It's a modern outlook on love. The lost blue eyed girl, and the boy who has all the answers. Growing up in the small town of Taylor's Falls created a guarded barrier around Emma Collins. Her whole life was just a simple blank canvas, but when her life takes a turn for the worst her canvas gets a hole ripped in it. And the only thing that can fill that void is a green eyed curly haired boy named Harry.


1. 1

The water was still today, which is an unusual sight to see on the Wisconsin river. Emma was drinking her usual cup of coffee on the porch watching over the cliffs. The river in the morning was her favorite sight in the world, granted she had never been outside of Taylor's Falls but she was sure there was nothing more wonderful than the way the sunlight shined through the trees and turned the water into a kaleidoscope of golds and oranges. 


Taylor's Falls was a little town that rested exactly on the border between Wisconsin and Minnesota. When she was a little girl her and her older brother would always joke and say that they lived in Minnesconsin, all of the letters that Emma would write would always say that she lived in Taylor's Falls, Minnesconsin. She always giggled as she wrote out her little inside joke on envelopes. The only things that separated the two states was the river that she adored so much, and her house rested across the street from the steep 100ft drop to the water. 


The scent of vanilla coffee creamer tickled at her nose as she brought her cup up to her lips. Her mother always teased her about the way she took her coffee. To be honest Emma hated the taste of coffee, but she couldn't ever get a sound sleep so she needed something to wake her up. She would only fill about one third of the cup with coffee, and then the rest is French vanilla cream. 

The spring air wasn't frigid, but it was just cold enough to bring goosebumps to Emma's pale skin as a breeze blew by. She tucked a piece of light brown hair behind her ear as she glanced one last time at the eerily still water. She learned once in elementary school that underneath the still blanket of water, it could be rushing by up to twenty miles an hour. The idea confused her. How could something so quiet and peaceful be moving at a pace so fast underneath. Glancing at the clock she realized it was time to depart with her morning routine and continue on with her day.

As she opened the door into her house her dad came into vision, drinking his black coffee and reading the paper. She cringed at the disgusting liquid in his cup and put her dish in the sink.

"Good morning Emma." He said looking up from the paper and smiling at her.

"Morning Dad..." She said grabbing her grey vans and slipping them onto her feet.

"Off to school so soon?" He laughed admiring his clumsy child struggling to adorn her shoes to her feet.

"Yeah, and why do you say that. This is the time I leave everyday..." She glanced up at her father with confusion on her delicate face.

"I'm just saying, normal teenage girls take an hour to get ready. And you woke up 15 minuets ago." He said pointing at the microwave clock.

"We'll I don't really need much to get ready. I just run a brush through my hair and turn on a pot of coffee for the both of us. And I don't need to impress anyone so I don't put on make up and... Wait why am I explaining this to you, you know me... I'm not high maintenance" she said giggling and tying her shoes.

"We'll true. I guess I'm just pointing out what an individual you are..."

"Is that so?" Emma said sarcastically grabbing her back pack off the counter and slinging it over her shoulder.

"Yes, very so." He said chuckling and turning the page on the paper.

"I'll see you later dad." She said walking towards the door.

"Where do you think your going..." 

"Umm school." She said gesturing towards the door.

"You didn't eat breakfast..."

"Sure I did, I had a cup of coffee..."

"Emma eat something."

"Fine..." She said rolling her eyes and grabbing an apple out of the basket on the kitchen island.

"Happy?" She said glaring at him trying to keep a straight face with her father.

"Very, you can leave my prison now..." He said joking and smiling at his daughter.

"Oh your so funny..." Emma said turning and opening the door.

"Love you Emma."

"Love you dad." She said closing the door and getting into her little red truck. She grabbed the only cd she owned and put it into the player, soon the sound of all time low surrounded her and she pulled out of the driveway.

Emma drove down the steep hill from her house that lead straight to downtown Taylor's Falls, which wasn't much of a downtown at all. It consisted of a mini golf corse with a drive in restaurant, the ice cream shop that hadn't changed since the 50's, and the local bar and grill. Still the lacking local venues were made up for with the enthusiasm of the town.

Driving through town Emma got waves from nearly everyone she passed by, growing up in a small town means you know everybody. Everywhere you look there is familiar face, that's the thing about a small community... You know everyone and everyone knows you, but the one bad thing about that is gossip spreads quickly and there is no privacy.

She turned out of the little town and headed towards campus, twenty minuets later a giant series of buildings came into her vision and she drove around for about ten minuets trying to find a parking space in the sea of cars on campus. Finally she came across a parking space that was rather hard to get into because the person next to her did a terrible job navigating his way into his space, so his car came in about a foot into her spot. Emma took a deep breath, got out of her truck and squeezed her way in between the two cars. She grabbed her phone out of her pocket and put on her earbuds then turned on her favorite song "Do I wanna know" by the arctic monkeys. She began to walk down the pathway to her creative writing class, she stared at the ground and tried not to step on the cracks, it's not that she was superstitious or anything... She was just bored trying to pass the time by. Her concentration was suddenly interrupted by a tap on her shoulder and an earbud being torn out of her ear.

"Emma!" The familiar voice yelled in her ear.

"Hmm, I wonder who that could be..." She said giggling and turning around to see her best friend.

"Niall! Your back!" She said tearing up the slightest bit and wrapping her arms around him tight enough to ensure that she wasn't ever going to let him go again.

"Woah eminem, loosen your grip before my head falls off." Emma unwillingly let go and smiled from ear to ear.

"Sorry Nialler, I just missed you so much..." Niall laughed and nudged her shoulder.

"I missed you to eminem." He said smiling as they walked to the front door together.

"How was Greg's wedding?" 

"Boring, everybody cried. You know very typical, nothing very special... Just your average wedding."

"There must have been something fun about it."

"We'll there was food there..."

"Niall, you were gone for nearly three months with your family in Ireland, something remotely interesting must have occurred..." Emma said smiling intently at the blonde boy with a thick Irish accent. 

"Well let's think back. I was in the small room above the garage for three months, which doesn't sound to bad... Until I say that I had to sleep in my old bed that I can't fit into anymore, like literally not kidding my feet are off the edge of the bed. And I had to deal with my family, and you know how that is, they are rather insane. But I did get to eat at Nandos for the first time in a year because this silly country doesn't have one, which should be illegal because Nandos is the best thing that's ever been invented..." Niall wad interrupted by Emma's laughter and he just crossed his arms on his chest.

"What's so funny!" He said starting to giggle to because Emma's laughter was contagious. 

"The way you ramble, it's rather amusing." She said pulling out her other earbud and sliding her phone back into her pocket.

"Okay Emma I told you what I've been up to for the last three months, what's new in Taylor's Falls?" 

"Well nothing really, everything stays the same in Taylor's, you of all people should know that. But Ross's on the lake closed.."

"No! Your joking..." Niall said with his mouth gaping wide.

"Yeah Tam and Alice just couldn't keep up with it anymore, and they weren't getting much business anymore so they closed a month ago." 

"But Emma that was our place..." He said shaking his head.

"I thought that the ice cream shop was our place...." She said teasing him.

"Well that's our place to, but show some sympathy Emma, Ross's is gone!" He said sticking out his bottom lip.

"Okay Niall... We are gathered here today to remember Ross's. It was a very loved restaurant and..." She was interrupted by a light smack on the shoulder.

"Shut up Emma..." He said laughing as they walked into the building.

"I have to go to my history class I'll see you later." Niall said turning to go to his class.

"Do you want a ride home?" Emma yelled making the blonde boy stop in his tracks.

"Yeah, I'll meet you in the usual spot." He yelled back waving and entering his class. Emma smiled and walked to her Creative writing class.

She took her usual seat in the middle of all the rows, everyone was already in their seats. Emma had a tendency to be late. The only person that came in after her was a curly haired boy that was unfamiliar to her, which is very unusual for Emma because she knew everybody. He took a seat in the desk next to her and started playing with his hands.

"Glad you two could join us..." The teacher said gesturing at her and the strange boy next to her. The class erupted into giggles and Emma just smiled and looked at the stranger next to her.

"Sorry Mr. Galas, I woke up late this morning." Emma said smiling at the professor.

"Oh Emma you wake up late everyday..." He said laughing and grabbing the days lesson out of his black brief case 

"Touché.." Emma said giggling and grabbing her notebook out of her backpack. She noticed the boy looking rather nervous.

"He's just joking around with us you know..." Emma said softly.

"Oh yeah, I guess..." The boy said smiling at her, and she noticed the deep set dimples in his cheeks and his calm British accent.

" I haven't seen you around here before..." She said examining the foreign character.

"I just moved here." He said looking at the blue eyed girl next to him.

"From England?" She asked trying to figure him out.

"Yeah Holmes Chappell." He said shyly looking at his shoes.

"That's really interesting. I have a friend that lived in Ireland, I think that's sort of by England." She said intently.

"Yeah sort of I guess. I'm Harry Styles by the way..." He said grinning at her.

" I'm Emma Lee..." She said smiling back at the boy,

"What's your last name?" He asked loosening up a little.

"That is my last name..." She said giggling. "My first name is Emma and my last name is Lee. It's kind of confusing..." She said giggling and Harry joined in...

"Oh, well that's rather interesting." He said looking into her icy blue eyes.

"Thanks I guess... And if you need anything you can just ask me." 

"Okay Emma." He said and they both turned their attention back to the front of the class room.

As Emma re adorned her focus to the lesson her mind was still clouded by the mysterious boy seated next to her. She didn't understand why, but she had this feeling that she needed to get to know him. Pretty soon the class was dismissed and she left with the thought of the boy with dimples and curly hair on her mind.

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