Finding Love

One Summer
One Band
One Old Memory
One Beach House
And Plenty of Mistakes.


3. Chapter 3: Diana

"Diana, let me be the one to, lift your heart up and save you life."

Haley's POV

"Well, If we're all gonna be here, instead of us just awkwardly staring at eachother for the whole summer, we should do something or get to know eachother, or something." Louis said. Niall and I made eye contact, he smiled at me. I blushed and bit my lip. His smile made my heart lift, it just made me happy.  But then there was Zayn, and for some reason, every time we talked, it just made my life better somehow. I daydreamed about this then I felt Sydney nudging on my shoulder. "What? Oh sorry." I smiled. "Zayn asked if you wanted to go swim with him." She whispered. "Ohh," I looked at him, "Of course. Just let me go change." I went up to my room and put on my bright red bikini and I put on my sunglasses. I put my long,  dark brown hair into a fishtail braid. I trotted down the stairs and everyone else was down there too, in their swimsuits. I guess it's not just me and Zayn going swimming. I saw Sydney and Liam getting flirty and I winked. Syd blushed and giggled. I walked out the door and grabbed a towel from the pool house. Niall trotted behind me yelling, "Wait up!". I looked at him and smiled, "Hey." I said. "Hello!" He said and I giggled. I held a coke in my hand and took a drink. We strolled down to the beach and I layed my towel down and sat on it. Niall sat in front of me and smiled. His smile could just light up this whole world. I said, "Ya know what? We don't even really know eachother. I think we should just get to know eachother." He agrees and we spend the whole day, Sitting on that beach, Sun shining on  our faces, asking eachother stupid questions about random things that didn't even matter.





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