Summer Love

Rebecca and Sarah have been friends since they were little. And now they are sharing a new adventure of their own, that is away from home, and with no parents around either. When Rebecca and Sarah go to the last One Direction concert of the TMH tour, both of their lives are turned upsidedown. But for better or for worst? A certain blond, blue-eyed boy steps into the life of Rebecca and leaves a mark. Alot can happen in a short period of time that can leave scars forever. Are friendships made or broken? Does love blossom or do hearts break?


17. Goodbye... For Now

Sarah’s P.O.V.

I was looking for Rebecca with Perrie and Eleanor, since Niall came over frantically looking for her. I have no idea where she went. But just the way Niall was acting, I could tell there was something going on between the two of them.

Suddenly, I was tapped on my shoulder and I turned to see Perrie. I look at her and smile.

“Look!” She whisper-shouted to me and pointed to something off in the distance. I look to see what she was talking about. I see Niall holding Rebecca’s hand, pulling her into the house. They were both smiling about something.

I turn back to Perrie and she was still watching them, smiling. “Where do you think they’re going?” I ask jokingly.

Perrie looked at me and chuckled. “Haven’t gotten a clue!” We looked at each other again and started laughing.

“What’s so funny?” I hear a male voice say from the side of me. I look over and see Zayn coming towards us.

“Oh, nothing, love.” Perrie says to Zayn and then winks at me. I just smile.

“C’MON!! EVERYBODY OUTSIDE!! LET’S GO!!” Someone screamed. I look over and see Louis was the one screaming. He was waving his arms, signaling people to go outside.

“SHOO! SHOO! C’MON PEOPLE! SHOO! SHOO!” Louis continued to scream. I started to laugh because of Louis and his ways. I watch as he exits the house with Harry right behind him. Harry looks at me and smiles, continuing to walk over to me.

“Hello again.” I said sweetly.

Harry smiled, showing his adorable dimples. “You ready?”

“Ready for what?!”

Harry leaned in closer to me. “Fireworks.” He whispered into my ear, that ran chills down my back.

Harry pulled away and placed his finger over his mouth, telling me to keep quiet. I smiled and nodded my head. I can see him smile while still holding his finger over his mouth. He looked down.

People were still coming out onto the dance floor, looking for a good place to stand. Someone walked passed me and bumped into me. I step backwards a little and catch my balance.

Harry grabs my hand. “Are you alright?”

“Yeah, I’m fine.”

Harry puts his arm around my lower back and brings me closer to him as we stand there. I try so hard not to lose my head right now. I can literally scream at the top of my lungs at what is going on. I can’t help but smile.

“Did you have fun tonight?” Harry whispers again, against my ear. I look down and smile.

I look back up at him and he is smiling down at me. I step up on my tippy-toes to whisper into his ear. “Yes. Very much so. Thank you.” I pull away and he was still smiling, which made me smile again. Our eyes lock instantly; his bright green eyes looking down into mine.

Suddenly, I jump at the sound of something exploding, breaking the gaze between Harry and I. The fireworks were starting.

Harry starts to laugh at me because I was startled. I shove him playfully, causing him to take a couple of steps back, his arm dropping from its hold around my lower back. I smile at him and then look up, watching the fireworks. Harry comes up from behind me and places his arm around my shoulders. I smile to myself.

A big firework goes off and explodes into a red color and then changes into a blue color.

“I like that one.” Harry says, pointing up at it. I smile at him.

Another firework goes off. It was a white color which then changed into glitter.

“That one is my favorite.” I said, pointing up to it. Harry smirked and nodded his head in agreement. I chuckled at the face Harry made. Harry pulled me closer to him as we stood there to watch the fireworks.

A couple minutes of watching the fireworks passed by when Harry noticed something… unusual.

Using the hand that was resting on my shoulder, Harry pointed to something. I look up at him very confused. He looked down at me and then leaned in, putting his face closer to mine.

“Look. Up there. On the roof.”

I follow Harry’s directions and look up to see Rebecca and Niall together on the roof. Only they were standing really weirdly together. I look closer to see Rebecca wrapped around Niall and Niall holding Rebecca with his arm around her shoulders. This is weird. I know Rebecca and this is very… different … for her.

“Looks like someone is making his moves on your friend.” Harry whispers to me again. I look up at him with wide eyes. He smiles with his tongue sticking out. I bump my hips into him and laugh.

“Naughty, naughty Niall.” Harry continues.


Rebecca’s P.O.V.

I have this feeling in my chest when I am around him. Little flutters in my stomach, in a good way though. Butterflies? Is that what they call it? I think it is. I have never experienced this before with a guy like Niall. What am I saying? I have never experienced this before at all in my life because I was never able to ‘get’ a guy, for various reasons.

But being here with him right now, my arms wrapped around him, it feels right. I hope that is not weird to say, I don’t even know the guy. But something just tells me that it just might work. That it might be possible for a famous guy like Niall to be with an ordinary girl like me. Then again, deep down, Niall is a normal person just like me. But that’s only if I see him again. Will I see him again? Does he want to see me again?

I was brought back into reality by the cracking of another firework. I watch as multiple colors are flying about the dark night sky. It looks like a painting. Like the paper is black and someone is just splattering colorful paint all over the place.

The fireworks just keep coming and coming now. I think it is almost over, the finale. Explosions and loud cracks fill my ears and colors in my eyes. The last fireworks were these three really big ones. Red, White, and Blue. Then silence.

I feel Niall’s eyes looking at me and I look up to meet his eyes. I hear loud cheers and clapping from down below on the dance floor. Niall and I couldn’t help but chuckle at them. I slowly pull away from Niall, feeling a bit awkward still being in that position since the fireworks are over. I could see a bit of sadness in Niall’s blue eyes. I didn’t mean to hurt him. I didn’t want to hurt him. I quickly started to clap, hoping that maybe he will think that was the reason why I pulled away. Niall smiled and started to clap along with me.

I regret pulling away. I like the feeling of his strong arms around me. They were comforting and loving. ‘What did you do Rebecca?’ I thought. ‘So stupid.’

“Those were awesome fireworks!” I said excitedly.

Niall looked at me and had a big smile on his face. “Yeah, they were pretty cool.” It became silent between us.

I decided to slightly sit on the wall of the roof and look down. Everybody on the dance floor were talking again.

“You know…” I hear his smooth voice come in and break the ice. “…you had some really… good moves before.” He was referencing back to the party games we were playing before.

I look at him with wide eyes. He chuckles at me. “Are you serious?! I thought I was making a complete and total fool out of myself.”

“Rebecca… didn’t we all? I think the whole lot of us looked like fools.” We both started to laugh.

“Yeah, I guess you’re right.”

There was silence between us again for a moment or two.

“You know I let you win, don’t you?”

My eyebrows shot up and my eyes widened. “No you did not! I won that fair and square. Especially with the moves I was using. You said so yourself; just before.” I shoved him again in the arm playfully. “You’re such a liar, Niall.”

Niall started to crack up again with laughter. “Alright, alright. You got me. You won it fair and square.”

I chuckled at him. “Thank you.” I flashed a cheeky smile.

“I got you something.” Niall said as he straightened himself out and was standing.

I looked at him with intense eyes. I can’t accept a gift from Niall. Why would he even get me anything anyway?

I watched as he pulled out a blue little ball from his pocket. It looks like a ping-pong ball, and it was. He handed it to me and I fumbled around with it in my hands.

“Is this a ping-pong ball from the game we played together?” I asked a little confused on his whole gesture.

“Yep. But not any old ping-pong ball. That is the last one that was in my box. The one that I pulled out before. The one that made me lose.”

I smile at him. This was a really sweet gesture. I look down at the ball in my hands and noticed it had something written on it. It said:

7/4/13 ~ One Direction Party

Tissue Box Bop vs. Niall

You won against the great King of the Moves. Congrats!



I look back up at him, smiling. He is absolutely adorable.

“Sorry. I have this weird thing for writing stuff down. Especially if they’re good memories.”

“It’s alright. It’s a good habit, I love it.” I get up from where I was and give him a hug. “Thank you.” I say muffled into his shoulder.

“You’re welcome.” He says back to me, muffled into my shoulder. We pulled away, smiling at each other.


I could feel my face go completely red. I was feeling really hot, like I was set on fire. ‘Oh god. Why is this happening to me?’ I thought.

Niall and I look down below and see a couple of people chanting on. It was mostly the boys, Sarah, Perrie and Eleanor, with a couple other people. I smile out of embarrassment and shake my head.

“C’MON DOWN YOU TWO!!” Liam shouts.

“YEAH! NIALL YOU FLIRT, DON’T KEEP REBECCA ALL TO YOUSELF. WE WANT TO SPEND TIME WITH HER TOO YOU KNOW!!” Louis exclaimed. It was clear that he was teasing but I still felt really embarrassed for myself and Niall too.

I look over at Niall, who was as red as a tomato.

Niall cleared his throat and fixed the collar of his shirt around his neck. “I-I g-guess we s-should go d-downstairs.” He sneaked little glances at me. He is embarrassed.

“Okay.” I said quietly. He looked at me again and I gave him a small smile. He smirked.

We walked toward the roof door and Niall stopped me.

“I will go first so you don’t hurt yourself again.” He said sweetly.

“Ok.” I said cheekily and smiled at him.

I watch as Niall steps through the doorway carefully. He turns around and nods his head at me, holding out his hand. I grab his hand and carefully step through the doorway, without tripping this time. Niall smiles at me for being successful. I smile back. Niall grabs my other hand and leads me down the steep stairs. He was walking down backward as I was frontward.

“Thanks.“ I said to him sweetly, when I was finally safe on the floor.

Niall looked into my eyes and smiled. “You’re welcome.” He said quietly, his face close to my face. Niall went back up to shut the roof door and I waited for him.

“I am sorry about the lads before. They can become quite annoying sometimes.” Niall said to me as he came back down the stairs.

I looked at him and smiled. “Hey, its okay. It wasn’t just your friends doing it. Sarah was mixed in there too.” We started to walk downstairs back to the rest of the party.

Niall laughed. “True. True. So where is my apology then?” Niall asked, his eyebrows arched.

“Your apology?” I asked confused.

“Yeah. I apologized to you about my friends, so you should do the same to me because Sarah is your friend.” Niall was teasing me with a sassy attitude.

I chuckled and nodded my head. “Alright. Niall, I am deeply and truly sorry for the way my friend acted.” I said back, acting sincere.

Niall’s eyebrows shot up. I started to smile and started to laugh, not being able to hold it in anymore. Niall joined in on the laughter too. By now we were at the end of the staircase, entering the living room area of the house.

Louis and Liam met up with us at the end of the staircase.

“What happened now?!” Louis asked, seeing that both of us were hysterical laughing.

Niall and I exchanged looks, knowing that we shouldn’t tell them because we were just being silly.

“Nothing.” Niall winked at me.

“Yeah… sure. Nothing.” Liam said sarcastically. I couldn’t help but smile. I think I blushed too.

“Niall, we have to say goodbye to a couple of people who are leaving.” Louis intervened.

“What?! People are leaving?! The party is just getting started.” Niall chuckled.

“Party poopers.” Liam added. I smiled.

“Rebecca, the girls are outside dancing. We will meet up with you guys in a couple of minutes.” Louis said and smiled.

“Okay, cool.” I smiled at all three of them and Niall winked at me again as they walked away towards the front door, where Harry and Zayn were waiting for them. Harry looked at me and waved with a cheeky smile on his face. I chuckled and waved back at him. Zayn joined in too on the waving and the cheekiness.

I walked outside to find the girls in the middle of the dance floor dancing, just like Louis said.

“Hey!” I said as I approached them.

“Hey you!” Sarah smiled with wide eyes.

“We saw you up there with Niall!” Perrie exclaimed loudly and winked.

I blushed. “Stop it!” I said chuckling.

“What were you two doing up there?” Eleanor asked.

“We were just watching the fireworks.” I said truthfully.

“Are you sure there wasn’t something else that happened that you’re not telling us, love?” Perrie asked.


“Is this his sweater?!” Sarah yelled, pinching the fabric with her fingers off of my skin.

“Yes.” I said with a cheeky smile. I could smell his cologne. I like his smell.

“Yeah, nothing happened.” Eleanor said sarcastically.

I was going to say something but stopped as the boys had entered the group again.

“And why have we stopped dancing ladies?” Liam asked.

We all looked at each other and started to laugh. The boys just smiled at us awkwardly because they don’t understand what happened.

The song, Evacuate the Dancefloor by Cascade, started to play.

“Oooo, I love this song!” I screamed. Everyone smiled at me and they started to dance.

Niall came over to me and smiled. We danced to the beat of the song, watching and laughing at each other.


Rebecca’s P.O.V.

We all continued to dance together as one big group for some while. We all shared a bunch of laughs as one by one we busted out some weird moves. Eventually, the boys had to go back to the front door and say goodbye to their guests. Slowly, Sarah and I became the last ones at the party. Even the DJ started to pack up the equipment. It was 2:00 in the morning when Sarah and I decided to leave. We all met up at the front door to say our goodbyes.

Niall and I were talking while everyone else was involved in their own conversations.

“Well, I had an absolute blast tonight. Thank you so much for inviting Sarah and I, Niall.” I smiled at him.

“No problem. I am glad that you had fun. I had fun with you tonight, Rebecca.” He smiled and looked down.

“I had fun with you too, Niall.” I said quietly. Niall heard me and looked back up at me.

“I just wish we could’ve talked more tonight.” Niall paused. “Can I see you again?!” He blurted out. I could tell that the last part slipped out of his mouth because his eyes wnet wide and his mouth kind of hung open in shock.

I look at him with wide eyes. I wasn’t expecting that, honestly.

“I am sorry. I didn’t mean to---” Niall started to say, but I cut him off.

“No, no. Its fine. I would really like that Niall.” I said slowly with a sweet smile and I felt myself blush. Niall let out a sigh of relief and smiled at me. Suddenly, I had an idea.

“What are you guys doing tomorrow?”

Niall looked at me, confused. “I don’t think anything. Why?”

“Why don’t you guys come out to my beach house? A fun day in the sun.”

‘That sounded really stupid. Why would you say that Rebecca?!’ I thought.

I looked at Niall and smiled. Niall chuckled and had a big smile on his face and nodded his head. “That sounds awesome!”

I turned to face everybody else. “What do you guys think?” I said loudly to everyone.

They all turned to face me with confused expressions on their faces.

“What do we think of what?” Liam asked.

‘Whoops!’ I thought. ‘They don’t know what I asked Niall.’

“Do you guys want to come to the beach house tomorrow?” I looked around to them all and my eyes landed on Sarah. Her eyes were wide and I knew that she was surprised that I asked them to come to the beach house. She was not expecting it.

Everyone looked at each other and smiled. “That sounds like an absolute delight.” Perrie said cheerfully.

“What do you guys think?” Niall asked to the lads.

“Yes! Absolutely.” Louis said.

“What time tomorrow?” Harry asked, smiling at Sarah.

“How about noon?” I asked. Everyone nodded yes. “Awesome.” I looked back at Niall and he was already smiling at me.

Niall stepped towards me and wrapped his strong arms around me. He gave me a hug and I hugged him back.

I finished saying goodbye to the rest of the boys. I gave them each a hug, thanking them, telling them how much fun it was and that I will see them tomorrow. I walk over to Perrie and Eleanor.

“It was such a pleasure meeting you ladies, tonight.” I said to Perrie and Eleanor. They smiled at me.

“Pleasure is all mine, love.” Perrie said. “Give me a hug.” I hugged Perrie and then Eleanor.

Sarah finished with her goodbyes and we stood in the doorway of the open front door. Niall hung on the door, looking at me.

“So… tomorrow then.” Niall said cheekily.

I nodded. “Yep.” I said. Niall smiled.

I looked back around at the group standing behind him. Sarah waved to them. “Bye.”

I waved as well. “Goodnight.” My eyes landed on Niall again and mouthed him ‘bye’. He just winked at me. Sarah and I walked out of the house and I could hear the door slowly close behind us.


Niall’s P.O.V.

I watched Rebecca the whole time. I could not stop staring at her and smiling. She is a great girl. She always seems to make me laugh. I just hope that tomorrow at the beach house I am able to get to know her more.

Rebecca looks at me and smiles. She mouths ‘bye’ to me and I wink at her. I watch her and Sarah walk out of my house, toward their car. I slowly close the door, watching as she gets further and further away from me. I finally close the door.

“Well, I know who is excited for tomorrow.” Zayn says.

I turn around and see everyone looking at me. I smile. “Ecstatic.” I say and everyone starts to chuckle.

“Awwww, Niall. You’re adorable.” Perrie says to me. I smile a cheeky smile to her and she chuckles again.

We all made our way to the living room and sit down on the couches. Louis started to tell us about something someone said to him about the band and the music. But he was disrupted by the doorbell ringing.

Harry jumped up. “I’ll get it.” He walked over to the door and opened it. I thought it would be one of the security guards. But it wasn’t.

“Oooohhh. What a lovely surprise.” Harry said. I looked at the door to see what he was talking about. It was Rebecca and Sarah. I automatically stood up when I saw her.

“Hi. Sorry guys. We forgot our jackets and bags.” Sarah said.

“Yeah, my keys are in there and I sort of need those to start my car.” Rebecca continued.

I smiled at her cuteness. She looked at me and smiled.

“Yes, those are quite important, love.” Harry said to Rebecca.

Before, I was sitting next to Liam, but now since I am standing, I felt him tug on my pants. I look down at him.

“I put their jackets and bags on the coat rack.” He says to me. I nod and looked over to the coat rack to see them hanging there. I walk over to them and pick them up. Sarah came over to me and I handed her items to her.

“Thanks, Niall.” She said sweetly to me.

“No problem.” I said to her. She walked back over to Harry. Rebecca slowly came over to me and smiled. I smiled back.

I watched as she took off my cardigan. I forgot I gave her that. Rebecca collected my cardigan in her hands and smiled down at it. She looked up at me, smiling, and handed it to me.

“Thanks again for this. It kept me warm.” She said it quietly. I think she is embarrassed because everyone can see her.

“You’re welcome.” I said to her as I accepted it from her hands. I threw it over my shoulder. As I did that, I got a whiff of her perfume. It was a very pretty smell.

I held out her jacket for her so she could put her arms through it and put it on. “Here.” I said to her and smiled. She smiled back and turned around to put her arms through the sleeves. I lifted the jacket up onto her shoulders and let go. She pulled her hair up and let it fall. She turned back around to face me and smiled.


“Awww, Niall. Such a gentleman you are.” I heard Louis said to me. I heard a couple of snorts of laughter and I faced the lads.

“Shut it.” I said sternly.

I faced Rebecca again. She had a soft smile laying on her face. I handed her bag to her, and we walked over to the door again.

“Thanks again guys. See you tomorrow.” Sarah said sweetly.

“Bye!” I heard voices say behind me.

Rebecca waved to everyone behind me. “Bye guys!”

“Bye Rebecca!” I heard them say again.

Rebecca looked at Harry then me. “Thanks Niall. Bye Harry.”

Bye, love.” Harry said.

I smiled at her. “Bye.” I said in a small voice. I watched as they walked out the door again as Harry closed it.

“You alright Niall?” Harry said to me in a concerned voice.

I looked up at him and nodded. “Per-fect.”


Sarah’s P.O.V.

Rebecca and I slid into the car. It was dead silent between us. I guess we are still shocked about everything that happened.

I looked at Rebecca and she was staring straight ahead of her through the windshield.

“Rebecca?” I said quietly. She turned her head to face me. A smile grew across her face.

“I have so much to tell you.” I said to her and smiled excitedly.

“Me too.” Rebecca said to me and continued to smile.

Rebecca started the car and pulled out of their driveway. I took one look back at their house. ‘I cannot wait for tomorrow.’ I thought. ‘Well, actually later. It is 2:30 in the morning.’

Rebecca started to drive back home. The whole ride home we told each other what had happened to ourselves at the party.

This party was magnificent.


This whole night was nothing but absolute magic.






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