Midnight Memories

Harry is the new punk, Aria is the popular sweet girl, they meet at a party and there lives change, find out


5. Midnight Memories

i just realised that its gonna be really hard to relate every chapter to the song, so im just kinda making it my own x if thats ok ??

By the end of our emotional stage, I really just wanted to get wasted and have a good time, I felt miserable. He took my hand leading me downstairs, "My name Is Harry by the way, Im new" I laughed, "That took a while" I said smirking, we got to the kitchen and grabbed a bottle of vodka, Sharing it with Harry, He tried taking it off of me so i would stop drinking but he failed. I started dancing around, taking shots, when Harry told me to go outside with him. "But the Partys in here" I whined, wanting to stay, "Just come please" He said glaring at me, getting annoyed. I decided to obey him, Walking outside with him. "I think you need to have a rest and get some fresh air and then ill walk you home, ok?" He asked, kind of demanding though. "But I have my car?" I said confused. "Trust me babe your not driving and I think it be better if you walked" He said letting out a deep chuckle, He was really very hot, everything about him, his lips, his eyes, his hair, oh my god his hair was perfect, we had starting walking when i said, "I like you hair" I slumped my words so it came out "I lke you her". He laughed, "I like you" he said turning towards me, He leant in, SHIT SHIT SHIT OK JUST GO WITH IT LOL i thought, He leant in, and I did the same, as our lips connected I felt explosions, not sparks like i literally felt explosions go in my stomach, flipping over, as well as butterflys, it was amazing. He smiled into the kiss and leant back, "Lets get you home babe" He said smirking. I showed him the way to my house, which probably wasnt a good idea but i was drunk, dont judge. We walked into my house and he helped me change into my pajamas and h tucked me into my bed, he made me something to eat and some tea, and he put on a movie for me. "There you go babe" He said kissing my forehead, "I'll see you tommorow" he said smiling, leaving the room. "Harry" I said, making him turn around, "Yeah", "Thank you, for taking care of me" I said smiling, "Its ok babe, bye " He said waving and leaving the room again. "Harry", "What now" He said laughing, "Can you stay with me, tonight" I asked giving him a pouty face. "Umm...", he said hesitantly. "Please harry" I asked, begging, " I guess so" He said smiling. He jumped into bed with me and took everything off exept his boxers, he wrapped his arm around my waist and starting watching the movie with me, "Goodnight Babe" He said kissing my forehead, as I ended up sleeping with his arm wrapped around me and me on his chest.

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