Summer Love

Rebecca and Sarah have been friends since they were little. And now they are sharing a new adventure of their own, that is away from home, and with no parents around either. When Rebecca and Sarah go to the last One Direction concert of the TMH tour, both of their lives are turned upsidedown. But for better or for worst? A certain blond, blue-eyed boy steps into the life of Rebecca and leaves a mark. Alot can happen in a short period of time that can leave scars forever. Are friendships made or broken? Does love blossom or do hearts break?


12. 4th of July with the British and Irish

Rebecca’s P.O.V.

The nervousness hit me like an on-coming truck out on the road. I was totally fine… up until now. I took a couple of deep breaths and Sarah looked at me weirdly. I just smiled at her weakly.

Suddenly, the front door opened and the music came rushing out. There in front of us was a dancing Liam Payne with a red solo cup in his hands. I will be honest I was quite relieved that it wasn’t Niall who answered the door. But the relief will not last long because I expect to see him any minute.

When Liam answered the door he was taking a sip of his drink and dancing. I guess he realized that it was Sarah and I because you could see his eyes widen over the rim of the cup.

“Hey guys!! You made it!!” Liam yelled at us, excitedly.

A big smile crossed my face. “Hi, Liam!” I said, and he smiled.

“Please, please, come in and join this spectacular party.” Sarah and I chuckled and stepped inside. Liam closed the door behind us.

“Hello, Rebecca.” Liam said leaning in and kissing me on the cheek and wrapping me in a hug. I smiled and hugged him back. He pulled away and did the same to Sarah. “Hello, Sarah.” Sarah hugged him back and smiled as well.

I looked Liam up and down and he looked good. He was wearing black skinny jeans and white high-top sneakers, with a button-up light denim shirt, with the sleeves rolled up halfway. His hair was in a quiff like usual.

“I am so glad you guys could make it.” He smiled.

“Us too.” I said, giggling. “This place is incredible by the way.”

“Oh, thank you.” He made big circles with his arm to emphasize what he was saying. “This is all the record company.”

I smiled at his gestures and looked around. Since my back was facing the front door, there was a big living room area off to the right, with a flat screen television and couches. Beyond that there were two flights of stairs that led upstairs, which I assume went to the boys’ bedrooms. I looked up and I could see there was a balcony overlooking the downstairs level. To the left there of the front door there was a billiard table. If you walked into the house a little, by means of stepping down the two stairs that lead up to the front door and passing the billiard table, there was a full kitchen off to the left side of the house. There was then two big French doors that led outside.

While I was looking around, I noticed that there were only a few people inside, scattered around. There was, what looked like to be a hired chef, in the kitchen cooking up a storm.

“Here, let me take your jackets and bags, if you would like.” Liam asked politely. I looked back at him and he had a sweet smile on his face.

“Sure, that would be great.” Sarah said. He took her jacket and purse. Liam then looked at me with an extended hand out. I smiled at him and handed him my denim jacket and purse as well. He walked back up the two steps and hung up our purses with our jackets over them, trying to hide them. While he was doing this, I looked at Sarah.

“This is amazing.” I whispered to her. Sarah didn’t have enough time to respond since Liam was coming back to us, so she just nodded and had a big smile on her face.

“C’mon then, all the fun people are outside.” He laughed, and so did we. He led us through the house, towards the French doors that I saw before.

“So Liam, who is coming to this ‘spectacular’ party?” I asked chuckling.

He smiled and looked back at me. “Well, you guys, myself and the boys… ummm, some of the tour crew, people from work, and couple of friends.”

By this time we were all standing outside. I looked around and there was A BUNCH of people hanging out, talking and dancing.

“Only ‘a couple’?!” Sarah asked astonished by the amount of people that were in front of her eyes.

Liam chuckled. “Ok, ok, more like ‘many’ friends.”

“Yeah.” I said. “That is a better word.” I laughed at him and he smiled.

I looked around and the outside was just as marvelous as the inside. There was a little section of grass in front of me, but then went into a hard wood floor, which turned out to be a dance floor for some people. To the right of the wood floor, there was a DJ set up, playing some good music. To the left of the wood floor, there was a long pool that bordered the mountain edge. And beyond that there was a beautiful view of the LA city below. The boys seemed to have had some fun decorating the place because there was streamers and lights of red, white and blue all over the place. I chuckled.

Suddenly, Liam broke me out of my trance of being mesmerized by the view and pointed to something off in the distance.

“There are some people you may know.” He said. I followed his extended arm and finger and saw Zayn with his arm around a blond girl, who was very pretty. Then I saw a blond head with a male body form talking to them with his back to us. It was Niall.


Niall’s P.O.V.

“I love this party guys.” Perrie said sweetly. “Who knew you guys could throw such a good party?”

Zayn and I laughed. “Thanks, Perrie.” I said.

“The Americans always seem to have fun at their holidays, especially this one. We want to join in on the fun.” Zayn said and smiled at her. Perrie chuckled.

“Don’t get all American on me now? I like you just the way you are.” Perrie said with a smile.

“Awww really? Isn’t that sweet. Thank you.” Zayn said sarcastically. I could tell he was leaning in to kiss her. And he did.

I looked down at the floor. Zayn and Perrie are a cute couple and they have great chemistry together. But they are always so mushy and lovey-dovey together. I mean, me and the lads have gotten used to it, but sometimes we just don’t want to see it.

“Sorry, Niall.” I hear Zayn say to me. I look up and see him looking at me and Perrie muzzled into his shoulder, probably embarrassed.

“Its alright. I don’t mind.” I smiled. I took a sip of my drink, trying to not make it awkward. Perrie looked at me with a smile, she was still blushing.

“So Perrie, how is the new album coming?”

“Great! The girls and I are still working on a couple songs, but were almost done. I hope it does well.”

“It will do fine. If not better than One Direction.” Zayn said to give her encouragement. She smiled at him.

“I don’t know about that.” Perrie said. Zayn just chuckled.

“Well, I am ecstatic! I cannot wait to hear it.” I said with a cheeky grin. Perrie just laughed at me.

Suddenly, Katy Perry’s song ‘The One That Got Away’ came on and I started to dance. I love Katy Perry. Perrie and Zayn started to laugh again and I just smiled. I don’t care if I look stupid, this is who I am. I took another sip of my drink.

I saw Zayn look up like he saw something from far away. Then Zayn smiled and looked at me.

“Looks like someone is here for you, Niall.”

“What?” I asked, very confused. Zayn’s smile grew wider and he nodded his head in a direction for me to look.

I turned around and that’s when I saw her. Liam was walking over with Rebecca. She was smiling and looking at me. She looked so pretty. Liam said something and she started to laugh, and then said something back.

“Rebecca…” I whispered and trailed off.

“Wait? Who is that?” Perrie asked.

“That is Niall’s girlfriend.” Zayn teased.

“Shut up, Zayn.” I said sternly. He just started to laugh.

“Niall! You didn’t tell me she was your girlfriend.” Perrie said in shock.

“She’s not. But he wants her to be.” Zayn answered for me.

“Awww Niall, you’re adorable.”

I couldn’t help but smile from that comment from Perrie. Mostly because I was embarrassed. Rebecca was coming closer and I can feel my body temperature getting hotter. I was becoming really nervous. I turned back to Zayn and Perrie, and looked at the floor, taking deep breaths.

“Niall…” I heard Perrie’s voice, and I looked up. “… just be yourself. Any girl is lucky to have you.” She said softly and smiled. I let out a small smile and looked at Zayn. He was softly nodding his head in agreement with Perrie. I turned back around. Rebecca and Liam were almost here. I decided I would meet her about halfway, and I walked towards her.

“Hi, Rebecca.” I smiled.

“Hi, Niall.” She said warmly and smiled back. Once I got to her I wrapped her in a hug. I kind of just held her for a moment or two, feeling her warmth and arms wrapped around my back. Suddenly, I heard Liam clearing his throat, giving me a signal to stop, that I was probably over doing it. I slowly released her feeling very embarrassed, only to find her smiling up at me.

“Sorry.” I said in a whisper.

“Its ok.” She said in a whisper back and chuckled. I smiled, not feeling so bad.

“Niall!” I heard Zayn’s voice and turned around. “Bring her over here!” I smiled and nodded.

I turned back around to Rebecca. “Looks like Zayn wants to say ‘hi’.” Rebecca smiled and nodded. Liam, Rebecca and I walked back over to where Zayn and Perrie were standing.

“Hello, Rebecca.” Zayn said, giving her a kiss on the cheek and a hug. ‘Why didn’t I give her a kiss on the cheek?’ I thought. ‘So stupid.’

“Hi, Zayn. Its so good to see you again.” Rebecca said while hugging him. They pulled away.

“Same here.” Zayn said. “Rebecca, this is my girlfriend, Perrie Edwards. Perrie this is our friend, Rebecca.” Zayn introduced them, pointing fingers to who was who.

“Oh, yes! I forgot you two were dating.” Rebecca said shyly, blushing. She extended her hand out to Perrie for a handshake and Perrie accepted it greatly with a smile.

“Rebecca…” Rebecca said introducing herself while they were shaking hands.

“Perrie…” Perrie said with a smile. And they released hands.

“Sorry.” Rebecca said quietly.

“Don’t be. It is quite alright, darling.” Perrie said sweetly. Rebecca just smiled.

“Rebecca…” It was Liam. “Where is Sarah?”

Rebecca looked behind her and at the crowd of people behind us. “I… I thought she was right behind me.” She chuckled. “I have know idea where she could possibly be.”

Liam started to laugh and Rebecca joined in. “Well, tell you what, I am going to get another drink, and I will look for her on the way.”

Rebecca smiled. “Ok, thank you.”

“No, worries. Detective Payne is on the case.” This made everyone laugh as he walked away.

“If you don’t mind me asking who is Sarah?” Perrie asked looking at Zayn and then around to the rest of us.

“Sarah, is my friend that I came here with.” Rebecca answered.

“Oh, ok.” Perrie smiled. She looked Rebecca up and down. “I love your outfit, Rebecca.”

I watched Rebecca as she looked down at her body and back up at Perrie. “Oh, thank you.” I agreed with Perrie, she did look cute.

“You’re welcome. You look like an adorable version of your country’s flag.”

“Yes, that is what I was trying to go for, but my friend, Sarah, was making fun of me before we came here.”

“Oh no. I love it. You look cute. It is very stylist. A solid with a pattern print, classic.” Perrie smiled. “I loved the shoes and accessories you paired with it too.”

“Thank you.” Rebecca smiled. “I am a big fan of yours by the way. Well, Little Mix’s.” She said blushing.

“Oh really? Well thank you darling. You’re sooo sweet. The new album is on its way.”

Rebecca smiled. “New album?! Awesome! I can’t wait to hear it!!” Perrie and Rebecca shared a laugh.

I wanted to talk to Rebecca alone. That was the whole point of inviting her here. Not trying to be rude, I cut in.

“Rebecca, do you want to get a drink?” I asked her.

Rebecca looked at me and smiled. “Yes, that would be great.”

I smiled. “Ok, I will take you.” I looked back at Zayn and Perrie. “We will be back in a couple minutes.”

“Ok, take your time.” Zayn said and winked at me. Of course Rebecca didn’t see because her back was turned slightly. I put my hand on her back to lead the way and gave Zayn a thumbs up.


Rebecca’s P.O.V.

Niall was taking me to get a drink. I wanted to talk to him. Nothing serious, but just on a level that normal friends would talk on.

“Thanks again for inviting me and Sarah to the party.” I smiled at him.

He looked down at me and smiled. “You’re welcome. Are you having fun?”

“Of course.” I chuckled.

“Wait until later.” He said.


“I can’t tell you. It is a surprise.” He chuckled.

“Ooooo, I love surprises.” I smiled. Niall just laughed. We were walking through the dance floor when the Macarena song came on.

“Oh my god.” Niall said. “Who put this on the playlist?”

“You know we have to dance now, right?”

“Yeah? You want to?” Niall asked, his eyebrows arching a little.

“Of course. C’mon.” We found a spot on a line and started dancing. Niall and I were purposely not going in the direction of the line because we wanted to watch each other mess up, make funny faces and laugh hysterically until we were crying. When the song was over we were still laughing and out of breath, but continued onto the drink table.

Once we reached the drink table, I pulled off a red solo cup from the stack that was there and placed it down on the table and stepped back. I placed my hand on my chin and looked around at all the different drinks that were there, not sure what I wanted.

“What are you doing?” Niall asked chuckling.

I looked at him and smiled. “I don’t know what I want.”

Niall chuckled again. “We don’t have alcohol, if that’s what you’re looking for.”

“Oh no. I don’t drink that. Not legal yet. But you can right?”

“Yeah. 18 is the age back home. I can’t drink here yet though, in America. Not old enough. Annoys the hell out of me.”

I laughed. “Yeah, 21 is the age here. You’re 19 right?” I picked up the bottle of Sprite soda and opened it slowly, trying to not let it explode all over the place.

“Yep. How’d know that?”

I looked up at him and smiled. “Sarah.” Niall nodded his head, understanding why. He was watching me open the soda bottle. “You only got two more years until you can drink here.”

Niall looked at me and smiled. “Well, my birthday is coming up soon. So really only a year.”

“Oh look at that. Even better.” Niall chuckled. I poured the soda into my cup and closed the bottle, putting it back in its place. “You will have to come back to America just for that. To be able to have a drink.”

Niall laughed. “Yeah, guess I will. But I think there might be other reasons I will have to come back to America.” He smiled at me. I felt myself blush and took a sip of my drink. Niall took the Pepsi soda bottle and poured it into his cup and put it back. I took another sip and we slowly turned to walk away.

“So you never even had a taste of alcohol before?”

I looked back at Niall and shook my head. “Nope, never.” He just smiled. “Never made much sense to me. If I get caught, I am screwed. That is what happen to kids I grew up with. I decided it can wait.”

I looked at Niall and he was nodding his head. “Alright then. But will you ever drink?”

I chuckled and smiled. “I am sure I will, once I turn 21. My friends will probably take me out and what not for my birthday.” Niall laughed. “I forgot to tell you that I liked your dancing before.”

Niall was taking a sip of his drink and looking at me. His eyebrows shot up in confusion. I chuckled. “When I was walking over with Liam, I saw you dancing.”

Niall swallowed his drink. “You saw that?” He asked a little surprised.

“Yeah.” I chuckled. “Liam said you do that all the time. Just break out dancing.”

“Yeah, I do.” He chuckled and blushed.

“I think its cute.”

He opened his mouth to say something but someone else called his name.

“NIALL!!” Niall and I looked ahead of us and saw 4 boys coming towards us.

“Hey guys!!” Niall said with a smile. The boys stopped in front of us and he gave 1 a hug, 2 a boyish-handshake and the last one a high-five.

“Great party you guys got going on here.” One of the boys said. He had a different accent than Niall, and the rest of the boys of One Direction. It sounded Australian.

“Yeah? You think so?” Niall asked.

“Yeah, we think so.” Another boy answered. Another one of them looked at me and smiled, then turned to Niall.

“Who is this lovely lady you got here?”

“Oh.” Niall slapped himself in the forehead and I smiled. He looked at me. “Where are my manners? Guys, this is Rebecca.”

Niall was interrupted by one of them saying: “Oooo, Niall got a girl.” Niall blushed and looked at the boys and laughed nervously.

“Shut up.” He said. Niall turned back to me to finish what he was saying. I smiled at him to give him comfort.

“Rebecca this is Luke… Michael… Calum… and Ashton.” He was looking and pointing at each one, giving their name, so I knew who was who. While Niall was saying each of their names, they were each giving a wave at me and smiling. “Better known as…”

I interrupted Niall, and finished what he was going to say. “5 Seconds of Summer.” I extended a hand out to each of them for a handshake and they each accepted with a smile. I smiled at Niall and looked back at the boys. Niall looked a little surprised that I knew who they were.

“Are you a fan?” Ashton asked.

“Of course she is.” Michael said to Ashton while hitting him in the back of the head. “She knows who we are.”

I giggled and looked at Ashton specifically. “Yes.” I said and nodded my head at him. He smiled and pointed at me and spoke to Niall.

“I like her.” I blushed again and looked down at the floor. I looked up at Niall, who was smiling at me, and took a sip of my drink.

Niall placed his hand gently on my back. “I will see you boys around.” Niall started to lead me away from the Australian boys.

“Ok.” They all said and smiled.

I waved at them and smiled. “Nice meeting you.”

“You too.” Calum said. I turned around and took a couple steps forward, realizing that Niall wasn’t besides me. I turned back to see him talking to them in a hushed circle. He said something and they all laughed. He smiled at them and walked away towards me. I continued to walk forward.

“So how come you’re a fan of theirs but not of One Direction’s?” Niall asked, catching up to me.

I looked at him and gave him a weak smile. “Well, I am not really a ‘fan’. I was just being polite. I know who they are because of Sarah. They have good music, though.”

Niall chuckled. “You know I am only teasing you, right?”

“Oh.” I chuckled. “They seem a lot like you guys.”

“Yeah.” Niall smiled. “We get along great. You should have seen us on tour with them. It was quite crazy.”

I laughed. And so did Niall. After that it became quiet. We were walking a slow pace back in the direction towards Zayn and Perrie. Niall stopped walking and so did I. He looked at me.

“You look lovely tonight.” He spoke softly and smiled.

I blushed. “Thanks.” I elbowed him gently in the arm. “You don’t look bad yourself.” Niall chuckled. But Niall did look good. He was wearing black skinny jeans with his signature white, high-top sneakers. A white tank-top with the American flag on it, and a maroon cardigan over it; the sleeves were scrunched up. And then his blond-brownish hair was in its usually style.

“Thanks.” Niall said softly. We started to walked again towards Zayn and Perrie, and it became quiet again. I didn’t like this quietness, I felt awkward, so I spoke up, saying anything that came to my mind.

“They are so cute together.”

Niall looked at me, and I nodded my head in Zayn and Perrie’s direction, not wanting to point in case they saw me.

“Yeah, they are.” He smiled and looked back at me.

“She is gorgeous too.” I looked at Perrie. She had a beautiful smile and face. She was wearing a white, tank-top with an American flag on it, tucked into a black leather skirt that ended before her knees and black combat boots. Her outfit complimented her great figure really well. She had her blonde hair down in its natural style.

I looked at Niall and smiled. He was already looking down at me and smiling. “I don’t know how she ended up with Zayn though.” Niall said chuckling.

My mouth dropped open and I lightly shoved Niall in the arm. “That is not nice. He is your best friend.”

Niall smiled. “Its Zayn though.”

I smiled at him while shaking my head. Niall laughed. “No, but they are great together. They get along really well.”

I smiled at him. He was so sweet to say that. Usually guys wouldn’t admit stuff like that. They thought it was all ‘mushy’ and not ‘manly’.

“Niall!!” Someone called from behind us. Niall and I stopped walking and looked behind us to see Ashton running towards us.

“What’s up?” Niall asked.

Ashton caught up to us and stood in front of us. “The chef person needs help or something.”

Niall looked at me and then back at Ashton. “Ugh. Can’t you get one of the other lads to do it?”

“I would but you’re the only one I could find.”

Niall sighed and looked back at me. “Do you mind?”

I smiled. “No, not at all. Please, I understand.” Niall smiled at me weakly. I looked over at Zayn and Perrie. “I will go over and chill with them.” Niall looked in their direction and nodded.

“Ok, I will be back for you in a couple minutes, I promise.”

“Don’t worry about me. Its fine.” I smiled at him and then Ashton. Niall and Ashton walked away towards the house. I walked the opposite way, towards Zayn and Perrie.

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