Just Dont leave

Sara never guessed she would meet Harry styles. or Kiddnaped by his bestfriend and get pegnet by him... what will Harry do when he finds out? must read!!


2. got to.get out of here

I woke up in a black room and notthing but a bed. There was not even a window. the people.are smart I thought to myself as the door flew open. "Well good morning.. babe." a boy with black hair said... "Dont call me babe." I hissed back. "your being a brat... and you do know Brats get punishment right?" He walked up to me as my back was on the cold wall. "Oh by the way, my name is Zayn." zayn told me. "Why would I need to kniw that?" I replied. he smaked me. "You just do" he.yelled. he shoved me on the bed soon getting on top of me. "Zayn get off of me!!" i scremed. I kept kicking and hitting but he was to strong. Abd I bet you know what happed after that.
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