Don't break me

(Sequel to First love)

Valeria is a smart, pretty girl. She has fallen in love once but left him for someone else. Joseph. Valeria soon becomes good friends with One of Josephs best friends John. When Valeria and Joseph don't work out, who will John choose? Will he stay friends with Joseph, his best friend, or Valeria, a girl he only started talking to two weeks before? What will happen between the three of them? Will Val fall for John or go back to Joseph? Read to find out.


17. Concert

The next day, I had a concert for honors quire during and after school. ( we had to go from 8 am to 7 pm) Only 8 of us went. 5 of us in my grade and 3 of us in the grade below ours. Elizabeth-Joseph's little sister- was one of the three younger kids. She is my friend. 

We went to rehearsal for the concert for four hours and then had lunch. Then we had a few minutes to relax, so I brought out my deck of cards and taught every one a card game called "Egyptian Rattail". 

Then we went back into the gym to keep practicing for the next two hours. During those two hours, I noticed that Joseph's mom was there, meaning at Joseph was most likely going to come. 

When he walked into the gym, I was the absolute first one to notice. He walked in with a plaid red shirt and black pants. He looked so handsome. "Stop thinking like that!" I yelled o myself in my mind. The instant I saw him, I became one hundred times more nervous.

He sat with his mom and I kept waiting for him to look my way, to show any notion that he cared that I was there. That notion never came. Well not during that time anyway. 

After this, the 8 of us who were in the honors quire (from my school anyway) went back to the cafeteria to have a short break. We had a snack and played a bunch of card games. Then we had to go back to the gym. 

When we went back in, we practiced going onto the risers and singing all the songs while on them 

When we were singing, I noticed Joseph staring my way. I wasn't sure if he was staring at me or not but then when we sang a song called "Dodi Li" and I went up to the front in a small group of around seven kids he kept looking my way. Even when I went back on the risers. It made me feel more nervous but it also reassured me to do my best and that I was  doing good. 

Them I started focusing on him being there I would get tung tied so I focused on the conductor and I did great. 





this acctually happened today so yea. Joseph and valeria or John and valeria? What do you think? 

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