Year one

An 11 year old boy Bryce receives a letter to Hogwarts. His siblings Dustin, Alex, Edmund, and Callum are all in different houses.Dustin is in Hufflepuff. Alex is in Slytherin. Edmund is in Gryffindor. Callum is in Ravenclaw. Bryce doesn't know what house he will be in but he hopes to be a Ravenclaw. This book is back during the time while Harry Potter is still at Hogwarts.


11. Alex in detention

In detention with Alex was torture. I felt like passing out because I had no water all day. And Alex kept annoying me with a quill. Maybe I should pass out I thought. I could get out of here. I looked over at Alex and he suddenly looked worried. Then I remembered. He was supposed to be in the Quidditch match this afternoon. Know wonder he was on edge. Great I think. I'm stuck in here with Alex while he is on edge. Kill me now I think.

Snape just sat there looking at us. All he did was stare. I'm surprised he hasn't fallen asleep. Just then he fell asleep. I sat there curious to what happened to him. I walked up to him to see what was wrong. I had my back turned to Alex. I suddenly felt a sharp pain in the back of my head. Like millions of white, hot needles pearced my skin. Then everything went black.

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