Tour Direction

*Sequel to 'Camp Direction'* The band Dangerous has been away from everything a band usually does for months. All they've been doing is going to school and missing their boyfriends. Who just happen to form the band One Direction. The boys have big news to tell the girls, how will they tell them?


15. Second Concert

*That Night*

"How are you all doing tonight?" I smile as I shout into my microphone.

Screams are my answer. 

"We are so happy to make you happy," Emily says.

"We wish there was some way we could repay you," Olivia says.

"There is one thing," Delaney says.

"Go follow our main Twitter account so you can get a chance at getting a follow from us," Sarah says.

"Oh yeah," I say. "How could I forget our weekly follow challenges starting this coming Monday?"

So many screams. It's what I love, though.

"Let's get back to the singing," Emily laughs into her microphone.

*An Hour Later*

Again the girls and I are in the front row watching our boys have the time of their lives. It's given me time to actually take in all the boys. And I feel like this is one side of them that I want to see more of. They look so happy and it makes me happy.

"You guys are awesome," Zayn says.

"This has been an amazing night," Louis says.

"We really hope you'll do as our girlfriends said," Niall says.

"We need to stop promoting them at every concert," Liam says.

"Nah, it's fun," Harry smiles and looks over at us. "How else are they going to get a bigger fan base?"

"By just opening for us," Zayn says.

"Everyone that's heard them sing most likely tells their friends and everyone else they know," Louis says.

"Is that right?" Liam asks.

The screams are so very loud and it makes me happy. This people really like us. And the boys.

"That's good that you like Dangerous," Niall says. "It's hard not to."

"That's so very true," Harry says.


Sorry this chapter is kind of short. I'm going to be writing tomorrow and the next chapter will be longer. I've just not been in the mood to write lately and have had a bit of writers block. But I'm fine now. :)

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