Better Than Words *a Niall Horan Fanfiction*

When Ellie falls in love with his neighbours son, she's terrified. Her family is neat and careful, while the Horan's are messy and loud. But what happens when she has to decide? Would she stay at home or run away to his neighbours house?


1. The Start Of Something New

I really hope you like it! -Sophia

*Ellie's POV*

-Ellie, sweetheart, wake up...- That voice belonged to my dad. He was a lawyer and his bosses told him about this new job in Ireland. Of course, he accepted, making me and my brother Mike leave England. I had to leave my best friends Sunshine and Maddie, they were like my soul sisters. I miss them already! But a good thing about this is that they are coming next mont to visit me.

Well, you might want to know about me, don't you? My name is Ellie Styles. I'm 17 years old, my birthday was last week. I have big green eyes and a long straight brown hair that reached my belly. I have a brother called Mike, who is 13 years old and has curly hair. We both have our father's eyes. I have a cousin about my age, his name is Harry. he is the best cousin I could have asked for. I love the rest of my family too, but there's no one like him. We both are tall, but he was a little big bigger. We share a love for cats, guess it is on our genes. My dad is a well-known lawyer, we are quite rich. But we save the money for a emergency.

- Ellie, come on!- My dad said

- I'm up, calm down dad.- I answered.

We went to find our luggage and got a taxi. We were going to Mullingar.

If you are wondering what happened with my mom, she died a few years ago from cancer. We miss her a lot.

When I least expected, we had arrived to our new home, It was huge! 3 floors and a big backyard with a swimming pool. After I saw my room (which was very big and beautiful), there was a knock on the door.

- I'll go dad!- I yelled

I opened the door to find a beautiful teenager who seemed about my age, blond and with blue eyes. Cute.

-My name is Niall Horan. I'm your neighbour...


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