Manipulated Hearts

Louis is a boy with a big secret. He's experienced more than an eighteenyear old should. Emily is a independant seventeen year old with a horrendous past. What happens when Emily Young and Louis Tomlinson meet?


4. chapter four

I look at the number on my hand and call it.

"Hello?" Louis asks.

"Hey, Louis. What'd your mum say about us coming for dinner?"

"She said she'd love to have company. I'll pick you up in like five minutes."

"Okay. Bye." I say.

"Bye." Then he hangs up.

Kyle comes towards me. And puts his hands up getting ready to sign.

"Who was that?" 

"That was Louis. We're going to his mum's for dinner." 

"Okay." Then he grabs his jacket. "When?"

"In about two minutes." I reply.

At Louis's mum's

"Are you ready?" He asks me. I nod. Then he turns to Kyle and tries to sign something.

Kyle and I burst into laughter.

"What'd I do?" Louis asks.

"You just said "Are you farty"" I say between fits of laughter.

"Lets just go in." He opens his door.

We walk inside of his house and his mum instantly comes towards us.

"Hello I'm, Johanna." She embraces me and Kyle in a hug. 

"I'm Emily and this is my brother Kyle." I gesture towards the small boy standing next to me.

"Hi Kyle, I'm Johanna. Do you like chicken noodle soup?" She asks him. He stares blankly at her. Then turns to me.

"What did she say?" He signs.

"She said her name is Johanna and asked if you like chicken noodle soup."

"Okay." Then he turns to Johanna. He moves his lips as if he's going to say something. He's never uttered a single word since he went deaf. Then sound comes out. "Y-Yes." He says. His voice shaking.

"Kyle, you talked!" I sign.

"It was hard but I've been practicing." He signs back with a smile.

"What's with the hand gestures?" Johanna asks me.

"My brother has been deaf since he was three." I tell her.

"Oh. Well come with me." She smiles. She leads us to a table with food. We all sit down and begin to eat.

"I haven't had a meal this good for three years." I say between bites.

"Do your parents not cook often?" She asks.

"Um....actually..." I begin.

"You don't have to answer it." Louis looks me in the eyes.

"No, no, it's fine. I want to answer it." I sigh. "They left us about a year after Kyle left. We were both at school and when we came home there was the house key, a note, and some money. They never came back." 

Johanna looks shocked. "I-I'm sorry to hear that." She says.

"Don't be." I feel some tears swelling in my eyes. Louis sees and puts his hand on my leg. It's warm and surprisingly makes me feel a little bit better.

"What school does Kyle go to?" Johanna asks. 

"Elmwood Elementary. Why?"

"Well, there's this school down the street. It's Carlton the school for the deaf. The neighbors kid goes there. Maybe Kyle could meet him."

"Maybe." I shrug. Then I look at Kyle and Sign "What do you think?"

"Sure. Can we go now?"

"He wants to go now." I say.

"I'll introduce you guys." Louis suggests.

"Okay." I say. Kyle and I stand up. Then I turn to Johanna.

"Thank you for letting us come over for dinner. " I hug her.

"No problem. You guys should come over more often." 

"Maybe." I smile.

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