Finding Love

One Summer
One Band
One Old Memory
One Beach House
And Plenty of Mistakes.


2. Chapter 2: Story of My Life

"Written in these walls are the storys that I can't explain...."

Sydney's POV

"Oh my gosh! Look at this one!" I point at a photo in a huge book of memories that me and Haley found. "It was when we first met," Haley laughs and says in her Scottish accent, "Right when you moved in next to us.". The picture is two young girls, around 7, arms around eachother, giggling, not a care in the world. Haley and I smile, looking at the picture of us. 


Liam's POV

"Are we there yet, Liammm?!" Louis shouts in my ear, just to annoy me. "DOES IT LOOK LIKE IT?" I shout back and we both start to laugh. After pleanty of driving we finally arrive at the house. I grab my things and so do the other lads, and we walk into the house. I get the key, that the kind lady who let us rent the house gave me, and I unlock the door and walk inside. Niall, being the sharp lad he is, knocks over a vase while walking inside. All the boys erupt into fits of laughter. "Oops.." Niall says. I chuckle "C'mon, lets clean it up." I say and me and Niall pick up the broken peices and throw it away. While Niall and I are out in the kitchen throwing away the broken glass I hear Louis and a girl with a Scottish accent talking.  "Who are you? And What are you doing here?" The girl asks. "I'm Louis Tomlinson and we rented this place,love. The real question is why are you here?" Louis says in a sassy voice. I walk in and the girl is saying, "Well this is my Aunts place, and I come here every year with my friend...". "Well I guess we're gonna be roomates until then." I butt in.


Haley's POV

"Aunt Shelly.. How could you rent this place out without telling me? You know I come here every summer with Sydney." I shake my head while talking on the phone wirh my Aunt. We talk for a little longer and she says they're nice boys and to just room with them. I groan at the idea but then say "O-Okay, goodbye. Love you." then I hang up.

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