Tour Direction

*Sequel to 'Camp Direction'* The band Dangerous has been away from everything a band usually does for months. All they've been doing is going to school and missing their boyfriends. Who just happen to form the band One Direction. The boys have big news to tell the girls, how will they tell them?


33. Too Crazy

*The Next Day-Evening*

"Thanks for letting me tag along," I look over at Sarah as she ears some popcorn.

She turns to look at me and smiles, "No problem. It wasn't hard to get another ticket, and you deserved to get out and come with us."

"We're a family now," Zayn leans into our conversation. "So we help one another when we know they need help."

I nod, "I can take care of myself, but I love how you guys want to help me. I'll be alright. I knew, deep down I knew, that something like this would happen. I'd get hurt if I trusted him too much. Love him too much. I just, hoped it wouldn't happen. That he was going to be different."

"He is," Sarah says. "But he fucked up. Don't let your heart turn to stone again. Just, give it some time. I know second chances aren't your thing, but he. He might deserve one."

I sigh, "I think about it. It's been four days. It's still engrained in my mind."

"Take all the time you need," Zayn says. "Just don't give up on him."

"I don't think I could."

*The Next Day-Early Morning*

I sigh as the cool Las Vegas air hits me as I walk onto the balcony. It's been five days now and I still haven't been able to sleep in my own room. He's always there. Waiting for me to come back and apologize.

This last night I stayed with Emily and Niall. Everyone has been so inviting these past days. I know I've got the perfect friends.

I close my eyes and try and clear my mind. I can't forgive him too easily because then it'll seem like what he did is alright, and it is not. If I wait too long, we both might move on. And I can't let that happen.

This is too much for me to try and decide. He's the one that screwed up. He is the one who should come to me; I shouldn't have to go to him.

I guess I'll wait until that happens.

*The Next Day-Afternoon*

"Tomorrow?" I look around at the girls.

"Yes, tomorrow," Olivia says.

"That's just seven days. Only a week."

"He says he's had this planned since right after we left home," Delaney says.

"If you're afraid of being alone, don't worry," Emily says. 'We will be right there. If he does anything, we will be right there."

"So, it's just dinner?" I ask.

"Yes," Sarah answers. "Nothing more. Unless, you want to do more."

"As of right now, I'm thinking dinner will be hard to do." I take a deep breath, "But I'll do it. Since he's reaching out to me. I'll give him a second chance."

*The Next Day-Early Evening*

"Harry," I nod and slightly smile as I walk up to the table.

"Buttercup," Harry smiles. "I worried you might not come, and I just want to say I am so very sorry. And that I'll never get drunk around you again."

I take the seat across from him and instantly pick up my menu. Not looking at him for fear of spilling tears. "I can't run from you, Harry. It's been a week, and we have to talk some time. This just happened to be right at the perfect time."

"I'm glad you came, because I've missed you. I miss your hugs. How you look before you've gotten ready in the morning. The way you smile. Your kisses. I've missed you playing with my hair and snuggling into me at night. I miss your smell. I miss talking to you about any little thing. I miss you, Amber."

"I'd be lying if I said I didn't miss you. Because you are the love of my life. Even if you did fuck up big time."

Our waiter comes over and we quickly order our drinks.

"I know, I've never fucked up like that. I'd never force you to do anything. Our relationship isn't built on that."

"I know it wasn't you talking, it was the alcohol," I sigh. "But it still made me think of James. How he made my life hell. Tonight is the night we talk and try and mend what has been broken. We aren't okay, yet. But I'm coming back to our room. It's the first step to get back to normal."

*The Next Day-Afternoon*

"What's up, Buttercup?" Harry asks as he steps out onto the balcony.

I roll my eyes, "I'm song writing."

"About what?"

"About what happened between us. I was thinking, make if I let my feeling out through song it'll make me feel somewhat better."

"Is it working?"

"I think so. A little bit at a time. Every line is a weight lifted off my shoulders."

"Do you think you'll record the song?"

"No, I don't think I will. It's just for me. Just my thoughts. I'd rather keep something private from the Agents."

"Did you already do the Twitter contest?"

"We did," I nod.

"What was it?"

"We asked them to draw us as animals. I saw us as dogs, cats, bunnies, so many different animals. It was so cool."

"Maybe I'll hunt some down. For not, I'll leave you to song writing."

I smile, "Alright."

*The Next Day-Late Morning*

"Why did you want us all together?" Olivia asks.

"I want to song write," I answer. "We have a few days in the recording studio once we get to LA, and I thought we needed a few more songs for our second album."

"When do we head to LA?" Emily asks.

"The day before my birthday is when we will head out of here and get to LA."

"Did you want to spend your birthday in LA?" Sarah asks.

"I did, that's why our first full day is there. And we are going to have a ton of fun partying."

"Then, after a little over a week, we will be heading home," Delaney says.

"Let's not talk about that," I shake my head. "Let's just song write."

*The Next Day-Late Evening*

Awake. It's close to midnight and I'm awake. Why?

Nightmares. Even with Harry so close, nightmares have invaded my sleep. It's all James. Ever since Harry almost hit me, I've been thinking about James a lot. Every time he hurt me has been replaying in my mind. I've tried to do anything to distract myself from making those memories resurface.

Of course, when I try and go to sleep, I relax and my brain goes straight to James.

I feel a hand wrap around my own hand and give it a slight squeeze.

Even in sleep, Harry knows when I'm not doing too well. He's meant for me, and I'm meant for him.

I smile as I scoot closer to him. I'm glad we've somewhat made up. Without him, I don't know what I'd do. I love him so much.

*The Next Day-Afternoon*

"Last day in Vegas," I sigh as Harry and I walk out of another casino.

"LA for your birthday," he grabs my hand and we merge into the flow of people.

"Yup. Vegas has been a bit crazy. A little too crazy for me. I don't understand how you could live here."

"Somehow people do. It is a little too crazy for me too. That's why I live in London."

"And soon, so will I."

"You still want to move in with me?"

"Of course. I want to get out. Leave the small town I've grown up in. Explore the world. And that starts with moving to a new place. And that's into a house with you. We fought, but if we can both move past that, all will be well."

"I can't wait until that time. When we've moved in together. Knowing I'll be coming home to you."

"It sounds lovely," I smile.


Hope you liked it! It would've been up last night, but there were some problems with my eye. Something got in my eye and it was not a good night from then on. I'm better now. And there will be two or three more chapters. Then the story will be over. It's a lot shorter than Camp Direction, but I still think it's just as good. :D

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