to walk away and we followed behind him. He led us toward the stage and up some stairs, where we are literally standing on the same stage the One Direction boys just performed on. He then led us towards a black curtain. He stopped and pulled it back for us, letting us go ahead and then him following.

“Please, wait here.” The security guard said, stepping in front of us. “I will be right back.” He started to walk away from us.

“Excuse me, sir?” Sarah said, getting his attention and making him turn around.


“Where are the other fans? Or girls, I should say.” Sarah asked.

“There aren’t any. You ladies are the only two that were able to get backstage passes.” He started to walk away again. “You two are very, very lucky ladies.” He said laughing.

‘What?! We are the only ones?‘ I thought, feeling my body going numb again. We were alone. Then we waited.


Niall’s P.O.V.

Harry and I were in the dressing room changing, and discussing how crazy the concert was tonight. I always love performing live. It got my adrenaline pumping and gave me a rush that I have never had before. Harry slouched down onto the couch opening a bottle of water.

“Hey Niall, where are the other three?”

“That is a very good question. Haven’t got a clue.” I said smiling and sitting down in the chair.

“Bloody strange they are.” Harry said laughing. It made me crack up too.

“You should talk.” I said laughing.

There was a knock at the door. “Come in!” Harry yelled still laughing his pants off. The door open and it was Bob, the security guard.

“Hey Bob!” I said.

“Excuse me, Mr. Styles and Mr. Horan, but I have two young ladies here to meet you fellas. They have backstage passes.”

“Ok. Bring them in.” Harry said.

“No!” I yelled. Harry shot me a look like, ‘Dude, what the hell? Their our fans!’ “I mean I’m hungry and I want some food, and the vending machines on the way there.” I said.


“Mr. Horan, I can get you food. Just tell me what you want.” Bob said.

“No, that’s alright. Harry and I need the exercise. Isn’t that right, Styles?” I said getting up and smiling.

“Are you trying to tell me something?” Harry said.

“Well, not to be mean, but… your pants are looking a little snug.” I said laughing. Bob couldn’t help but laugh too.

“Alright then.” Harry said getting up. “Lets go!” He said in a weird tone. He walked passed me and hit me in the back of the head.

“Ow!” I said rubbing it.

Harry turned to face me and pointed his finger in my face. “That was for calling me fat!” He yelled in my face, trying to hold back his laugh. He turned around and walked out the door with a strut. I followed, laughing at him.

“Sooo, Bob. Are these girls pretty or cute?” Harry asked.

“Harry!!” I yelled, slapping him in the back. “That’s not nice. They’re our fans. Bob don’t answer that.” He did anyway.

“Well if I were you, sir, I would think that.” Bob said cheekily. I kind of got grossed out. A man older than us was assuming that girls our age, maybe even a little young or a little older, not by much, thought these two girls were attractive. I was going to say something, but didn’t, realizing we were coming to the black curtain. I saw two girls talking. One facing me, the other had her back to me.

“Miss Meier, Miss Nolan… I present you with a Mr. Styles and a Mr. Horan.” Bob said, whisking his hand at us, like he was presenting a magic trick. The girl that had her back to me, turned around and looked a little stunned. I studied her face. ‘I have seen this face before,’ I thought, trying to place her. I looked her up and down… and that’s when… our eyes met. ‘Oh my god. Its her. The girl from the airport. How could I forget, it was only yesterday.’ I thought.

“Well, well.” Harry said, “You guys look familiar?” Without even having the slightest control over myself, I grabbed Harry’s arm and squeezed it.

“They’re the girls from the airport!” I blurted out, not dropping her gaze.


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