Hold me close (niall horan fan fiction)

While Ian was late to Megan and his date, Megan meets Niall Horan and breaks her iPhone but while that happens Niall gives her his number and they end up dating and Harry falls for Megan.


1. seeing the boys

Megan POV.

I was waiting for Ian to get here. We were in California for a trip. I waited for him for an hour. I called and texted him. No response. I loved him. He said he loved me. We had been dating for 1 month. He never put in some time for the first move.

The next day he finally answered back and he said "it think we need to break up. I'm sorry." So I didn't reply cause I got so mad cause we were together for a short amount of time.

*The next day*

So I drove to the store to get some groceries. I saw a huge mob of teenagers running in the store. I went to go see what was going on and I saw a glimpse of some blonde boy. I went to the restroom and I saw the bit ran into the girls bathroom and he saw me and said "wait are you one of my bands fans?!" And I said with no clue who the guy was "wait you have a band? Who are you?". He was so surprised. He finally got the words out and said "you're so beautiful, love. Here's my number. I'll text you tomorrow. Alright?" "Alright" I said putting his number into my phone.


I had just gotten a text from the boy. I still didn't know who he was.

Boy: hey it's Niall the guy at the store.

Megan: oh that's your name? You never even got my name either. Well it's Megan

Niall: okay well are you busy later?

Megan: I'm going to get some tea with Mackenzie later but besides after that no.

Niall: what time are you going to have tea with her?

Megan: at 5:40 we'll be done by 6:00

Niall: I'll pick you up at 6:30 alright? Be ready and dress nice you're gonna meet my mates

Megan: alright

Niall: I'll see you later, love

Niall POV.

It was five after six and I wanted to see Megan so bad I couldn't wait to see her. I started up my car. I drove to her house and I knocked on the door and Megan came to the door... crying. "Megan what's wrong?" I said curiously. She said crying " Ian b-broke up with m-me". I was wondering why would a guy do that to such a beautiful gal? I couldn't stand to see her like this so I hugged her tightly and said ill just call the lads and cancel. She said putting a smile on her face "no don't cancel I wanna meet them. I'll get over him." I called Harry:

(H-Harry n-Niall)

H- hi mate

N-can you guys come over to Megan's place? She's having a hard time.

H- what happened? Is she ok?

N- yea it's just Ian her boyfriend broke up with her. We'll I should say ex-boyfriend

H- oh. I feel sorry for her she doesn't deserve to be treated like that.

N- alright be here by 6:55 alright? I'll see you when you get here mate

Writers note: hai I'm kinda new to this so please no hate thanks:) I'll try to be posting every day :)))

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