Tour Direction

*Sequel to 'Camp Direction'* The band Dangerous has been away from everything a band usually does for months. All they've been doing is going to school and missing their boyfriends. Who just happen to form the band One Direction. The boys have big news to tell the girls, how will they tell them?


9. Lots To Discuss

*A Few Hours Later*

"So, what are we going to talk about first?" I ask everyone. We're all in my theater room snuggling with our other half. Harry and I are on one of the beanbags. Same with Zayn and Sarah, and Niall and Emily. Liam and Olivia are on one of the couches.

"Dangerous has to figure out what songs they want to sing at the concerts," Zayn says.

"Oh yeah," Delaney says. "How many songs do we get to sing?"

"Six," Liam answers. "Plus you can chose a song to cover at the end, if you please."

"I've been talking to The Summer Set and I was wondering if we could cover a song," I smile. "I'll talk to them about it."

"Okay, well it say we sing 'Wings' to kick it off," Emily says.

"Then 'Love Drunk'," Sarah says.

"Oh, 'Change Your Life'," I smile.

"Defiantly 'Madhouse'," Olivia says.

"We have to sing 'We Are Who We Are'," Delaney says.

"And end with 'DNA'," I say. "Well, that's the last of our songs. I'll figure out the cover song."

"Okay, repeat that so Liam can write it down," Niall says.

"First is 'Wings' and then 'Love Drunk'," Sarah says.

"Good?" Emily asks. "Okay, then it's 'Change Your Life' and 'Madhouse'."

"Finishing up with 'We Are Who We Are' and 'DNA'. Okay?" Olivia asks.

"Okay, I've got it," Liam smiles.

"Well, that was easy," Louis says. "Now what's the next thing to talk about?"

"Well, the girls and I have something to ask of you boys," Emily says.

"And what is that?" Harry asks.

"You ask them, Amber," Delaney says.

I smile, "Well, on the last day of school, nothing is going on. And it's a half day, so we were all wondering if you'd come spend the day with us."

The boys look around at each other; talking with their eyes. "We'll come, but only because we love you girls," Louis says.

"Thanks so much boys," the girls and I say. Then we give our boyfriends each a kiss.

"Okay, well that's one more thing out of the way," Niall says. "What do we get to talk about next?"

"We have to figure out what king of clothes we're going to wear at concerts," Sarah says.

"Well, I want to wear graphic tees," I say. "Lots of like anime and such. I've already got tones of them."

"Well, there's one down," Harry kisses my temple.

"I've got lots of shirts with bands names," Delaney says. "It'd be cool to wear them."

"Two down," Louis kisses Delaney's nose.

"Black, I'll just wear lots of black. And jackets," Sarah smiles. "Maybe I'll wear some white with the black."

"Three down," Zayn kisses Sarah's cheek.

"Tie-dye," Emily smiles. "Anything with a lot of color, really. Bright colors."

"Four down," Niall kisses Emily's forehead.

"Um, I think I'll wear polka dots. I've got lots of things with polka dots, thankfully," Olivia smiles.

"Five down," Liam kisses the top of Olivia's head.

"What about pants?" Louis asks. "Or accessories?"

"We'll pick our pants out depending on our shirts," I say. "As for accessories, I'll wear a hat."

"I'll wear necklaces and bracelets," Olivia says.

"I call headbands," Emily puts up her hand for a few seconds.

"I think scarves would be cool," Delaney smiles.

"Could I do shades? I think I'll do shades," Sarah nods.

"Well, I'm glad we got everything figured out," Harry says. "So now what do we do?"

"Sing, of course," I smile.

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