Manipulated Hearts

Louis is a boy with a big secret. He's experienced more than an eighteenyear old should. Emily is a independant seventeen year old with a horrendous past. What happens when Emily Young and Louis Tomlinson meet?


2. chapter two

I arrive at my house and look around for Kyle. I feel a tap on my shoulder and turn around to see Kyle.
"You're home late. Why?" Kyle signs. He uses sign language to communicate. We started learning when he went deaf.
"I ran into some trouble." I sign back.
"What kind?" 
"Just go to bed. We have school tomorrow. "
"Fine." Then he walks away to his room.

I wake up and walk to Kyle's room. He's on his bed sitting. Tears slowly run down his face. I quickly run over to him and sit down, cradling him in my arms. Then I turn him around so we can talk.
"Why are you crying?" I sign. 
"Why do I have to be deaf? Why can't I be like everyone else!"   He moves his hands rapidly. 
"Because your meant to be different.  Your not supposed to be like everyone else and I'll love you no matter what happens, and I'll never ever leave you." Then he throws his arms around me sobbing onto my shoulder. He pulls away. 
"We have to get to school. Its Monday." Then he stands up and takes off his shirt and puting a new one on. He doesn't know it but I don't go to school until lunch on Mondays. 
"I'll have your breakfast ready." Then I leave.
About a half an hour later we leave the house. I don't have a car so I walk him to school. Halfway there I hear footsteps behind me. 
"Hows it going?" I turn around and see Louis. The boy from last night. 
"Shut up, Louis." 
Kyle P.O.V.
The strange man talks to Emily and then turns to me. He says something but I can't read his lips. They move too fast and I'm still learning how to read lips. Then I turn to Emily. 
"What is he saying?" 
"He wants to know tyour name." She signs.
I turn to the man. Then I sign. "K-Y-L-E"
Then he signs his name. "L-O-U-I-S" He points to Emily.
I smile and spell out her name.
Emily P.O.V.
Louis turns to me. 
"So your name is Emily. " He crosses his arms.
"Cheater." I say.
"Hey, what can I say?" He shrugs. 
Kyle tugs on my shirt. I turn to him. "What?"
"We're going to be late."  He points to his watch."One second." I sign. Then I turn to Louis and say. "He's going to be late for school. " Then I grab Kyle's hand and turn around.

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