Don't break me

(Sequel to First love)

Valeria is a smart, pretty girl. She has fallen in love once but left him for someone else. Joseph. Valeria soon becomes good friends with One of Josephs best friends John. When Valeria and Joseph don't work out, who will John choose? Will he stay friends with Joseph, his best friend, or Valeria, a girl he only started talking to two weeks before? What will happen between the three of them? Will Val fall for John or go back to Joseph? Read to find out.


10. Hearts and angels

A few weeks later, me and John where hanging out again outside. Only this time was a lot more chaotic than usual. 

Well let me start from the beginning. There's this girl named Jasmine. She has a huge crush on John and she's psychotic. She's one of the slower kids in the grade. Oh and one last thing you might want to know. She has a problem. She is OBSESSED with tickling People. 

Ok so anyway, John was playing around with something in his jacket pocket. I noticed it was something white. I asked him what it was so he showed me. In his hand was the most adorable thing ever. It was a little mini statue with two angels and a red crystal heart right between them. One of the angels was kissing the other one on the cheek. He was about to give it to me when jasmine so rudely interrupted. 

She was trying to tickle me. 

She was getting super annoying and chasing me around the playground while I yelled at her to stop. When two of her friends started holding her back he gave me the little statue.

One of the little wings broke off and I was absolutely heart broke about it. When I got home I went straight upstairs to my hot glue gun to fix it. I know I've said this a million times before but John is definitely a keeper. 

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