Tour Direction

*Sequel to 'Camp Direction'* The band Dangerous has been away from everything a band usually does for months. All they've been doing is going to school and missing their boyfriends. Who just happen to form the band One Direction. The boys have big news to tell the girls, how will they tell them?


5. Art Class!

*Forty Minutes Later*

"Okay, everyone ready to show their masterpieces?" Niall asks.

"Yes," are the responses.

"Okay, girls, you go first," Harry smiles.

"I'll go then," I hold up my drawing and make sure everyone sees it.

"Amazing Amber," Zayn says.

"Thank you," I give my best smile.

"My turn," Emily shows her drawing. The bodies are just like stick people, but the faces are very detailed and very cartoon like.

"That's really cool," Louis says.


"Time for me," Olivia says. Her drawing is One Direction as kittens and Dangerous as puppies.

"That's really cool," Liam says. "We look so cute."

"It shows dogs and cats can get along," I smile. "I love it."

Olivia smiles, "Thanks."

"My turn," Delaney says. She drew everyone as something else. Harry is a cat, Niall is a shamrock, Zayn is a mirror, Liam is a fork, Louis is a carrot, I'm a golf ball with a bass on it, Emily is an eighth note, Olivia is an iPhone, Delaney is a pair of quotation marks, and Sarah is a pair of boxing gloves.

"Boxing gloves?" Sarah asks.

"You have taken up boxing lessons again," Olivia says.

"Fair enough," she shrugs. "Here's my drawing." Sarah's drawing is everyone as an app. Like out faces are in the square of any app, and she has our names drawn very pretty underneath our picture. She also has the bands grouped together in a big square with the band name above it.

"That's awesome," Emily says.

"You girls are really creative," Harry says.

"Sure we are. Now let's see your guy's drawings," I smile.

"Okay, here's mine," Niall holds up his drawing. He drew everyone as stick people around a table full of food."

"Niall, are you hungry?" Emily asks.

"Yes, very much."

"Of course you are," Louis says. "Time for my drawing." His drawing is squares that have, what I'm guessing, are our favorite shirts. To make sure we know who is what square, he wrote our name above the box in his cool hand writing. Louis is a striped shirt, Harry is a blazer and jacket, Zayn is a jean jacket, Niall is a soccer jersey, Liam is just a normal t-shirt, I'm-no joke-a bikini top, Delaney is a one piece swimsuit, Emily is a bikini top with a belly flap, Olivia is what looks to be a dress, and Sarah is a stomach showing shirt.

"You don't have a clue what we like to wear," Sarah says. "So you just guessed, right?"

"Correct. I hope I'll figure out the real outfits you like to wear on tour."

"I guess it's my turn," Harry says. He drew everyone as stick people with really big heads. There's no faces, but the hair is really detailed.

"Very nice Harry," Liam says.

"Thanks. Our hair is one thing that can symbolize who we are."

"True. Now for me," Liam smiles. His drawing is the back of jerseys. Last names at the top with a number below. Each couple has the same number, and the girls have little hearts here and there. He did put arms and a head to make it cartoon like.

"That's so cute," Delaney says."

"I'd have to agree with you," Emily says. "It's so cute."

"Liam's just adorable," Zayn says. "Now, cheek out my drawing." Zayn did couples, and it's like those one drawings with the cartoon people that have big heads and little bodies. Harry and I are at the beach, Liam and Olivia are on a walk in a forest, Delaney and Louis are playing X-box, Emily and Niall are on a dinner date next to a lake, and Sarah and Zayn are chilling on a couch.

"That's amazing," Olivia says.

"Yeah, please teach me," I say.

"And me," Sarah says.

"I'll teach everyone on a free day during the tour, okay?" Zayn asks.

"Sounds perfect," Emily says.

"Okay class, five minutes until the bell rings. Time to clean up," Mr. Springer says.

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